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Archive for December, 2007

Mysteries: A Classic Collection

Posted by demonik on December 31, 2007

Mysteries: A Classic Collection (Bracken, 1994)


Jacket design: Ken Leeder. Cover, Images Colour Library

Introduction: Giles Gordon

A. J. Alan – The Diver
Michael Arlen – The Ghoul Of Golders Green
Arnold Bennett – The Murder Of The Mandarin
J. D. Beresford – Powers Of The Air
Algernon Blackwood – Keeping His Promise
Gerald Bullett – Dearth’s Farm
G. K. Chesterton – The Hammer of God
Joseph Conrad – The Secret Sharer
A. E. Coppard – The Tiger
Guy De Maupassant – The Hostelry
Lord Dunsany – A Large Diamond
Jeffrey Farnol – The Cupboard
J. S. Fletcher – The Other Sense
Pamela Hansford Johnson – Ghost Of Honour
O. Henry – Roads Of Destiny
C. D. Heriot – The Trapdoor
C. F. Hoffman – Ben Blower’s Story
Tom Hood – The Shadow of A Shade
Washington Irving – Guests From Gibbet Island
M. R. James – The Mezzotint
Jerome K. Jerome – The Dancing Partner
D. H. Lawrence – The Woman Who Rode Away
Oliver Onions – Rooum
Barry Pain – The Green Light
Eden Phillpotts – The Iron Pineapple
Alexander Pushkin – The Queen Of Spades
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch – The Seventh Man
Saki – Laura
W. B. Seabrook – Goat-Cry, Girl-Cry
May Sinclair – The Mahatma’s Story
H. De Vere Stacpool – Deep In The Forest
R. L. Stevenson – The Island Of Voices
Edgar Wallace – Man Of The Night
Hugh Walpole – Major Wilbraham
Anon – A Tale Of A Gas-Light Ghost
E. F. Benson – The Confession Of Charles Linkworth
Ambrose Bierce – The Moonlit Road
L. P. Hartley – A Visitor From Down Under
W. H. Hodgson – The Voice In The Night
W. W. Jacobs – His Brother’s Keeper
Edgar Allan Poe – Berenice
A. E. D. Smith – The Coat
Bram Stoker – The Squaw
P. C. Wren – Presentiments

Pretty much a modern, 606 page, reprint of J. M. Parrish & John R. Crossland (eds.) Mammoth Book Of Thrillers, Ghosts & Mysteries, (Odhams, 1936), but minus the contributions of Alduous Huxley, Agatha Christie, J. B. Priestly, Rebecca West, H. G. Wells, Somerset Maugham and Walter De La Mare.

There are at least three companion volumes of interest (as yet unseen): Creepy Stories introduced by Fred Urquhart, Tales Of Terror & The Supernatural introduced by Michael Moorcock and Thrillers introduced by Robert Sheckley.

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Happy New Year! News 2008

Posted by demonik on December 31, 2007


A great way to see out 2007 and usher in 2008, Justin Marriott’s  Paperback Fanatic – the site opened for business this morning! You’ll find sample pages, reviews, contact info, details of issues 3-5 and an on-line shop, so if you’ve yet to find out what all the fuss is about, now’s your chance!

Chrissie’s vamps


It being Christmas, Vault has become even more of a refuge for the bleary-eyed and hungover than usual, but we did manage to piece together some vaguely coherent end of year round up. Was your book naughty or nice in 2007? Find out in our definitive guide to the hits and misses of this and every other year in the 2007 capsule.


The long-threatened New English Library section of this sprawling, viewer hostile mess should be with you soon-ish ….


Happy New Year to all the people who’ve supported Vault in 2007 – and everyone else, come to that (barring those I permanently disclude from my well wishes, obviously: they can all go and etcetera etcetera)

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Happy Christmas 2007

Posted by demonik on December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas from Monkey the Magnificent
Merry Christmas to all our reader!

i drafted in my friend monkey the magnificent and his gang to handle the happy christmas duties as they’re more glamorous than me. thanks for reading this stuff and hope you enjoy a peaceful holiday!

