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Archive for August, 2007

Charles Black – The Black Book Of Horror

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

Charles Black (ed) – The Black Book Of Horror (Mortbury Press, 2007)


Cover: Paul Mudie

Frank Nicholas – Crows
Mark Samuels – Regina vs. Zoskia
Gary Fry – The Older Man
Steve Goodwin – Power
Roger B. Pile – Cords
Sean Parker – The Sound Of Muzak
D. F. Lewis – Shaped Like A Snake
David A. Sutton – Only In Your Dreams
Paul Finch – The Wolf At Jessie’s Door
John L. Probert – Size Matters
John Kenneth Dunham – Spare Rib: A Romance
Gary McMahon – Family Fishing
David Conyers – Subtle Invasion
D. F. Lewis – A Pie With Thick Gravy
David A. Riley – Lock-In
Franklin Marsh – Last Christmas (I Gave You My Life)
Daniel McGachey – “Shalt Thou Know My Name?”
Charles Black – To Summon A Flesh Eating Demon


David Riley – Lock-In: The Potters Wheel, Edgebottom, on the outskirts of Manchester. Sam Sowerby the landlord has recently let a room to ‘Albert Durer’ who, unknown to Sam, is a Black Magician specialising in conjuring forth Cthulthoid monstrosities. His latest ritual sees the pub plunged into a void surrounded on all sides by an impenetrable blackness. Regular Tom Atkins takes a step outside to see what’s going on, has his face torn off for his trouble. The teacher, Harold Sillitoe, is next to try his luck – he bleeds to death after his arm is picked clean as if by acid. Now Sam and his four elderly friends affectionately known as ‘The Grudgers’ after the area they hail from, are left with a desperate choice: either stay here and die of starvation or find some way of getting through the black shroud ….

John L. Probert – Size Matters: “His penis looked like the huge maroon salami sausage that he had seen on Nigella Lawson’s cookery programme last week, right down to the runny brown gravy she had poured over the end ….”

Funded by the unexpected fortune left him by his late mother, Harry Walker decides to splash out on an extension in the hope it will improve his luck with women. As we can see from the passage quoted above, the operation conducted, by the dubious plastic surgeon Dr. Lockhampton, doesn’t go as well as it might and the resultant gangrene sees poor Harry bitterly regretful that he tampered with his healthy six inches. A chance meeting with a crone along the abandoned railway line restores what he’s lost – with way too much interest. Killer last line.

As far as I’m aware, there are no plans to adapt this one as a graphic novel any time soon.

Franklin Marsh – Last Christmas (I Gave You My Life): December 24th and Kate makes a break for it, clearing off with the kids, away from that wretched husband of hers, never – NEVER – to see him again. Tragically, she opts to spend the night at the Bide-A-Wee’ Guest House, pride and joy of creepy Mr. Pottinger and his mute slab of wife, but – how can that be? The place burnt down years ago! Still, let’s not fret over technicalities – the Pottinger’s sure know how to throw a party!

Sergeant Doobie explains to WPC Stacy Dawes how the place obtained it’s justified reputation as a popular suicide spot and the mystery surrounding the identities of those who perished in the original fire. She thinks he’s a “silly sod” but wisely keeps her opinions to herself.

“Reads like a condensed version of the Amicus Tales From The Crypt” is the biggest compliment I can pay this one.

D. F. Lewis – A Pie With Thick Gravy:

George settles down to eat his dinner.

The pastry erupts.

George’s dinner settles down to eat him.

I wonder why the lurker in the gravy put me in mind so of the fanged ghoulie on the cover of Pan Horror #3 ?

Mark Samuels – Regina vs. Zoskia: Henry Dunn is to take over the interminable but lucrative case which has proved so extremely profitable to his firm since 1964. As Jackson drives him over to the Zoskia Institution, he fills the younger lawyer in on some background detail:

” … the inmates decided they no longer wished to be classified insane. They’ve been challenging the legal basis on which the definition rests for the past forty-odd years. Dr. Zoskia contends that the hospital is for the sane and that it is the outside world which is occupied by the mentally disturbed.”

