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Posts Tagged ‘William Younger’

Dennis Wheatley – Uncanny Tales #2

Posted by demonik on May 6, 2009

Dennis Wheatley  – Uncanny Tales #2 (Sphere, 1974)


Arthur Machen – The Great God Pan
W.B. Seabrook – The Witch’s Vengeance
E.F.Benson – Gavon’s Eve
L.P. Hartley – Feet Foremost
Walter de la Mare – All Hallows
Ex-Private X – Smee
William Younger – The Angelus
Dennis Wheatley – A Life For A Life

Thanks to George/ Illustrated Man for providing the list of contents and the late, great Bob Rothwell for providing the scan.

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Dennis Wheatley – Quiver Of Horror

Posted by demonik on September 2, 2007

Dennis Wheatley (ed.) – Quiver Of Horror (Arrow, 1964)

Introduction – Dennis Wheatley

Margaret Irwin – The Earlier Service
Mrs. Oliphant – The Open Door
Saki – The Music On The Hill
F. Tennyson Jesse – The Canary
Ex Private X (A. M. Burrage) – Smee
Ex Private X (A. M. Burrage) – One Who Saw
William Younger – The Angelus
Theodore Drieser – The Hand
M. R. James – The Treasure Of Abbot Thomas
Bram Stoker – The Judges House
Louis Golding – The Call Of The Hand
Walter De La Mare – All Hallows
William Hope Hodgson – The Whistling Room
Charles Birkin – A Right To Know
Dennis Wheatley – A Life For A Life

A new introduction (repeated in both volumes) and the two Birkin stories would be reason enough for some of us to buy this. The C. E. Montague war story is a forgotten gem (the sweepstake involves betting on which of you will be next to die), otherwise the best of this stuff is more easily obtainable elsewhere.

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