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Filthy Creations #3

Posted by demonik on December 22, 2007

Steve Goodwin & Rog Pile (eds.) – Filthy Creations #3 (Autumn-Winter, 2007)

Filthy Creations 3

Rog Pile

Franklin Marsh – Better To Travel Hopefully
Coral King – Heads Or Tails
Daniel McGachey – The Mound
Noah Brown – Daemonia Of Swan-man
Peter Coady – The Standing Man
Craig Herbertson – Strange Fruit
Franklin Marsh – The Horror Of Dreadstone Moor [Part III]

Arrived today! See the Filthy 3 thread on Vault of Evil

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Richard Dalby – Mammoth Victorian and Edwardian Ghost

Posted by demonik on December 20, 2007

Richard Dalby (ed.) – The Mammoth Book of Victorian and Edwardian Ghost Stories (Robinson, 1995)


Introduction – Richard Dalby

Anon – Ghosts (verse)
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu – Schalken the Painter
Dinah Maria Mulock – M. Anastius
Fitz-James O’Brien – The Lost Room
Charles Dickens – No. 1 Branch Line: The Signalman
Anon – Haunted
Henry James – The Romance of Certain Old Clothes
Mary E. Braddon – John Granger
Harriet Beecher Stowe – The Ghost in the Mill
Harriet Beecher Stowe – The Ghost in the Cap’n Brown House
Rhoda Broughton – Poor Pretty Bobby
Amelia B. Edwards – The New Pass
Erckmann-Chatrian – The White And The Black
John Berwick Harwood – The Underground Ghost
Frank Cowper – Christmas Eve On A Haunted Hulk
Theo Gift – Dog or Demon?
J. E. P. Muddock – A Ghost From The Sea
Richard Marsh – A Set of Chessmen
Bram Stoker – The Judge’s House
Grant Allen – Pallinghurst Barrow
E. Nesbit – The Mystery of the Semi-Detached
Ralph Adams Cram – Sister Maddelena
Lettice Galbraith – The Trainer’s Ghost
W. C. Morrow – An Original Revenge
Alice Perrin – Caulfield’s Crime
Robert W. Chambers – The Bridal Pair
Robert Benson – The Watcher
Thomas Nelson Page – The Spectre In The Cart
Sabine Baring-Gould – H. P.
Lafcadio Hearn – Yuki-Onna
M. R. James – The Ash-Tree
Allen Upward – The Story of the Green House, Wallington
A. C. Benson – The Slype House
Bernard Capes – A Ghost-Child
Alice Perrin – The Bead Necklace
Clive Pemberton – A Dead Man’s Bargain
Tom Gallon – The House that Was Lost
Henry James – The Jolly Corner
F. Marion Crawford – The Doll’s Ghost
Ambrose Bierce – The Moonlit Road
Alexander Harvey – The Forbidden Floor
E. Nesbit – The Shadow
William Hope Hodgson – The Gateway of the Monster

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John L. Hardie – 22 Strange Stories

Posted by demonik on December 20, 2007

John L. Hardie – 22 Strange Stories (Art & Educational, n.d. circa 1945)

22 Strange Stories

Preface: John L. Hardie

Arthur Machen – The Cosy Room
Nathaniel Hawthorne – Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment
Algernon Blackwood – Running Wolf
E. A. Poe – The Facts In The Case of M. Valdemar
W. W. Jacobs – The Monkey’s Paw
Lord Lytton – The Haunters And The Haunted
Richard Hughes – A Night At A Cottage
Washington Irvine – The Spectre Bridegroom
J. S. Le Fanu – Shalken The Painter
R. L. Stevenson – Markheim
Mrs. Gaskell – The Squire’s Story
Thomas Hardy – The Three Strangers
R. H. Barham – A Singular Passage In The Life Of The Late Henry Harris, D. D.
W. M. Thackeray – The Story Of Mary Ancel
Oliver Onions – The Accident
Wilkie Collins – A Terribly Strange Bed
Sir Walter Scott – The Mirror
F. Marion Crawford – The Upper Berth
Frederick Marryat – The Werewolf
Joseph Conrad – Because Of The Dollars
Fitz-James O’Brien – The Diamond Lens
Ambrose Bierce – A Watcher By The Dead

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Richard Dalby – Mystery for Christmas

Posted by demonik on December 19, 2007

Richard Dalby (ed.) – Mystery for Christmas ed. (O’Mara, 1990)

