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Posts Tagged ‘Roy Vickers’

Peter Haining – Murder On The Menu

Posted by demonik on June 11, 2012

Peter Haining (ed.) – Murder On The Menu: A Gourmet Guide To Death (Chancellor 1993: originally Souvenir, 1991)

Cover design: Slatter-Anderson

Peter Haining – Introduction

I. Specialities de la Maison: Stories By Some Famous Authors

Stanley Ellin – The Speciality Of The House
Ruth Rendell – Bribery And Corruption
Paul Gallico – Chef d’Oeuvre
Oliver La Farge – La Specialite de M Duclos
L. P. Hartley – Three, or Four, for Dinner
Gaston Leroux – A Terrible Tale
Damon Runyon – So You Won’t Talk!
Patricia Highsmith – Sauce for the Goose
P. D. James – A Very Commonplace Murder

II. Entrees Historigues: Tales From The Culinary Past.

August Derleth – A Dinner at Imola
Robert Bloch – The Feast in the Abbey
Alphonse Daudet – The Three Low Masses
Alexander Pushkin – The Coffin-Maker
Washington Irving – Guests from Gibbet Island
Richard Dehan – The Compleat Housewife
Walter Besant & James Rice – The Case of Mr Lucraft
G. B. Stern – The Man who Couldn’t Taste Pepper
Roger Zelazny – Final Dining

III. Just Desserts. A Section Of Detective Cases

Agatha Christie – Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds
H. C. Bailey – The Long Dinner
Nicholas Blake – The Assassins’ Club
Roy Vickers – Dinner for Two
Michael Gilbert – A Case for Gourmets
Lawrence G. Blochman – Rum for Dinner
Georges Simenon – Under the Hammer
Rex Stout – Poison a la Carte
Roald Dahl – Lamb to the Slaughter

Murder On The Menu is a mouth-watering collection of short stories from the masters of mystery, where food and death meet with devastating effect.

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Ghost Stories And Other Queer Tales

Posted by demonik on April 4, 2009

Anon [Percy W. Everett?] – Ghost Stories And Other Queer Tales (Pearson, 1931)

“A compendium of  Uncanny Stories (Pearson, 1916) and More Uncanny Stories (Pearson, 1918) with some additional stories from The Novel Magazine” – Michael Ashley & William Contento,  The Supernatural Index: A listing of fantasy, supernatural, occult, weird, and horror anthologies (Greenwood Publishing Group, 1995)

W. G. Litt – The Armless Man
Lewis Lister – The Terror By Night
Ernest R. Punshon – The Last Ascent
Hermine Black & Edith Blair Staples – The Mailed Foot
Theo Douglas [Mrs. H. Everett] – The Pipers Of Mallory
Paul Eardsley – The Jungle
Roy Vickers – The Eighth Lamp
Ernest R. Punshon – The Unknown Quantity
Cecil Morgan & Scudamore Jarvis – The Tomtom Clue
Margaret Strickland – The Case Of Sir Alister Morran
M. E. Royce – The Kiss
Roy Vickers – The Goth
Gladys Stern – The Tragedy Of The Loup Noir
Ernest R. Punshon – The Haunted Chessmen
Hubert Dayne – The Second Chance
William Pollock – The Man Who Got Back

E. F. Bleiler dismisses the bulk of the stories as “reminiscent of  Weird Tales in the 1920’s” and “Mostly crude horror”, the latter a comment he has applied to the Not At Night series, so depending on your point of view, a massive put-down or a huge endorsement.

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