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Stephen Jones – Best New Horror 13

Posted by demonik on June 15, 2008

Stephen Jones (Ed.) – Best New Horror 13 (Robinson, 2002)

Years Best Horror 13

Stephen Jones – Introduction: Horror in 2001

Chico Kidd – Mark of the Beast
Christopher Fowler – Crocodile Lady
Ramsey Campbell – All for Sale
Paul McAuley – The Two Dicks
Douglas Smith – By Her Hand, She Draws You Down
Poppy Z. Brite – O’ Death, Where Is Thy Spatula?
Dennis Etchison – Got to Kill Them All
Lynda E. Rucker – No More A-Roving
Graham Joyce – First, Catch Your Demon
Donald Burleson – Pump Jack
Gala Blau – Outfangthief
Joel Lane – The Lost District
Richard A. Lupoff – Simeon Dimsby’s Workshop
Thomas Ligotti – Our Temporary Supervisor
Charles L. Grant – Whose Ghosts These Are
Muriel Gray – Shite-Hawks
Michael Chislett – Off the Map
Kelly Link – Most of My Friends Are Two-Thirds Water
Conrad Williams – City in Aspic
Tanith Lee – Where All Things Perish
Glen Hirshberg – Struwwelpeter
Elizabeth Hand – Cleopatra Brimstone
Chico Kidd – Cats and Architecture

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman – Necrology :2001

Thanks to Alan Frackelton for providing the contents and cover scan!

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