Jackson also lets on that the inmates have trained themselves to go without sleep. Some have have managed to remain awake for years which, as you’d expect, has wreaked havoc on their already fragile minds and physically they’re a trip – pale, emaciated zombies. Check out those bulbous eyes!

Dr. Zoskia decides that Jackson has served their cause as best he was capable so now he can ‘voluntarily’ commit himself to the Institute while Dunn takes sole control of their case. The last Dunn sees of his colleague, he’s being manhandled into a box.

The late night sequence wherein Dunn, appalled yet fascinated, watches from his window as a group of these maniacs gleefully bury Jackson in St. Olaf’s churchyard is an early Black Book highlight for me.

Daniel McGachey – “Shalt Thou Know My Name?”: “In the courtroom they told of a great wind that gathered up in the courtyard and which stirred the leaves and branches that littered the ground. And these appeared to gather up in the air and take on a form, like that of a scarecrow but growing thicker and more solid and more like a living thing …. “

Delightful M. R. James tribute pitched somewhere between (I think!) The Ash-Tree and a nastier Casting The Runes. Seachester Museum. Dower is consulting the Hesketh papers when who should stroll in but Edgar Bright, still as loud as ever and eager to examine the self same documents. Marvellous, curses Dower who detests him. Back in their college days, Bright got Dower royally drunk and copied down his thesis, presenting it as his own. Bright’s was accepted while Dower was accused of plagiarism!

A scene is narrowly averted as Bright agrees to leave his rival to his studies. The fact that this fraud is following in the same line of research as he gives Dower an idea. When he fortuitously (or so he then thinks) chances on a file relating to a rather eventful witch trial, he has a means of finally avenging himself by way of a little ‘joke’ ….

David A. Sutton – Only In Your Dreams: Donald is overburdened with his work for the North Atlantic Whaling Research Group ( they’re lobbying for the hunting ban to be lifted) and he’s been snappy and intolerant toward his family: wife Margaret, ten year old William and little Sophie, six. When Sophie asks if she can stay up because she’s terrified of “the jellyman” he completely loses it and it’s left to Margaret – as usual – to calm her fears. Apparently, the jellyman is to visit each of them in turn tonight which is why she’s so upset.

Margaret, unable to sleep, wakes up in the early hours and is horrified to discover that Donald hasn’t even bothered to lock up. What if the Animal Rights nutters have tracked them to their new home? She couldn’t go through all that again. But it’s not a bunch of “Woolly headed, criminal terrorists” she should be concerning herself with just now ….

Gary McMahon – Family Fishing: “I’m locking you in here with her. By the time I come back for you, you’ll be a man. Don’t disappoint me, boy”

Fell, North Yorks. Narrator confides an incident from his pre-teen years when he was sent off to spend a weekend at his grandfather’s gloomy, cluttered old house a mile or so from the nearest village. Grand-pop has laid on some ‘entertainment’ – tomorrow morning they’re going fishing.

After a hearty breakfast – the boy will need all his strength – they set off in the truck. Presently they approach a filthy shanty town in the woods, populated by barely human creatures and the boy gets his first inkling that “fishing” is something of a euphemism for what he’s about to get up to. The Moreau family have always had a keen interest in genetics and the old timer is proud to have followed in his infamous ancestor’s footsteps.

Charles Black – How To Summon A Flesh Eating Demon: “Do you really think I’m going to plunge my knife into this young girl’s heaving bosom?” Greydin snorted. Now who’s being all Hammer House Of Horror? “

Prof. Julius Greydin has located a copy of the semi-mythical Book Of Setopholes and argues that it’s an authentic grimoire. His sceptical friend, Dr. Ernest Mellman is adamant that it’s at best a compendium of the usual mumbo jumbo, at worst an elaborate hoax. Their pupil, Tony Zaniger, wonders how they stand each other’s company – they’re always trying to out-do each other. There’s only one way to settle the dispute – perform one of the rituals.

