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Archive for the ‘*Corgi*’ Category

Anonymous (ed.) – The Premature Burial

Posted by demonik on November 13, 2011

Anonymous (ed.) – The Premature Burial  (Corgi, 1966)

George Underwood

George Underwood

Edgar Allan Poe – The Premature Burial
Frederick H Christian – I’ll Kiss You Goodnight
Robert Louis Stevenson – Thrawn Janet
James Pearson – Cat
A.J.Ronald – The Flesh of the Devil
Henry James – Sir Edmund Orme
Richard Hengist – A Dream of Crows
Sheridan Le Fanu – Carmilla


Four stories of horror from the pens of famous writers of the past
Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, Henry James, Sheridan Le Fanu.

And four spine-chilling never-before-published tales by new masters of terror and the supernatural
Frederick H. Christian, James Pearson, A. J. Ronald, Richard Hengist.

See also The Premature Burial thread on Vault forum

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Fred Pickersgill – And Graves Give Up Their Dead

Posted by demonik on June 29, 2010

Fred Pickersgill (ed.) – And Graves Give Up Their Dead (Corgi, 1964)

 Photograph: Dunstan Pereira

Photograph: Dunstan Pereira

William Link & William Levinson – Top Flight Aquarium
Gerald Bullett – the Elder
Roald Dahl – Royal Jelly
Charles Beaumont – Miss Gentilbelle
Richard Matheson – Girl Of My Dreams
Ambrose Birece – An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
Robert Arthur – Death Is A Dream
Richard Davis – the Female Of The Species
John Collier – De Mortius
Wilbur Daniel Steele – Footfalls

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John Carnell – Weird Shadows From Beyond

Posted by demonik on June 22, 2009

John Carnell – Weird Shadows From Beyond (Corgi, 1965)

Josh Kirby

Josh Kirby

John Carnell – Introduction

Mervyn Peake – Danse Macabre
John Kippax – Blood Offering
Mervyn Peake – Same Time, Same Place
Michael Moorcock – Master Of Chaos
William Tenn – Wednesday’s Child
Robert Presslie – Dial ‘O’ For Operator
Brian W Aldiss – The Flowers Of The Forest
E.C Tubb – Fresh Guy
Eric Williams – The Garden Of Paris
Theodore Sturgeon – The Graveyard Reader


Ten Nightmares

A freshly turned grave with one mourner filled with hate; a telephone kiosk at night with something outside trying to get in; a ghoul playing knucklebones on a tombstone, a bodiless evening dress suit dancing in a moonlight glade; an iron shark tooth; a witch and a were-leopard ….

These are but a few of the ingredients of this nightmarish collection of weird stories.

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A. V. Sellwood & Peter Haining – Devil Worship In Britain

Posted by demonik on June 21, 2009

A. V. Sellwood & Peter Haining – Devil Worship In Britain (Corgi, 1964)


A Startling Expose Which Reveals The Shocking Facts Of Satanism Today


An obscene rite in the West Country …Voodoo … The Nude Dancers of the North … The Tiki Ritual Murders …. A Black Mass at Clophill … Sexual Orgies … The Temple of Paganism in Hertfordshire … The Death Curse … The Blood-filled Chalice at Chideock  ….

…. These are a few of the horrifying aspects of Satanism described in this fascinating and outspoken book.

See also Vault’s Devil Worship In Britain thread

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Donald Speed – My Blood Ran Cold

Posted by demonik on October 26, 2007

Donald Speed (ed.) – My Blood Ran Cold (Corgi Books, 1966)


Foreword by Donald Speed

Michael Baldwin – Promise Me Tonight
Francis King – The Crack
John Burke – Incubus For Hire
Alexander Hamilton – Not Enough Poison
Thomas Burke – The Bird
Richard Nettell – The Continual Dew
Jesse Bier – Father And Son
Stan Gooch – A Time For Living
Patrick Boyle – The Lake
John Brunner – Such Stuff
Jens Peter Jacobsen – Plague At Bergamo
Martin Ford – Quittance
Hugh Atkinson – The Medusa Touch
Richard Kenneggy – The Gates
Leonard Ansell – On With The New
Simon Gray – The Holman Candidate

Thanks to Peter C. of Vault for posting the contents of this one.

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Michel Parry – Reign Of Terror 4

Posted by demonik on September 8, 2007

Michel Parry (ed.) – Reign Of Terror: The 4th Corgi Book Of Victorian Horror Stories (Corgi, 1978)

Reign Of Terror 4

Rudyard Kipling – The Strange Ride Of Morrowbie Jukes
Rosa Mulholland – The Haunted Organist
Grant Allen – The Beckoning Hand
Hume Nisbet – The Demon Spell
Mrs. Henry Wood – A Mysterious Visitor
Sir Gilbert Campbell – The Lady Isobel
James Platt – The Witches’ Sabbath
Agnes MacLeod – The Skeleton Hand

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Michel Parry – Reign Of Terror 3

Posted by demonik on September 8, 2007

Michel Parry (ed) – Reign Of Terror: The 3rd Corgi Book Of Victorian Horror Stories (Corgi, 1977)

 Reign Of Terror 3

William Carleton – Wildgoose Lodge
J. S. Le Fanu – Sir Dominick’s Bargain
Henry James – The Romance Of Certain Old Clothes
Rhoda Broughton – Under The Cloak
George MacDonald – The Grey Wolf
Robert Louis Stevenson – The Body Snatcher
Hugh Conway – The Secret Of The Stradivarius
E. Lynn Linton – The Fate Of Madame Cabanel

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Michel Parry – Reign Of Terror 2

Posted by demonik on September 8, 2007

Michel Parry (ed) – Reign Of Terror: The 2nd Corgi Book Of Victorian Horror Stories (Corgi, 1977)

 Reign Of Terror 2

Wilkie Collins – The Dream Woman
Charles Collins – The Compensation House
Lord Lytton – The House And The Brain
Hain Friswell – The Dead Man’s Story
John Berwick Harwood – Horror: A True Tale
Mary Elizabeth Braddon – The Cold Embrace
H. G. Bell – The Merchant Of Rotterdam
Erckmann-Chatrian – The Child Stealer

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Michel Parry – Reign Of Terror 1

Posted by demonik on September 8, 2007

Michel Parry (ed) – Reign Of Terror: The 1st Corgi Book Of Victorian Horror Stories (Corgi, 1976)

Reign Of Terror 1

Michel Parry Introduction – An Age In Horror

R. H. Barham – A Singular Passage In The Life Of The Late Henry Harris, Doctor In Divinity
James Grant – The Phantom Regiment
G. P. R. James – A Night In The Old Castle
William Mudford – The Forsaken Of God
Catherine Crowe – The Monk’s Story
Amelia B. Edwards – The North Mail
Elizabeth Gaskell – The Old Nurse’s Story
Charles Dickens – The Signalman

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Michel Parry – The Devil’s Kisses

Posted by demonik on September 8, 2007

Linda Lovecraft [Michel Parry] (ed) – The Devil’s Kisses (Corgi, 1976)

Devil’s Kisses

“From the publishers of THE EXORCIST – the world’s first collection of erotic horror stories.”

Introduction – Linda Lovecraft

Adobe James – The Ohio Love Sculpture
Edogawa Rampo – The Human Chair
Christianna Brand – Akin To Love
Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues – The Diamond
Charles Beaumont – The Love-Master
Poul Anderson – Operation Incubus
Mindret Lord – Naked Lady
C. L. Moore – Shambleau
John Blackburn – Jenny Cut-Throat
Ramsey Campbell – The Other Woman
Chris Miller – Boxed In

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