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Archive for the ‘*Souvenir*’ Category

Peter Haining – Murder On The Menu

Posted by demonik on June 11, 2012

Peter Haining (ed.) – Murder On The Menu: A Gourmet Guide To Death (Chancellor 1993: originally Souvenir, 1991)

Cover design: Slatter-Anderson

Peter Haining – Introduction

I. Specialities de la Maison: Stories By Some Famous Authors

Stanley Ellin – The Speciality Of The House
Ruth Rendell – Bribery And Corruption
Paul Gallico – Chef d’Oeuvre
Oliver La Farge – La Specialite de M Duclos
L. P. Hartley – Three, or Four, for Dinner
Gaston Leroux – A Terrible Tale
Damon Runyon – So You Won’t Talk!
Patricia Highsmith – Sauce for the Goose
P. D. James – A Very Commonplace Murder

II. Entrees Historigues: Tales From The Culinary Past.

August Derleth – A Dinner at Imola
Robert Bloch – The Feast in the Abbey
Alphonse Daudet – The Three Low Masses
Alexander Pushkin – The Coffin-Maker
Washington Irving – Guests from Gibbet Island
Richard Dehan – The Compleat Housewife
Walter Besant & James Rice – The Case of Mr Lucraft
G. B. Stern – The Man who Couldn’t Taste Pepper
Roger Zelazny – Final Dining

III. Just Desserts. A Section Of Detective Cases

Agatha Christie – Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds
H. C. Bailey – The Long Dinner
Nicholas Blake – The Assassins’ Club
Roy Vickers – Dinner for Two
Michael Gilbert – A Case for Gourmets
Lawrence G. Blochman – Rum for Dinner
Georges Simenon – Under the Hammer
Rex Stout – Poison a la Carte
Roald Dahl – Lamb to the Slaughter

Murder On The Menu is a mouth-watering collection of short stories from the masters of mystery, where food and death meet with devastating effect.

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Peter Haining – Death on Wheels

Posted by demonik on March 19, 2010

Peter Haining (ed.) – Death on Wheels (Souvenir 1999)

Introduction – Peter Haining

1. Auto Mania: The Machinery of Death

Trucks – Stephen King
The Dust-Cloud – E. F. Benson
Second Chance – Jack Finney
Used Car – H. Russell Wakefield
Duel – Richard Matheson
Who’s Been Sitting in My Car? – Antonia Fraser
Not from Detroit – Joe R. Lansdale

2. Motorway Madness: Murder in the Fast Lane

Never Stop on the Motorway – Jeffrey Archer
The Death Car – Peter Haining
Night Court – Mary Elizabeth Counselman
Accident Zone – Ramsey Campbell
The Last Run – Alan Dean Foster
The Hitch-Hiker – Roald Dahl
Crash – J. G. Ballard

3. Chrome Killers: The Future Autogeddon

The Racer – Ib Melchior
Along the Scenic Route – Harlan Ellison
Auto-da-Fé – Roger Zelazny
Violation – William F. Nolan
Thy Blood Like Milk – Ian Watson

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for providing the table of contents!

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Peter Haining – The Dracula Centenary Book

Posted by demonik on June 21, 2009

Peter Haining – The Dracula Centenary Book (Souvenir Press, 1987)

Front jacket photograph courtesy UNIVERSAL PICTURES. Back jacket drawing by BRUCE WIGHTMAN jacket design by' BARFIELD ASSOCIATES

Front jacket photograph courtesy UNIVERSAL PICTURES. Back jacket drawing by BRUCE WIGHTMAN jacket design by' BARFIELD ASSOCIATES


Dracula Lives!
An Amazing Story of Resurrection
The Birth of the Legend
The Bloodthirsty Parents of Dracula
Dracula by Day—and Other Misconceptions
The Count Who Won’t Lie Down
Playing the Master of the Undead
Tales of the Vampire Hunter
‘The Bloofer Ladies’
The Wurdalak Who Might Have Been Dracula


Emily de Laszowska Gerard –  Transylvanian Superstitions
A Checklist of Vampirism
Bela Lugosi –  I Like Playing Dracula
The Dracula Films
Dr David H. Dolphin –  Vampires — The Mystery Diagnosed
Dracula Societies


One hundred years ago in the autumn of 1887, the most famous vampire of them all, Count Dracula, stalked from his castle in Transylvania to the streets of London. and started a legend that has endured and grown to epic proportions.

