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Posts Tagged ‘Pan Book Of Horror Stories’

Clarence Paget – 27th Pan Book Of Horror Stories

Posted by demonik on March 19, 2010

Clarence Paget (ed.) – 27th Pan Book Of Horror Stories (1986)

Chris Barnham – On the Fisherman’s Path
Harry E. Turner – Ms Rita and the Professor
Samantha Lee – Medium Rare
Buzz Dixon – Spiders
J. Yen – A Weird Day for Agro
Alan Temperley – Pebbledene
Norman P. Kaufman – Dead Or Alive
Stephen King – I Know What You Need
Ray Askey – Red Recipe
B Seshadri – Joint Family
Jonathan Cruise – The House that Remembered
Jay Wilde – Rothschild’s Revenge

cover loaned from Alwyn Turner’s Trash Fiction

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Clarence Paget – 30th Pan Book Of Horror Stories

Posted by demonik on March 19, 2010

Clarence Paget (ed.) – 30th Pan Book Of Horror Stories (1989)

Stephen King – The Lawnmower Man
Murray Pickles – Bobby Blue Eyes
David Williamson – The Too Good Samaritan
David Williamson – The Not So Good Samaritan
Jack Wainer – Princess
Alan Temperley – Revenge Of The Kittiwake
Rosemary Timperley – Unknown Territory
Rosemary Timperley – Little Boy Haunted
Christopher Fowler – Cooking The Books
Norman P. Kaufman – Vivisectionists
Jack Wainer – Trust Me Game
William Davidson – No Room At The Flat
B. Seshadri – The Cry Of The Churail
Stephen Edwards – The Scene Of The Crime
Jonathan Cruise – …. And The Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead

Grateful thanks to Johnny Mains

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Clarence Paget – 26th Pan Book of Horror Stories

Posted by demonik on March 9, 2010

Clarence Paget (ed) – 26th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1985)

B. Seshadri – The River Bed
Rosemary Timperley – Mandragora
Alex White – Chatterbox
Harry E. Turner – Special Reserve ’75
Rosemary Timperley – Fire Trap
John H. Snellings – Flies
J. J. Cromby – Masks
Trustin Fortune – The Bath
Nicholas Royle – Time To Get Up
B. Seshadri – An Immaculate Conception
Ian C. Strachan – Death Of A Council Worker
Ralph Norton Noyes – Micro-Process
John H. Snellings – The Loft
Oscar Holmes – No Mark Of Respect
St. John Bird – Firework Night
Jessica Amanda Salmonson – Silent War
Alan Temperley – Henry And The Beautiful People

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Clarence Paget – 29th Pan Book Of Horror Stories

Posted by demonik on March 9, 2010

Clarence Paget (ed.) – 29th Pan Book Of Horror Stories (1988)

J. P. Dixon – The Surgeon’s Tale
Jerome Preisler – Crabs
Marcus Gold – The Cave
Gee Williams – Penny Dreadful
Stephen King – The Ledge
Murray Pickles – The Joonka Junka
Alan Temperley – Angel And Teacake
Norman P. Kaufman – Flesh
Craig Herbertson – The Heaven Maker
Alan Temperley – Florence In The Garden
Gee Williams – Beastie
Terence Merchant – Listen
Jonathan Cruise – The Missionary

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Clarence Paget – 28th Pan Book Of Horror Stories

Posted by demonik on March 9, 2010

Clarence Paget (ed.) – 28th Pan Book Of Horror Stories (1987)

Alan Temperley – The Abandoned Dam
Rebecca Bradley – The Leaves
Johnny Yen – Upstarts
John H. Snellings – First Come, First Serve
Stephen King – Grey Matter
Christopher Fowler – Final Call For Passenger Paul
David Williamson – The Sandman
J. M. Pickles – More Birds
Jay Wilde – Death From Autophilia
Philip Lorimer – Under The Carpet
F. R. Welsh – First Blood
Rebecca Bradbury – All Souls
Brent R. Smith – Falling In Love Again

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John Mains – Back From The Dead