The trial run is a failure but Greydin isn’t ready yet to concede. For the second attempt some nights later, he pulls out all the stops. Skulls, human and animal, are borrowed from the laboratory. He even provides a drugged naked virgin, Michelle Chalmers – Tony’s had the hots on her for ages! This time, they’ll do everything by the letter. But Greydin has made one fatal miscalculation and his world turns all Taste The Blood Of Dracula

The book goes out kicking and screaming on a note of Grand Guignol.

More to follow soon!

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Campbell – Gray

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

Angus Campbell: See R. Chetwynd-Hayes

Ramsey Campbell

Superhorror (AKA The Far Reaches Of Fear)
The Gruesome Book
New Terrors Vol 1
New Terrors Vol 2
New Tales Of The Cthulhu Mythos
Uncanny Banquet

John Carnell

Weird Shadows From Beyond

Kevin Carolan

Celtic Mysteries
Churchyard Shadows

Aidan Chambers

Bumper Book Of Ghost Stories
The Tenth Ghost Book
The Eleventh Ghost Book

Ghosts 2
More Ghost Stories

Aidan & Nancy Chambers


R. Chetwynd-Hayes

9th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
10th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
11th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
12th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
13th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
14th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
15th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
16th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
17th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
18th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
19th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories
20th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories

Cornish Tales of Terror
Doomed To The Night
Gaslight Tales Of Terror
Tales of Terror from Outer Space
Welsh Tales of Terror

As ‘Angus Campbell

Scottish Tales of Terror

Rex Collings

Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories

Vere H. Collins

Ghosts and Marvels
More Ghosts and Marvels

John Robert Columbo & Michael Richardson

Not To Be Taken At Night

Michael Cox

Twelve Tales of the Supernatural

Michael Cox & R. A. Gilbert

Oxford Book Of English Ghost Stories
Victorian Ghost Stories

Kathryn Cramer & David G. Hartwell

Christmas Ghosts

Edmund Crispen

Best Tales of Terror
Best Tales of Terror 2

John Keir Cross

Best Black Magic Stories
Best Horror Stories
Best Horror Stories 2

J. A. Cuddon

Penguin Book Of Horror Stories
Penguin Book of Ghost Stories

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s Book Of Ghost Stories

Richard Dalby

Chillers For Christmas
Dracula’s Brood
Ghosts For Christmas
Horrors For Christmas
Mystery For Christmas
The Sorceress In Stained Glass
Twelve Gothic Tales
Mammoth Book Of Ghost Stories 1
Mammoth Book Of Ghost Stories 2
Mammoth Book Of Victorian And Edwardian Ghost Stories
Tales Of Witchcraft
Vampire Stories
Virago Book Of Ghost Stories (1987)
Virago Book Of Ghost Stories (2006)
Virago Book Of Ghost Stories: The 20th Century: Vol  2
Virago Book Of Victorian Ghost Stories

Richard Dalby And Rosemary Pardoe

Ghosts And Scholars

Harrison Dale

Great Ghost Stories
More Great Ghost Stories

Mary Danby

5th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
6th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
7th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
8th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
9th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
10th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
11th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
12th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
13th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
14th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
15th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
16th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
17th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories

Frighteners 2
The Green Ghost & Others
Realms Of Darkness
65 Great Tales Of Horror
65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural
65 Great Spine Chillers

Basil Davenport

Deals With The Devil
Ghostly Tales To Be Told
Tales To Be Told In The Dark

David Stuart Davis

Return From The Dead

Richard Davis

The Price Of Fear
Spectre 1
Spectre 2
Spectre 3
Spectre 4
Tandem Horror 2
Tandem Horror 3
Years Best Horror Stories 1
Years Best Horror Stories 2
Years Best Horror Stories 3
Orbit Book Of Horror Stories
Jon Pertwee Book of Monsters
I’ve Seen a Ghost: True Stories From Show Business