This book is published to celebrate not only that momentous event, but a number of other Dracula-related anniversaries also. It is seventy-five years since the death of Dracula’s brilliant creator, Bram Stoker, and ninety years since the publication of the original novel: 1987 also marks the centenary of the birth of Boris Karloff, the film star whose name is so closely associated with the vampire legend on the screen.

Dracula has become a twentieth century myth, extending his influence into all branches of the media. Stoker’s novel has never been out of print and has only been outsold by the Bible and the collected works of Shakespeare, but the story has also been adapted for the cinema, dramatised for the stage, radio and television. and spawned a whole series of books and films on the Dracula theme — not to mention a worldwide fascination with the subject of vampirism.

Profusely illustrated with photographs and prints, many of which have never before appeared in book form, The Dracula Centenary Book explores this extraordinary success story, drawing on much previously unpublished material. Following the recent discovery of the original manuscript of the novel, packed away and forgotten on a Pennsylvanian farm, and from studying the author’s working papers held in the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia, it is now possible to discover exactly how Bram Stoker developed and researched his book. The story of the growth of the screen cult is equally fascinating: the author includes interviews with the stars who have appeared in the major film versions over the past fifty years and a detailed listing of the films themselves.

There is also a chronology of famous real-life cases of vampirism from around the world.

Peter Haining is a recognised authority on supernatural literature and horror films. His enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge combine to make a book that is unputdownable.

PETER HAINING has been an avid student of horror, fantasy and the supernatural since boyhood, and has published many books on the subject, which have not only been widely successful but have made a valuable contribution to the literature on the genre. With his wife and three children, he lives in East Anglia

See also Vault’s Dracula Centenary Book thread

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Peter Haining – Great Irish Tales of Horror

Posted by demonik on December 18, 2007

Peter Haining  (ed.) – Great Irish Tales of Horror (Souvenir Press, 1995)

Great Irish Tales of Horror

Introduction – Peter Haining

Lurking Shadows: Stories of Fear

Jack Higgins  – The Morgan Score
Charles Robert Maturin  – The Doomed Sisters (Leixlip Castle)
Fitz-James O’Brien  – The Child Who Loved a Grave
Shane Leslie  – The Diplomatist’s Story
Dorothy Macardle – The Portrait of Roisin Dhu
L. A. G. Strong  – Danse Macabre
Elizabeth Bowen – The Happy Autumn Fields
Brian Cleeve – Mr Murphy and the Angel

Wake Not The Dead: Traditional Terror

William Trevor – The Raising of Elvira Tremlett
Gerald Griffin – The Unburied Legs
Bram Stoker – The Man from Shorrox
Sax Rohmer – A House Possessed
George Bernard Shaw – The Miraculous Revenge
J. M. Synge – Five Pounds of Flesh
John Guinan – The Watcher o’ the Dead
Peter Tremayne – The Samhain Feis

To Make The Flesh Creep: Chilling Tales

Brian Moore – Fly Away Finger, Fly Away Thumb
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu – Footsteps in the Lobby
Patrick Lafcadio Hearn – The Cedar Closet
Vincent O’Sullivan – Will
M. P. Shiel – The Bride
Mary Frances McHugh – Encounter at Night
Catherine Brophy – Arachnophobia
Neil Jordan – Last Rites

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Richard Peyton – The Ghost Now Standing

Posted by demonik on December 15, 2007

‘Richard Peyton’ [Peter Haining] (ed.) – The Ghost Now Standing on Platform One (Souvenir Press, 1990:  Futura, 1991) [Published in USA as ‘Journey Into Fear and Other Great Stories of Horror on the Railways’ (Wings,1991)]