Posted by demonik on March 9, 2010

John Mains (ed.) – Back From The Dead: The Legacy Of The Pan Book Of Horror Stories (Noose & Gibbet, March 2010)

Les Edwards

Shaub Hutson – Foreword
David A. Sutton – The Influence Of The Pans
Christopher Fowler – Locked

Tony Richards – Mr. Smythe
John Burke – Acute Rehab
Basil Copper – Camera Obscura
David A. Riley – The True Spirit
Jack Wainer – Angel
Myc Harrison – A Good Offence
Roger Clarke – Gallybagger
John Ware – Spinalonga
Jonathan Cruise – The Forgotten Island
J. P. Dixon – Dreaming The Dark
Septimus Dale – The Little Girl Eater
Christina Kiplinger – Mr. Golden’s Haunt
John Burke – The Stare
Nicholas Royle – The Children
Ken Alden – The Moment Of Death
Jane Louie – A Carribean Incident
Craig Herbertson – The Waiting Game
Francis King – School Crossing
Harry E. Turner – Sounds Familiar
Conrad Hill – An Outing With H.

John Mains – ‘Lest You Should Suffer Nightmares’. Herbert Van Thal: A Biography

Author Biographies

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Paul Magrs & Stuart Douglas -The Panda Book of Horror

Posted by demonik on November 9, 2009

Paul Magrs &  Stuart Douglas (eds.) -The Panda Book of Horror (Obverse, Dec. 2009)

Paul Magrs & Cody Schell

Along for the ride this time are…

Ian Potter – Iris Wildthyme and the Unholy Ghost
Mark Michalowski – Framed
Phil Craggs – Just the Ticket
Simon Guerrier – The Party in Room Four
Blair Bidmead – Party Kill Accelerator!
Mark Morris – Apocalypse Slough
Paul Magrs – The Delightful Bag
Nicholas Nada – Iris Wildthyme’s Rainy Day Adventure
Eddie Robson – The Colour Scheme
Matt Kimpton – Shadow of the Times Before
Dale Smith – The Fag Hag from Hell
Jac Rayner and Orna Petit – The Niceness
Mark Clapham  – Channel 666


Ding Ding! All aboard! Room for a little ‘un at the back!

Iris, Panda and their transtemporal double decker Routemaster bus are just about ready to leave the terminus and set out on their most terrifying adventures yet!

Yes, The Panda Book of Horror will soon be on its way to the printers, with a publication date of 12 December 2009!

With cover art by Paul Magrs and a pretty damn nifty pastiche of the original Pan Books of Horror design by Cody Schell, we think you’ll enjoy The Panda Book of Horror…though perhaps enjoy  is the wrong word…

More details: Paul Magrs blog
Order from  Obverse Books

Thanks to the legendary Charles Black for putting me onto this one!

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Christopher Fowler – Old Devil Moon

Posted by demonik on August 18, 2008

Christopher Fowler – Old Devil Moon (Serpent’s Tail, 2007)


Cover designed by Harriman Steel

Foreword: The Sinister Life

The Threads
The Lady Downstairs
The Luxury Of Harm
Cupped Hands
The Night Museum
Take It All Out, Put It All Back
The Twilight Express
Exclusion Zone
Identity Crisis
Red Torch
The Uninvited
The Spider Kiss
Let’s Have Some Fun
Forcibly Bewitched
All Packed
Old Friends
Unnatural Selection
That’s Undertainment!

Afterword: Q & A with Christopher Fowler


A geologist trapped in a town without water is lured into a desperate escape plan. A boy plans a murder in an eerie funfair. A cop witnesses an inexplicable plague of madness. A teenager learns a deadly trick with his mobile phone. A woman unlocks a childhood secret with the aid of old comic books. A secret museum opens only at night… Old Devil Moon is Christopher Fowler’s tenth collection of uniquely disturbing short stories, and contains the blackest humour and the darkest fears, set in worlds we walk through each day but rarely see.


