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Peter Haining – Mammoth Book of Modern Ghost Stories

Posted by demonik on May 30, 2008

Peter Haining (ed) – The Mammoth Book of Modern Ghost Stories (Robinson, 2007)


Cover: Joe Roberts

1. Raising Spectres: The Modern Tradition

M.R. James – ‘Oh Whistle, and I’ll Come To You, My Lad’
A.C. Benson – The House at Treheale
E.G. Swain – The Richpins
Arthur Gray – The Everlasting Club
A.N.L. Munby – Number Seventy-Nine

2. Ghost Writers: The “Golden Era”

Arthur Conan Doyle: Playing With Fire
Rudyard Kipling – The House Surgeon
John Buchan – The Grove Of Ashtroth
Somerset Maugham – The Man from Glasgow
D.H. Lawrence – The Last Laugh
Vladimir Nabokov – A Visit to the Museum

3. Phantom Ranks: Supernatural at War

Arthur Machen – The Bowmen
George Minto – The Ghost of U65
Algernon Blackwood – ‘Vengeance is Mine’
Lord Dunsany – The Punishment
Dennis Wheatley – The Haunted Chateau
Elizabeth Bowen – Pink May
Derek Barnes – A Gremlin in the Beer
Sir Alec Guinness – Money For Jam

4. The Ghost-Feelers: Modern Gothic Tales

Edith Wharton – The Lady’s Maid’s Bell
Marie Belloc Lowndes – The Duenna
Eudora Welty – Clytie
Daphne du Maurier – The Pool
Jane Gardam – A Spot of Gothic

5. Entertaining Spooks: Supernatural High Jinks

H.G. Wells – The Inexperienced Ghost
Alexander Wolcott – Full Fathom Five
James Thurber – The Night the Ghost Got In
Eric Keown – Sir Tristram Goes West
Kingsley Amis – Who or What Was It?
Ray Bradbury – Another Fine Mess

6. Christmas Spirits: Festive Season Chillers

Rider Haggard – Only a Dream…
Edith Nesbit – The Haunted House
E.F. Benson – The Light in the Garden
Marjorie Bowen – The Prescription
Howard Spring – Christmas Honeymoon
Hammond Innes – South Sea Bubble
Peter Ackroyd – Ringing in the Good News

7. Haunting Times: Tales of Unease

Fritz Leiber – Smoke Ghost
A.E. Van Vogt – The Ghost
William F. Nolan – The Party
J.B. Priestley – Underground
Joyce Carol Oates – Haunted
Philip Pullman – Video Nasty
Louis de Bernieres – My Beautiful House

Thanks to Alan Frackelton for providing the contents and cover scans!

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Stephen Jones – Mammoth Best New Horror 14

Posted by demonik on November 10, 2007

Stephen Jones (ed) – The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror #14 (Robinson, 2003)

Best New Horror 14

Cover: Les Edwards

Stephen Jones – Horror In 2002

Neil Gaiman – October In The Chair
China Mieville – Details
Don Tumasonis – The Wretched Thicket Of Thorns
David J. Schow – The Absolute Last Of The Ultra-Spooky, Super-Scary Hallowe’en Horror Nights
Nicholas Royle – Standard Gauge
Stephen Gallagher – Little Dead Girl Singing
Brian Hodge – Nesting Instincts
Glen Hirshberg – The Two Sams
Jay Russell – Hides
Ramsey Campbell – The Unbeheld
Basil Copper – Ill Met By Daylight
Kelly Link – Catskin
Joe Hill – 20th Century Ghost
Kim Newman – Egyptian Avenue
James Van Pelt – The Boy Behind The Gate
Caitlin  R. Kiernan – Nor The Demon Down Under The Sea
Graham Joyce – The Coventry Boy
Don Tumasonis – The Prospect Cards
Jeff Vandermeer – The Cage
Paul McAuley – Dr. Pretorius And The Lost Temple

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman – Necrology: 2002

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