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Clarence Paget – 26th Pan Book of Horror Stories

Posted by demonik on March 9, 2010

Clarence Paget (ed) – 26th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1985)

B. Seshadri – The River Bed
Rosemary Timperley – Mandragora
Alex White – Chatterbox
Harry E. Turner – Special Reserve ’75
Rosemary Timperley – Fire Trap
John H. Snellings – Flies
J. J. Cromby – Masks
Trustin Fortune – The Bath
Nicholas Royle – Time To Get Up
B. Seshadri – An Immaculate Conception
Ian C. Strachan – Death Of A Council Worker
Ralph Norton Noyes – Micro-Process
John H. Snellings – The Loft
Oscar Holmes – No Mark Of Respect
St. John Bird – Firework Night
Jessica Amanda Salmonson – Silent War
Alan Temperley – Henry And The Beautiful People

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Charles Black – Fifth Black Book Of Horror

Posted by demonik on September 6, 2009

Out now from Mortbury Press ….

Charles Black (ed.) – The Fifth Black Book Of Horror (Mortbury Press, Sept. 2009)

Illustration: Paul Mudie

Illustration: Paul Mudie

Reggie Oliver – Mrs. Midnight
Marcus Gold – The Man With A Hole In His Head
Ian C. Strachan – Starlight Casts No Shadow
Craig Herbertson – Leibniz’s Last Puzzle
Paul Finch – Hangman Wanted: Apply In Writing
Rosalie Parker – In The Garden
David A. Riley – Their Own Mad Demons
Raymond Vaughn – Winter Break
John Llewellyn Probert – De Vermis Infestis
Richard Staines – No Such Thing As A Friendly
Anna Taborska – Schrodinger’s Human
David Williamson – The Chameleon Man
John Llewellyn Probert – Two For Dinner

“Thirteen morsels of the macabre for those with a taste for terror”

Get a blow-by-blow account of the stories on the Vault Of Evil forum’s 5th Black Book Of Horror thread.

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Charles Black – The Fourth Black Book of Horror

Posted by demonik on April 5, 2009

Charles Black (ed.) – The Fourth Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press, April, 2009)

Microsoft Word - Black Book 4.doc


Cover: Paul Mudie

Craig Herbertson – Soup
Paul Finch – Words
Joel Lane – A Cry For Help
Johnny Mains – With Deepest Sympathy
Carl T. Ford – Many Happy Returns
Franklin Marsh – All Hallow’s Even
David A. Sutton – Dead Water
Daniel McGachey – And Still Those Screams Resound…’
Gary McMahon – Love is in the Air
Reggie Oliver – The Head
Ian C. Strachan – The Devil Looks After His Own?
Gary Fry – Bad Hair Day
Hazel Quinn – Flies
Rog Pile – Nails
David Conyers – The Lord of the Law



‘Death towered over the three cowering infants. His hand stayed. The innocence, the tiny stature, the pleading eyes… They started to cry.’ – All Hallow’ Even


‘Pull your trousers down, pull your trousers down or I’ll snick your little nipper off with a bloody chopper.’ – The Head


”…he had selected a sharp skewer from the kitchen and driven it through her ear and into her sleeping brain with one blow from a wooden mallet.’ – The Devil Looks After His Own?


‘…he stood back and watched as the fire-lit form writhed and gibbered; as slowly but surely, in a welter of blood and hanging tissue, its exposed musculature was shredded from the gleaming bones beneath…’ – Words

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