Catherine A. Dawson-Scott & Ernest Rhys

Twenty & Three Stories

Colin De La Mare

They Walk Again:  An Anthology Of Ghost Stories

Kay Dick (see also ‘Jeremy Scott’)

The Uncertain Element

James Dickie

The Undead: Vampire Masterpieces

Bryan Douglas

Great Stories of Mystery and Imagination

James Doig

Australian Ghost Stories

John Edgell


Dr. Christopher Evans

Mind At Bay
Mind In Chains

Rick Ferreira

A Chill To The Sunlight

Paul Finch

Terror Tales Of The Lake District
Terror Tales Of The Cotswolds
Terror Tales Of East Anglia

Christopher Frayling

The Vampyre

Brian J. Frost

The Werewolf Book

Gary Fry

Bernie Herrmann’s Manic Sextet
Poe’s Progeny

John Gawsworth

Crimes Creeps And Thrills
Full Score
Masterpiece Of Thrills
New Tales Of Horror
Strange Assembly
Thrills, Crimes And Mysteries

Adele Olivia Gladwell

Blood and Roses

Giles Gordon

A Book Of Contemporary Nightmares
Scottish Ghost Stories (AKA Prevailing Spirits)

Adam L. Gowans

Famous Ghost Stories by English Authors

Rosemary Gray

Gripping Yarns
Irish Ghost Stories
Scottish Ghost Stories

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R. Chetwynd-Hayes – Doomed To The Night

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

R. Chetwynd-Hayes (ed.) – Doomed to the Night (William Kimber, 1978)

Doomed To The Night

Acknowledgements – R. Chetwynd-Hayes

Introduction – R. Chetwynd-Hayes

W. Somerset Maugham – A Man from Glasgow
Barbara Joan Eyre – A Visit to Amelia Pride
A. M. Burrage – Browdean Farm
Daphne Froome – Strange Happenings at Canalps
Miss Braddon – The Cold Embrace
J. S. Lefanu – An Authentic Narrative of a Haunted House
The Marquess of Lorne – The Double-Bedded Room
Mary E. Penn – In the Dark
Margaret Chilvers Cooper – And Not One Penny to the Innkeeper
Anonymous – At Ravenholme Junction
Richard Middleton – The Conjurer
Amelia Edwards – How the Third Floor Knew the Potteries
Martin Armstrong – The Pipe Smoker
Ambrose Bierce – A Jug of Syrup
Anonymous – The Legend of Gorie Grange
Eric Ambrose – The Man Who Died
R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Day that Father Brought Something Home

Thanks to Burl Veneer for providing the cover scan and contents.

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Mike Ashley – Weird Legacies

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

Mike Ashley (ed.) – Weird Legacies (Star, 1977)

Foreword – Robert Bloch
Preface – Mike Ashley

Robert E. Howard – Skulls In The Stars
Mary E. Counselman – The Three Marked Pennies
Edmond Hamilton – He That Hath Wings
Francis Flagg – The Distortion Out Of Space
Clark Ashton Smith & Lin Carter – The Utmost Abomination
Eric Frank Russell & Leslie J. Johnson – Eternal Rediffusion
Ray Bradbury – The Ducker
Robert Bloch & Henry Kuttner – The Black Kiss
H. P. Lovecraft & August Derleth – The Survivor

Compact paperback collection of WT wonders. Personally, I must admit to being disappointed with the selection, although this is worth having for Mike Ashley’s notes alone. Weird Legacies get off to a flier with – arguably – Solomon Kane’s finest moment, but after Mary E. Counselman’s excellent story of randomly dispensed good fortune and abject tragedy things take a turn for the SF and fantasy. That said, the Edmond Hamilton story is worth a piece of anyone’s time.