The Threads: Holidaying in North Africa, obnoxious English tourists Alan and Verity Markham learn the hard way that you don’t steal an expensive tapestry from the local shopkeepers and then insult their Religion into the bargain. No sooner has he slipped the item under his coat than Markham endures the most appalling toothache. He’s a long way from Harley Street so there’s nothing else for it: he’ll have to put his trust in one of the street dentists who sit cross-legged in a row before their medieval surgical instruments and mounds of removed teeth …. Arguably, this is even more squirm inducing than the classic On Edge. Splendid choice of opener.

The Luxury Of Harm: The narrator persuades Simon, his old school friend and partner in mayhem, to attend a Horror Convention at Silburton, Somerset. This year’s theme is “Murderers On Page And Screen” and our man makes sure the conversation turns toward who in the room would make the most likely serial killer.

There’s a lovely pop culture moment in this one, too.

“And through the mist I gradually discerned a splendor figure, his head lolling slightly to one side, one arm lower than the other, like the skeleton in Aurora’s ‘Forgotten Prisoner’ model kit, or the one that features on my copy of The Seventh Pan Book Of Horror Stories.”

That reference to the Pan’s is apt: this would have suited one of the Van Thal’s just so.

Let’s Have Some Fun: Computer software designer Steve has seen his business plummet into terminal decline and now he’s slumming it as a temp at Penning-Karshall, the most boring firm in Christendom. Learning of his passion for online gambling, Gabriel, the despised office geek puts him on to Hot Targets a virtual paintball game which requires the player to tag a pair of top-heavy, bikini clad Essex Girls as they run giggling through a forest in real time. It takes him a while to crack it, but soon Steve is winning big. So big, in fact, that he’s invited to the Dockland’s launch of Hot Targets‘ ambitious new service …

Turbo-Satan: “Tower Hamlets, toilet of the world, arse-end of the universe … no money, no dope, no fags, no booze, nothing to do, nowhere to go, no-one who cared if he went missing for all eternity … I have absolutely nothing to look forward to … I hate my life …”

My first thoughts on reading this was “some bastard’s been reading my diary!”, but then I remembered I don’t keep one and besides, this is well written. It’s Fowler’s updating of the Deal with the Devil motif for the digital age with phony art student Mats discovering a hot-line to Satan on his mobile. At first, he makes a few sensible requests – “make the bus driver give me £10″, etc. – but blows it when he starts trying to be clever.

Red Torch: He finally plucks up the courage to approach the stunning, skimpily dressed blonde usherette at the Greenwich Granada during a James Bond double-bill and, to his astonishment, she immediately leads him straight into the office for a quickie. Only when the utterly joyless fuck is over does he realise that, outside the darkened theatre, she ain’t quite the looker he’s been fantasising over these past weeks and her “youthful” charms are more far-fetched than anything in You Only Live Twice

That’s Undertainment!: Mr Fowler has previous in the imaginary films department (Soho Black, Plague Of Terror, etc.) but he outdoes himself with this vitriolic state-of-the-industry address, although you may argue that there’s nothing very “imaginary” about these blockbusters at all, or at least, there won’t be very shortly. Jade Goody makes her big screen debut alongside Ray Winstone in Guy Ritchie’s latest mockerney gangland caper Who Are You Calling A Tosser? (a sequel to the surprise flop Did You Call My Pint A Poof?): Hugh Grant brings his bumbling ‘romantic’ presence to Antiques Roadshow – The 3-D Movie, and – they really should show this in Primary School – a child dobs in her heretic schoolteacher mom to Republican Senator Jude Law in the cautionary My Mom’s A Darwinist.

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Herbert Van Thal – Striking Terror

Posted by demonik on August 12, 2008

Herbert Van Thal – Striking Terror (Arthur Baker, 1963)

Jack Finney – Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets
Peter Fleming – The Kill
Angus Wilson – Rasberry Jam
Philip McDonald – Our Feathered Friends
Geoffrey Household – Taboo
Carl Stephenson – Leiningen Versus The Ants
Charles Lloyd – Special Diet
Lord Dunsay – The Two Bottles of Relish
Sidney Carroll – A Note For The Milkman
H G Wells – The Cone

A selection from thee first three Pan Book Of Horror Stories selections. Thanks to Johnny Mains for providing the cover scan and contents.

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