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Frederick Hazleton – Sweeney Todd

Posted by demonik on June 21, 2009

Frederick Hazleton – Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street (W. H. Allen, 1980)

Photo: Graham Miller

Photo: Graham Miller

Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, has become legendary throughout the world. The macabre story of his luring unsuspecting customers into his shop, slitting their throats and then having his partner in crime – a pastrycook named Mrs Lovett – turn the corpses into meat pies has been a favourite melodrama for more than a century.
Yet for all Sweeney Todd’s notoriety the mystery as to whether or not he really existed has remained unresolved. Here, Peter Haining does much to prove that Sweeney Todd did exist, and did indeed own a barber’s shop in Fleet Street. He also presents the original nineteenth-century novel by Frederick Hazleton, which will delight not only believers in the Sweeney Todd saga but those avid readers and collectors of the Victorian Penny Dreadful. The contemporary illustrations add to the relish.

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Peter Haining – Dr. Caligari’s Black Book

Posted by demonik on September 6, 2007

Peter Haining (ed) – Dr. Caligari’s Black Book (W. H. Allen, 1968)

Haining Dr. Caligari Black Book

“For here are tales from the world of Dr. Caligari: mysterious sideshows, freaks and monsters, seances, macabre plays, and all manner of terrors lurking in the shadows.”

Introduction – Peter Haining

S. L. Dennis – The Second Awakening Of A Magician
Ray Bradbury – The Jar
Lady Eleanor Smith – Satan’s Circus
Agatha Christie – The Last Seance
August Derleth – Mrs. Elting Plays Her part
Anthony Gittens – The Third Performance
A. M. Burrage – The Waxwork
Robert Bloch – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Marcel Ayme – The Dwarf
J. B. Priestly – The Demon King
Hazel Heald – The Horror In The museum
H. R. Wakefield – Farewell Performance
Barry Pain – The End Of A Show

A second version of the book, published in paperback the following year replaces some stories:

Peter Haining (ed) – Dr. Caligari’s Black Book (Nel, 1969)

Dr Caligari’s Black Book

Cover: Bruce Pennington

Amber Print – Basil Copper
The Second Awakening Of A Magician – S L Dennis
The Haunted Cinema – Louis Golding
The Jar – Ray Bradbury
The Theatre Upstairs – Manly Wade Wellman
The Last Seance – Agatha Christie
Headlines For Tod Shayne – August Derleth
The Sorceror’s Apprentice – Robert Bloch
The Harlem Horror – Charles Lloyd
The End Of A Show – Barry Pain

Thanks to Calenture at Vault Of Evil for the NEL cover scan and contents.

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