Richard Dalby – Foreword

Charles Dickens – The Black Veil
Mrs. J. H. Riddell – The Banshee’s Warning (Hertford O’Donnell’s Warning)
Erckmann-Chatrian – The Citizen’s Watch
Thomas Hardy – What The Shepherd Saw
Edward Lucas White – The Picture Puzzle
Dolf Wyllarde  – Ellison’s Christmas Dinner
Marjorie Bowen – Marwood’s Ghost Story
Margery H. Lawrence – The Man Who Came Back
Joseph Shearing  – The Chinese Apple
Ronald Duncan – Diary Of A Poltergeist
Muriel Spark – The Leaf-Sweeper
Derek Stanford – The Illuminated Office
H. R. F. Keating  – The Case Of Seven Santas
Sydney J. Bounds  – Mage Of The Monkeys
Maggie Ross – Nostalgia
Roger F. Dunkley  – The Reluctant Murderer
John S. Glasby – Cyanide For Christmas
Elizabeth Fancett  – The Cloak Of DeSouvre
Roger Johnson – The Soldier
Ron Weighell – The Case Of The Fiery Messengers
David G. Rowlands – The Codex
John Whitbourn – Peace On Earth, Goodwill To Most Men
Mary Williams – Christmas Rose

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Richard Dalby – Horror For Christmas

Posted by demonik on December 18, 2007

Richard Dalby (ed.) – Horror For Christmas (Michael O’Mara, 1992)

Cover: Graham Potts

Foreword – Richard Dalby

W. W. Jacobs – Jerry Bundler
Sabine Baring-Gould – Mustapha
F. S. Smythe – The Sinister Inn
Hugh Walpole – Tarnhelm
Marjorie Bowen – The Crown Derby Plate
Nigel Kneale – The Stocking
F. McDermott – The Spider
Robert Aickman – The Visiting Star
Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes – Christmas Eve
Robert Bloch – The Night Before Christmas
Ron Weighell – The Greater Arcana
Basil Copper – Wish You Were Here
Stephen Gallagher – To Dance By the Light of the Moon

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Peter Haining – Great Irish Tales of Horror

Posted by demonik on December 18, 2007

Peter Haining  (ed.) – Great Irish Tales of Horror (Souvenir Press, 1995)

Great Irish Tales of Horror

Introduction – Peter Haining

Lurking Shadows: Stories of Fear

Jack Higgins  – The Morgan Score
Charles Robert Maturin  – The Doomed Sisters (Leixlip Castle)
Fitz-James O’Brien  – The Child Who Loved a Grave
Shane Leslie  – The Diplomatist’s Story
Dorothy Macardle – The Portrait of Roisin Dhu
L. A. G. Strong  – Danse Macabre
Elizabeth Bowen – The Happy Autumn Fields
Brian Cleeve – Mr Murphy and the Angel

Wake Not The Dead: Traditional Terror

William Trevor – The Raising of Elvira Tremlett
Gerald Griffin – The Unburied Legs
Bram Stoker – The Man from Shorrox
Sax Rohmer – A House Possessed
George Bernard Shaw – The Miraculous Revenge
J. M. Synge – Five Pounds of Flesh
John Guinan – The Watcher o’ the Dead
Peter Tremayne – The Samhain Feis

To Make The Flesh Creep: Chilling Tales

Brian Moore – Fly Away Finger, Fly Away Thumb
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu – Footsteps in the Lobby
Patrick Lafcadio Hearn – The Cedar Closet
Vincent O’Sullivan – Will
M. P. Shiel – The Bride
Mary Frances McHugh – Encounter at Night
Catherine Brophy – Arachnophobia
Neil Jordan – Last Rites

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Cramer & Hartwell – Christmas Ghosts

Posted by demonik on December 17, 2007

Kathryn Cramer & David G. Hartwell (eds.) – Christmas Ghosts (Robinson, 1988)


Introduction: David G. Hartwell – The Spirits Of Christmas

Elia Wilkinson Peattie – Their Dear Little Ghost
F. Anstey – The Curse Of The Catafalques
Charles Dickens – The Story Of The Goblins Who Stole A Sexton
Elizabeth Walter – Christmas Night
Arthur Machen – A New Christmas Carol
A. N. L. Munby – A Christmas Game
Frank R. Stockton – The Great Staircase At Landover Hall
John Kendrick Bangs – The Water Ghost Of Harrowby Hall
Rosemary Timperley – Christmas Meeting
William D. O’Connor – The Ghost
Sir Andrew Caldecott – Christmas Reunion
Leonard Kip – The Ghosts At Grantley
Nathaniel Hawthorne – The Christmas Banquet
Marjorie Bowen – The Crown Derby Plate
Mrs. J. H. Riddell – A Strange Christmas Game
Ramsey Campbell – Calling Card
Charles Dickens – A Christmas Tree

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