Ghost Now Standing

Richard Peyton  – Introduction

Richard Peyton – The Tay Bridge Ghost Train
Arnold Ridley  – Journey into Fear
Richard Peyton – The President’s Funeral Ride
Rod Serling  – The Ghost Train
Richard Peyton  – The White Train
Rudyard Kipling – .007
Richard Peyton – The Black Train of Lochalsh
Elliott O’Donnell  – The Haunted Curve
Richard Peyton – The Phantom Locomotive of Stevens Point
August Derleth  – Pacific 421
Richard Peyton  – The Ghost on Platform Two
Alfred Noyes  – Midnight Express
Richard Peyton  – The Lyonshall Mystery
Robert Aickman  – The Waiting Room
Richard Peyton – The Footsteps of Doom
Peter Fleming – The Kill
Richard Peyton – The Spectre of Shake City
Ray Bradbury – The Town Where No One Got Off
Richard Peyton – The Woman in the Red Scarf
A. M. Burrage – The Wrong Station
Richard Peyton – The Night Flyer of Talylln
John D. Beresford – Lost in the Fog
Richard Peyton – The Bedraggled Soldier
Sir Andrew Caldecott – Branch Line to Benceston
Richard Peyton  – Joe Baldwin’s Eerie Lamp
Stephen Grendon – The Night Train to Lost Valley
Richard Peyton – The Ghost of the Subway
Allison V. Harding – Take the Z Train
Richard Peyton – Underground Phantoms
John Wyndham – Confidence Trick
Richard Peyton – The Barkston Spectre
Charles Dickens – The Signal-Man
Richard Peyton  – The Navvy in the Tunnel
L. T. C. Rolt – The Garside Fell Disaster
Richard Peyton – The Phantom Driver of Dunster
Richard Hughes – Locomotive
Richard Peyton  – The Ghost of ’Hayling Billy’
John Newton Chance – Mourning Train
Richard Peyton  – Railroad Bill
Robert Bloch – That Hell-Bound Train
Richard Peyton  – Voices in the Fog
Henry L. Lawrence – A Journey by Train
Richard Peyton – The Woman in Black
Eden Phillpotts – The Astral Lady
Richard Peyton – Beware: Ghosts Crossing
Algernon Blackwood  – Miss Slumbubble – and Claustrophobia
Richard Peyton – The Phantom on the Flying Yankee
F. Scott Fitzgerald – A Short Trip Home
Richard Peyton – The Dead Man of Glendive
William F. Nolan – Lonely Train a’ Comin’
Richard Peyton  – The Shortest Railway Ghost Story in the World


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Peter Haining – Scary!

Posted by demonik on December 14, 2007

Peter Haining  (ed.) – Scary! Stories That Will Make You Scream! (Souvenir, 1998)


Peter Haining – The Scaremongers: An Introduction

R. L. Stine – The Spell
Jerome Bixby – It’s a Good Life
Richard Matheson – Drink My Red Blood
William F. Nolan – Something Nasty
Leon Garfield – The Restless Ghost
Isaac Asimov – The Thirteenth Day of Christmas
Zenna Henderson – Hush!
Roald Dahl – Spotty Powder
Ambrose Bierce – A Baby Tramp
Ray Bradbury – The Man Upstairs
Joan Aiken – Dead Language Master
Stephen King – Here There Be Tygers
Ramsey Campbell – Trick or Treat
Robert Bloch – A Toy for Juliette

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Peter Haining – Great Irish Stories Of The Supernatural

Posted by demonik on September 7, 2007

Peter Haining  (ed) – Great Irish Stories Of The Supernatural (Souvenir Press, 1992).

Introduction – Peter Haining

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu – The Spectre Lovers
Patrick Kennedy – The Ghosts And The Game Of Football
Mrs. J. H. Riddell – Hertford O’Donnell’s Warning
Elizabeth Bowen – Hand In Glove
Sean O’Faolain – The End Of The Record
Bram Stoker – The Judge’s House
Michael MacLiammoir – The Servant
L. A. G. Strong – Let Me Go
William Trevor – Autumn Sunshine
Peter Tremayne – Aisling
James Stephens – The Carl Of The Drab Coat
William Butler Yeats – The Curse Of The Fires And Of The Shadows
Liam O’Flaherty – The Fairy Goose
Frank O’Connor – The Old Faith
Catherine Brophy – The Science Of Mirrors
Douglas Hyde – Teig O’Kane And The Corpse
Thomas Crofton Croker – The Haunted Cellar
A. E. Coppard – The Gollan
Lord Dunsany – The Crock Of Gold
William Carleton – The Three Wishes
Donn Byrne – Tale Of The Piper
J. M. Synge – The Devil Of A Rider
James Joyce – The Devil And The Cat
Gerald Griffin – The Brown Man
George Moore – A Play-House In The Waste
Daniel Corkery – The Eyes Of The Dead
Benedict Kiely – The Dogs in the Great Glen
Mary Lavin – The Green Grave And The Black Grave

Stories of Ghosts, Revenants, Fairies, Leprechauns, Devilry etc.

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