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Your Daily NEL

Posted by demonik on May 12, 2009

Robert Lorys Dracula Returns: a New English Library classic.

Robert Lory's 'Dracula Returns': a New English Library classic.

This has been on the back burner for a while. I was gonna wait until i’d posted a hundred items, tarted it up some but … nah, don’t get any momentum going that way. So, New English Library (and it’s ‘sixties forerunner Four Square). It’s the 1960’s/ 1970’s Peter Haining era NEL’s were most concerned with here, though i’m sure the occasional eighties or ‘nineties effort will make the cut from time to time.

Hope you get something out of it!

Love, gloomy

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Paperback Fanatic 9

Posted by demonik on February 22, 2009

Man, this is so hot through the letterbox, I haven’t even managed to extract it from the envelope!

Justin Marriott (ed.) – Paperback Fanatic #9 (February 2009)

A quick flick through before i settle down to actually read the thing, and what immediately catches the eye? Plenty! There’s a lengthy feature on The Man From O.R.G.Y. and his fellow international men of mystery as “The Fanatic dives into the world of sexy spies and double-d double agents.’ Curt Purcell of the incomparable Beyond The Groovy Age Of Horror investigates The Twilight World Of Eli Podgram, star of Nel’s six-part ‘Specialist’ series from the early ‘seventies. There’s an interview with and overview of Peter Tremayne’s career as a horror, fantasy and Crime author and John Mains’ interrogates Chris Lowder about his Mills & Boon Blood Of Dracula outing as Jack Hamilton Teed. Bootboys and Bovver girls are as well catered for as man or woman can ever be with Skinhead Revival: Richard Allen and his delinquent spawn unleashed across seven pages, one of which is commandeered by a certain Franklin ‘Suedehead’ Marsh! As you maybe guessed from the cover, the featured classic artist of the issue is Nel/ Mayflower serial offender Richard Clifton-Day and, of course, there is Fanatical Thoughts, the unmissable letters department, and a right old fiends reunited affair it is with loads of names familiar from this board offering their support and encouragement. Fanatical Thoughts is my absolute favourite department of any publication you care to mention.

As you’re no doubt aware, Justin is currently being kept very occupied by baby Sophie (wish you well, little one) so “No chance to update the PF site, but maybe you could mention £5.25 inc postage by paypal to my e-mail address and to pm me if they don’t know it.”

The email address is (replace the AT with @, obviously. Anti-spam precaution)

Thank you Justin!

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