Robert E. Howard – The Skulls In The Stars: As he travels across the mist-shrouded, swampy fens, Solomon Kane is beset by a terrifying, red eyed figure with a terrible laugh. This spectre has already been responsible for the deaths of several men, and Kane is all but shredded by the thing’s claws.
When the Puritan learns of the reason for the haunting, he dispenses his usual impartial, brutal justice to the miscreant responsible.

Mary Elizabeth Counselman – The Three Marked Pennies: “On the seventh day after this announcement the possessor of each marked penny will receive a gift.

To the first: $100, 000 in cash.
To The second: A trip around the world
To The third: Death.”

Edmond Hamilton – He That Hath Wings: David Rand is born with a misshapen spine and shoulders . At first, the kindly Dr. Harriman believes that the orphan’s deformity is a hunched back, but x-rays reveal that he is sprouting wings ..

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Chris Baldick – Oxford Book Of Gothic Tales

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

Chris Baldick (ed) – The Oxford Book Of Gothic Tales (OUP, 1992)


Oxford Book of Gothic Tales

Cover painting: Death the Bride, by T. C. Gotch,1854-1931.

Introduction – Chris Baldick

Mrs. Anna Laetitia Aiken – Sir Bertrand: A Fragment (1773)
Richard Cumberland – The Poisoner Of Montremos (1791)
Anon – The Friar’s Tale (1792)
Juvenis’ – Raymond: A Fragment (1799)
Anon – The Parricide Punished (1799)
Anon – The Ruins Of The Abbey Of Fitz-Martin (1801)
Isaac Crookenden – The Vindictive Monk: Or, The Fatal Ring (1802)
Anon – The Astrologers Prediction, or The Maniac’s Fate (1826)
Petrus Borel – Andreas Vesalius The Anatomist (1833)
J. Wadham – Lady Eltringham Or The Castle Of Ratcliffe Cross (1836)
Edgar Allan Poe – The Fall Of The House Of Usher (1839)
Sheridan Le Fanu – A Chapter In The History Of A Tyrone Family (1839)
Nathaniel Hawthorne – Rappaccini’s Daughter (1844)
Bret Harte – Selina Sedilia (1865)
Jean-Ah Poquelin – George Washington Cable (1875)
Robert Louis Stevenson – Olalla (1885)
Thomas Hardy – Barbara Of The House Of Grebe (1891)
Marcel Schwob – Bloody Blanche (1892)
Charlotte Perkins Stetson – The Yellow Wall-Paper (1892)
Arthur Conan-Doyle – The Adventure Of The Speckled Band (1892)
E. Nesbit – Hurst Of hurstcote (1893)
Ambrose Bierce – A Vine On A House (1905)
Ellen Glasgow – Jordan’s End (1923)
H. P. Lovecraft – The Outsider (1926)
William Faulkner – A Rose For Emily (1930)
Clark Ashton Smith – A Rendezvous In Averoigne (1931)
Isak Dinesen – The Monkey (1934)
F. M. Mayor – Miss De Mannering Of Asham (1935)
Frederick Cowles – The Vampire Of Kaldenstein (1938)
Eudora Welty – Clytie (1941)
Ray Russell – Sardonicus (1961)
Alejandra Pizarnik – The Bloody Countess (1968)
Jorge Luis Borges – The Gospel According To Mark (1970)
Angela Carter – The Lady Of The House Of Love (1979)
Joyce Carol Oates – Secret Observations Of The Goat-Girl (1988)
Patrick McGrath – Blood Disease (1988)
Isabel Allende – If You Touched my Heart (1991)


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Anon – Black Tales

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

Black Tales – ( Corgi 1965)

