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Mary Danby – Realms of Darkness

Posted by demonik on September 7, 2007

Mary Danby (ed.)  – Realms of Darkness (Octopus, 1985)

Realms Of Darkness

Introduction – Christopher Lee

Martin Amis  – Denton’s Death
Anon – In the Slaughteryard
Anon – The Dead Man of Varley Grange
Robert Arthur  – Footsteps Invisible
Denys Val Baker – The Potter’s Art –
E. F. Benson – The Thing in the Hall
Ambrose Bierce – The Boarded Window
Robert Bloch – The Mannikin –
Anthony Boucher – They Bite
Elizabeth Bowen – The Demon Lover –
Marjorie Bowen – The Crown Derby Plate
Christianna Brand – The Kite
John Dickson Carr – Blind Man’s Hood
R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Door
Agatha Christie – The Strange Case of Sir Arthur Carmichael
Roger Clarke – Blackberries
Adrian Cole – The Moon Web
Frederick Cowles – The Horror of Abbot’s Grange
F. Marion Crawford – The Screaming Skull
Roald Dahl – Pig
Mary Danby – Robbie
August Derleth – The Extra Passenger
William Croft Dickinson – The Witch’s Bone
Amelia B. Edwards  – The Four-Fifteen Express
A. E. Ellis – The Haunted Haven
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu – The Sexton’s Adventure
John Galt – The Black Ferry
Catherine Gleason – Friends
Winston Graham – The Circus
Davis Grubb – Where the Woodbine Twineth
Willis Hall – Waking or Sleeping
L. P. Hartley – Someone in the Lift
Dorothy K. Haynes – The Peculiar Case of Mrs. Grimmond
C. D. Heriot – The Trapdoor
Patricia Highsmith – The Day of Reckoning
George Hitchcock – An Invitation to the Hunt
Geoffrey Household – Taboo –
Washington Irving  – Guests from Gibbet Island
Margaret Irwin – The Book
W. W. Jacobs – The Three Sisters
M. R. James – The Haunted Dolls’ House.
Michael Joseph – The Yellow Cat
Stephen King – The Reaper’s Image
Sterling E. Lanier – Soldier Key
Kay Leith – The Sanguivites
L. A. Lewis – Hybrid
Frank Belknap Long – The Black Druid
F. G. Loring – The Tomb of Sarah
Agnes MacLeod – The Skeleton Hand
W. Somerset Maugham – The Man from Glasgow
Guy de Maupassant – The Hostelry
Edmund Mitchell – The Phantom of the Lake
Arthur Morrison – The Thing in the Upper Room
Edgar Allan Poe – The Tell-Tale Heart
J. B. Priestley – The Demon King
Bill Pronzini – Peekaboo
Tony Richards – The Black Lake
Flavia Richardson – The Red Turret
Agnes Short – Intercom
Henry Slesar – Examination Day
Barnard Stacey – The Devil’s Ape
Bram Stoker – The Judge’s House
Terry Tapp – Polish the Lid
Alan Temperley – Evening Flight
Paul Theroux – Dengué Fever
Christine Campbell Thomson – Message for Margie
Rosemary Timperley – Harry
H. Russell Wakefield – Lucky’s Grove
Hugh Walpole  – Tarnhelm
Elizabeth Walter – The Tibetan Box
H. G. Wells – The Sea-Raiders
Simon West (August Derleth)  – A Thin Gentleman with Gloves
Dennis Wheatley – The Case of the Haunted Chateau

4 Responses to “Mary Danby – Realms of Darkness”

  1. Jonathan R. Loppnow said

    This is a great collection. Just got the British version at a used bookstore. I was wondering though, my version has the signature of Christopher Lee at the end of the introduction. I am wondering if it is just printed on there or if it is real? I am assuming printed. Does anyone know?

  2. demonik said

    I don’t have a copy of Realms … to hand, Jonathan, but I’d guess that it’s printed. Mr. Lee’s ‘signature’ graces Peter Haining’s The M.R. James Book of the Supernatural and just about any collection to which he’s provided an introduction or foreword.

  3. It is a printed one Jonathan, he signed his autiobiography books and a few film books but never mind signed by him or not its nice to have a descent book to read.

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