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Darrell Buxton [ed.] – Fifth BHF Book of Horror Stories (BHF, 2021)

Posted by demonik on May 26, 2021

Darrell Buxton [ed.] – Fifth BHF Book of Horror Stories (BHF, 2021)


Paul Mudie

Darrell Buxton – Introduction

Fritz Maitland – Stand And Deliver
Ian Taylor – 11:59
Sam Dawson – I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Samantha Jayne Crosby – Angie Baby
Simon J. Ballard – Good Girl Gone Bad
Neil Pike – Welcome Home
Sam Dawson – The Village Green Preservation Society
Darrell Buxton – Memory Of A Free Festival
Andrew Llewellyn – Hamburger Lady
Jez Conolly – Dead Babies
Brian Gregory – Daniel
Wayne Mook – Two Seconds
Ian Millsted – Seasons In The Sun
Simon J. Ballard – Television Rules The Nation
Ian Taylor – The Passenger
Neil Pike – Fade To Grey
Ken Shinn – Nasty
Darrell Buxton – Disco Duck
Adam J. Marsh – Raspberry Beret
Sam Trafford – Carrie
Ian Taylor – Behind A Painted Smile
Nadia Mook – We Are The Pigs
Simon J. Ballard – The Chemistry Between Us
Paul Newman – Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Tony Earnshaw – Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Ken Shinn – The Laughing Gnome
Gary Couzens – The Party’s Over
Wayne Mook – Parklife
James Stanger – Diamond Lights
Susan York – Happy Birthday
Andrew Llewellyn – Martha My Dear
Jason D. Brawn – The Lady In Red
Selene Paxton-Brooks – Wuthering Heights
Tony Earnshaw – She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Lawrence Gordon Clark – Voices


Interior illustrations: Jez Connelly, Sam Dawson, Brian Gregory, Andrew Llewellyn, Sam Trafford, Selene Paxton-Brooks, Mark Hetherington, Wayne Mook.


Welcome to your nightmare!

Late-night king of the airwaves encounters a disturbed and lonely listener with deranged thoughts on her mind …

Upper crust cricketers hit a sticky wicket when caught up In the ancient rites of a remote and hostile country village …

After giving a lift to a roadside hitch-hiker, an insurance broker discovers that his mystery passenger is a portent of disaster …

A couple’s new cottage is haunted by unseen presences — which only one of the pair can hear…

An all-new selection of macabre and creepy tales, and just for you music lovers we’ve named every single story after a song. It’s a mixtape from a mausoleum, in a place where the letters ‘D. J.’ stand for ‘Deadly Jeopardy’ and where ’18 with a bullet’ sends you down into the ground rather than up to the top ten. Press play, pump up the volume, and pray that you make it as far as the B-sides …


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