Black Tales

Matthew Gregory Lewis – Mistrust
Ambrose Bierce – The Middle Toe Of The Right Foot
Robert Louis Stevenson – Markheim
Edgar Allan Poe – Hop-Frog
Nathaniel Hawthorne – Rappaccini’s Daughter
Richard Middleton – The Ghost Ship

It could be that these stories were hard to come by in 1965, or they’d just dropped out of copyright. As it is, while there’s nothing remotely second rate in here, only ‘Monk’ Lewis’s story is unfamiliar and if you’ve ten ghost story anthologies, chances are you’ll already have copies of the rest. Hop-frog is Poe at his most playful and the grisly climax is possibly an early influence on E. C. Bierce is represented by one of his grimmest (and funniest) ghost stories, and Lewis’s slab of gothic melodrama is welcome, if comparatively minor.

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Aickman – Burke

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

Jack Adrian

Strange Tales From The Strand

Robert Aickman

1st Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Ghost Stories
2nd Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Ghost Stories
3rd Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Ghost Stories
4th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Ghost Stories
5th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Ghost Stories
6th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Ghost Stories
7th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Ghost Stories
8th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Ghost Stories

Ric Alexander (Peter Haining)

The Unexplained

Dave Allen

A Little Night Reading


Anthology Of Fear
Arrow Book Of Horror Stories
2nd Arrow Book Of Horror Stories
Black Tales
A Century Of Creepy Stories
Mysteries: A Classic Collection
A Century Of Ghost Stories
50 Years Of Ghost Stories

A Century Of Thrillers: From Poe To Arlen
A Century Of Thrillers: Second Series
Chamber Of Horrors
Evening Standard Book Of Strange Stories
Evening Standard Second Book Of Strange Stories
Ghost Stories & Other Queer Tales
Horror Stories: By The Greatest Masters Of The Gruesome
The Man In Black
Readers Digest: Great Ghost Stories
Tales From Beyond The Grave
Tales Of Horror & Mystery
Tales Of The Dead
Tales Of The Supernatural
Times Anthology Of Ghost Stories
Wordsworth Collection Of Irish Ghost Stories

Margaret Armour

The Eerie Book

Mike Ashley

Weird Legacies
Mammoth Book Of Short Horror Novels

Lady Cynthia Asquith

The Ghost Book
The Black Cap
My Grimmest Nightmare
When Churchyards Yawn
Second Ghost Book
The Third Ghost Book

Denys Val Baker

Haunted Cornwall
Stories Of The Macabre
Stories Of The Night
Stories of Horror and Suspense
Stories of The Occult
Stories of the Supernatural
Stories of Fear
Cornish Ghost Stories
Ghosts in Country Houses
When Churchyards Yawn
Stories of Haunted Inns
Ghosts in Country Villages
Phantom Lovers
Haunted Travellers

Chris Baldick

The Oxford Book Of Gothic Tales

Chris Baldick & Robert Morrison

Tales Of Terror From ‘Blackwood’s Magazine
The Vampyre & Others

Christine Barnard

Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
2nd Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
3rd Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories
4th Fontana Book Of Great Horror Stories

Allyson Bird & Joel Lane

Never Again

Charles Birkin

Powers Of Darkness
The Creeps Omnibus
Tales Of Fear
Tales Of Death
Tales Of Dread

Tandem Book Of Ghost Stories
Tandem Book Of Horror Stories

Angus Black

The Devil’s Coven

Charles Black

The Black Book Of Horror
The 2nd Black Book Of Horror
The 3rd Black Book Of Horror
The 4th Black Book Of Horror
The 5th Black Book Of Horror
The 6th Black Book Of Horror
The 7th Black Book Of Horror
The 8th Black Book Of Horror

David Blair

Gothic Short Stories

Marjorie Bowen

Great Tales Of Horror
More Great Tales Of Horror

Randolph C. Bull

Perturbed Spirits
Upon The Midnight: An Anthology Of Ghost And Horror Stories

John Burke

Tales Of Unease
More Tales Of Unease
New Tales Of Unease

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