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Hugh Lamb & Richard Lamb [eds.] – And Midnight Never Come

Posted by demonik on October 21, 2021


Richard Lamb

Richard Lamb – Introduction

Hume Nisbet – Marie St. Pierre
E. R. Suffling – Eccles Old Tower
Amyas Northcote – Mr. Mortimer’s Diary
Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks – Judgement Deferred
Andre De Lorde – Waxworks
F. Startin Pilleau – The Vision of Inverstrathy Castle
F. Startin Pilleau – The Vision of Inverstrathy Castle
Frederick Carruthers – The Follower
Anonymous – In the Interests of Science
Guy Thomas – The Painted Coin
Bernard Capes – The Corner House
Frederick Cowles – The Headless Leper
Grant Allen – Our Scientific Observations of a Ghost
Thomas Burke – Miracle in Suburbia
J. H. Pearce – Ego Speaks
William Hope Hodgson – The Phantom Ship
G. M. Robins – A Twilight Experience
R. H. Benson – Father Martin’s Tale
Alice Perrin – The Bead Necklace
Violet Jacob – Behind the Wall

Johnny Mains – Afterword

Richard Lamb – Acknowledgements

The diary with a nasty tale to tell
A burglary gone horribly wrong
The sinister woman at the window
A night alone in the waxworks

And Midnight Never Come brings you 20 haunting tales from the Victorian and Edwardian heyday of supernatural fiction.
Hugh Lamb was one of the world’s leading anthologists of vintage macabre. During his long career he unearthed a host of little-known authors and also brought to light lost works from the more well-known. When he passed away in 2019, Hugh left behind a collection of unused stories and unpublished anthology ideas. Using this material as a starting point, Hugh’s son Richard has compiled And Midnight Never Come , the first brand new Hugh Lamb anthology for 30 years.
Delve, if you dare, into this unique age of ghosts, monsters, killers and fog-enshrouded chills.

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