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Alex Davis (ed.) – Worms

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2014

Alex Davis (ed.) – Worms    (Knightwatch, 2014)


Stephen Cooney
Alex Davis – Worms: Introduction

K. T. Davies – Zombie Worms Ate My Hamster
Adam Millard – Tommy Squirm
Sandra Unerman – The Twitching Tail
Anna Taborska – Cyril’s Mission
Amelia Mangan – The Figurehead
Stephen Palmer – Nobody Likes Worms
Simon Dessloch – The Worm Boy
James Everington – The Place Where It Always Rains

If ever an anthology did exactly what it said on the tin, this one would be precisely it. And why not? Worms have been fine horror fodder for a number of years now, and it was something that Editor Alex Davis always wanted to explore. Insects have always been a sort of fear for him. Worms was the one that felt that he could just about manage – although he has to admit that there were still plenty of uncomfortable moments in reading through these tales. So step on in and read this glorious, gruesome, squirmy anthology about – Worms.


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