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A. V. Sellwood & Peter Haining – Devil Worship In Britain

Posted by demonik on June 21, 2009

A. V. Sellwood & Peter Haining – Devil Worship In Britain (Corgi, 1964)


A Startling Expose Which Reveals The Shocking Facts Of Satanism Today


An obscene rite in the West Country …Voodoo … The Nude Dancers of the North … The Tiki Ritual Murders …. A Black Mass at Clophill … Sexual Orgies … The Temple of Paganism in Hertfordshire … The Death Curse … The Blood-filled Chalice at Chideock  ….

…. These are a few of the horrifying aspects of Satanism described in this fascinating and outspoken book.

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3 Responses to “A. V. Sellwood & Peter Haining – Devil Worship In Britain”

  1. jonathan mallard said

    I read the book some time ago and my own continuing research has led to awarenesses that ensued that not only don’t ‘fit’ into current social symbiotic ‘normality’ but enlighten one about what folk like Jesus were telling the world. He’d found things out his own way and realised the illusory ‘interaction’ of humans that defied accepting aspects of all truth – that which satanists (the moment you give a capital ‘s’ to anything connected to satan, you succumb) murder to prevent manifesting – and realised that in order to remain faithful to what he’d found out – he’d have to be ‘sacrificed’ by (even today’s) socially symbiotic ‘reality’ – and I know what that is based on – but – for anyone to hear and understand it – they’d have to be similarly prepared to go down that route that Jesus didn’t abandon. He, to my mind, wasn’t saying ‘be a Christian, follow me…’ he was saying ‘be a christ, you idiots…either that or succumb to satan…’ – there are no other roads… Has that cheered you up? All truth – if aspired to and manifested UNIQUELY – results in eternally and infinitely nothing else … and the beauty of your existence is that it is always up to you – alone… Jesus was just pointing out the right path to take far clearer than anyone else – he won’t do it for you – he’s just blatantly showing it can be done… So don’t panic…3 days after his being ‘respectably’ murdered, he came back to his mates and said ‘well, d’you have an idea of what I’m going on about, now..? It’s up to you. Cheerio…’ – and I’m no member of any religion – I just enjoy finding aspects of truth’s infinity under my own efforts alone… That book really is worth reading – again every few years as experiences in between manifest meanings and implications in previous reading really fascinatingly. I wonder if either of the 2 authors are still in this dimension. I wouldn’t mind finding out and meeting them… Hey ho. vincit omnia Veritas

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