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Posts Tagged ‘East London’

interzone books – July 2010 update

Posted by demonik on July 22, 2010

We are delighted to report that the nomadic interzone books has now taken up permanent residence at TYPE – as distinguished by sign of the twin typewriters – in East London. The address and details:

interzone books @ Type
138 Bethnal Green Road,
E2 6DG.

Open every Thursday to Sunday inclusive, hours of business 7.30-18.00.

interzone books is now only selling at Type and via the website.

Along with the wall of pulp there is also a coffee bar and a section devoted to one-off pieces of lighting and furniture.

See also the interzone books thread on the Vault forum

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Varney versus Springheel Jack

Posted by demonik on July 29, 2008

“varney the vampire. springheel jack. (hopefully) daily instalments from now on. art to come. no plot!! it just starts and goes like the penny dreadfuls of yore.”

The bouncing bodice ripper surprises yet another helpless victim.

Ripping Rottenness!

The bouncing bodice ripper surprises yet another helpless victim. Illustration: Chrissie Demant.

New to WordPress from Andy Boot – Varney versus Springheel Jack, a trad penny dreadful in the style of Malcolm J. Rymer, Thomas Prest and fellow Salisbury Square fiends. It’s already 20 chapters to the good so you’ve a bit of catching up to do!

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