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Peter Haining’s Horrible ‘Non Fiction’


There’s far more to Haining’s ‘non-fiction’ output than this little lot, but I’ve tried to concentrate on cataloguing those items with horror and/ or supernatural connotations. Steve G. has done the majority of the Witchcraft & Black Magic spadework on the Vault forum’ s  Devil Worship In Britain thread, but I’ll reproduce the titles here for convenience sake. If you can plug any of the gaps, please do!

Witchcraft and Black Magic

Devil Worship In Britain (Corgi, 1964) With A. V. Sellwood
Witchcraft and Black Magic (Hamlyn, 1971)
Anatomy of Witchcraft (Souvenir, 1972: Tandem, 1974)
The Warlock’s Book: Secrets of Black Magic from the Ancient Grimoires (W. H. Allen, 1972).
The Witchcraft Papers : Contemporary Records of the Witchcraft Hysteria in Essex, 1560-1700 (Robert Hale, 1974)
An Illustrated History of Witchcraft (NEL, 1975: Pyramid, 1976)

Ghosts, Vampires, Unexplained

The Dracula Scrapbook (Nel, 1976) **
Superstitions (Sidgwick and Jackson, 1979)
Ghosts: The Illustrated History (Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1981)
The Dracula Centenary Book (Souvenir, 1987)
— reissued as:
The Dracula Scrapbook, Bounty, 1992)
The Supernatural Coast: Unexplained Mysteries of East Anglia (Robert Hale, 1992)
The Un-dead: the Legend of Bram Stoker and Dracula (Constable, 1997) With Peter Tremayne
A Dictionary of Vampires (Robert Hale, 2000)
A Dictionary of Ghosts (Robert Hale, 1999)

** There were a few of these Scrapbook’s and files including:

The Dracula Scrapbook (Nel, 1976)
The Frankenstein File, (Nel, 1977)
The Edgar Allan Poe Scrapbook (Nel, 1977)
The H. G. Wells Scrapbook (Nel, 1978)
The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook (1987)


Frederick Hazleton – Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street (W. H. Allen, 1980)
The Legend and Bizarre Crimes of Spring Heeled Jack (Muller, 1977)
Mystery and Horrible Murders of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Muller, 1979)
Sweeney Todd: The Real Story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street
(Robson, 1998)
The Man Who Was Frankenstein (Muller, 1979)
The English Highwayman (Robert Hale, 1991)
Buried Passions: Maria Marten & the Red Barn Murder (Spearman, 1980: Image Publications, 1992)

Pulp Illustrations

Terror!: History of Horror Illustrations from the Pulp Magazines (Sphere, 1976)
— reissued as:
A Pictorial History of Horror Stories (Treasure Press, 1985)
The Art of Horror Stories: Two Hundred Years of Spine-chilling Illustrations (Chartwell, 1986)

Mystery!: An Illustrated History of Crime and Detective Fiction (Souvenir Press, 1977)
— reissued as:
The Art of Mystery and Detective Stories: The Best Illustrations from Over a Century of Crime Fiction (Treasure Press, 1986)

True Mysteries [Young Adult]
The Monster Trap and Other True Mysteries (Armada, 1976)
The Screaming Skull and Other True Mysteries (Armada,1979)
The Vampire Terror and Other True Mysteries (Armada,1984)
Hell Hound and Other True Mysteries (Armada,1980)
The Restless Bones: And Other True Mysteries (Armada,1978)

Over the coming days/ weeks/ months/ whatever, i’ll be adding scans and details of a number of these to keep this section of the fast proliferating Vault WordPress blogs ticking over, supplemented with the usual anthology stuff as and when such treasures turn up.

One Response to “Peter Haining’s Horrible ‘Non Fiction’”

  1. Haining was a very frustrating writer in this capacity. His works uncovered so much rare stuff, but he littered his non-fiction works with, well, fictions. Still, his value to the horror/supernatural genre can not be underestimated.

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