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Stephen Jones – Best New Horror 23

Posted by demonik on August 25, 2012

Coming soon ….

Stephen Jones (ed.) – Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 23   (Robinson, Oct. 2012)

Cover Illustration: Vincent Chong

Stephen Jones – Introduction: Horror In 2011

Ramsey Campbell – Holding The Light
Christopher Fowler – Lantern Jack
Paul Kane – Rag And Bone
Gemma Files – Some Kind Of Light Shines From Your Face
Joel Lane – Midnight Flight
Tim Lebbon – Trick Of The Light
Gregory Nicoll – But None Shall Sing For Me
Alison Littlewood – About The Dark
Daniel Mills – The Photographer’s Tale
Mark Samuels – The Tower
Peter Atkins – Dancing Like We’re Dumb
Simon Strantzas – An Indelible Stain Upon The Sky
Joan Aiken – Hair
Steve Rasnic Tem – Miri
Geeta Roopnarine – Corbeaux Bay
Michael Marshall Smith – Sad, Dark Thing
Robert Silverberg – Smithers And The Ghost Of The Thar
Reggie Oliver – Quieta Non Movere
Joe R. Lansdale – The Crawling Sky
Conrad Williams – Wait
Simon Kurt Unsworth – The Ocean Grand, North West Coast
Evangeline Walton – They That Have Wings
Thana Niveau – White Roses, Bloody Silk
John Ajivide Lindqvist – The Music Of Bengt Karlsson, Murderer
Ramsey Campbell – Passing Through Peacehaven
David Buchan – Holiday Home

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman – Necrology: 2011

The latest volume of the world’s longest-running annual showcase of Horror and Dark Fantasy fiction.

Presenting a selection of the very best, and most chilling, short stories and novellas of horror and the supernatural by both established masters of horror and exciting newcomers.

See also the Best New Horror 23 thread on the Vault forum

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Forthcoming Mammoth publications from Constable-Robinsons. October & November 2012.

Posted by demonik on August 2, 2012

Forthcoming Mammoth publications from Constable-Robinsons. October & November 2012.
Stephen Jones (ed.) – Zombie Apocalypse: Fightback (Robinson, October 2012)

Zombie Apocalypse: Fightback

Sequel to the bestselling Zombie Apocalypse! – 18,000 copies sold in the UK

This long-awaited follow-up to Zombie Apocalypse! is once again a ‘mosaic novel’ that weaves together contributions from big-name horror writers in the form of essays, reports, letters, official documents and transcripts to create a coherent and compelling narrative. In volume one, old-school, flesh-eating zombies spread ‘The Death’ around the world. Now, the fightback begins, spearheaded by an equally stellar line-up of contributors, from Neil Gaiman, Sarah Pinborough and Michael Marshall Smith to Lisa Tuttle, Roz Kaveney and Christopher Fowler, and master-minded by multi award-winning horror anthologist Stephen Jones.

This will be a must-have for the many fans of the first book as well as the ever-expanding legions of zombie and horror fans..

Stephen Jones (ed.) – Best New Horror 23 (Robinson, October 2012)

Best New Horror 23

New volume in a series now into its 23rd year and winner of the World Fantasy Award, British Fantasy Award and International Horror Guild Award

Every single horror writer of note has contributed at some point to the Best New Horror series, compiled by internationally acclaimed horror anthologist Stephen Jones and dedicated to presenting the best in contemporary horror and dark fantasy fiction.

This year’s darkest, most exceptional tales of terror showcase new short stories from both contemporary masters of the macabre as well as exceptional newcomers. With top-name contributors – such as Joan Aitken, Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Fowler, Joe R. Lansdale, John Ajvide Lindqvist, Robert Silverberg, Michael Marshall Smith and Evangeline Walton – a comprehensive overview of the horror year, a necrology of recently departed luminaries and an exhaustive list of indispensable addresses, this series remains the world’s leading annual horror anthology and the key event in the horror calendar for all horror fans, young and old.

Peter Normanton – The Mammoth Book of Slasher Movies (Robinson, October 2012)

Mammoth Book Of Slasher Films

A classic gorefest for all horror lovers – the most gloriously gory slasher and splatter horror movies of the past sixty years.

You can scream all you want, but it won’t make them stop in this compendium of more than 60 grisly, gruesome years of slasher and splatter movies – from genre-hopping Danny Boyle’s first horror film, 28 Days Later, to gore-meister Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Flesh Eaters. Here you will find the low-down on some 250 movies, with entries from 23 different countries – assembled by born-again slasher fan Peter Normanton.

This wonderfully macabre compilation is a definite must-have for all aficionados of the slasher and splatter movie sub-genres and general horror fans alike. The index, which includes every movie mentioned in the A–Z and accompanying notes, runs to 540 movies. The book includes the full list of video nasties that the UK government has attempted to ban.

Marie O’Regan – Mammoth Book Of Ghost Stories By Women (Robinson, November 2012)

Mammoth Book Of Ghost Stories By Women

A mesmerizing spin on the modern dark tale – 25 haunting stories showcasing writing by women on the supernatural and the macabre

Ghost stories are a perennial favourite, and British Fantasy Award-nominated horror and dark fantasy writer Marie O’Regan has put together this unforgettable selection of dark, sensational, horrifying stories by acclaimed female writers.

Alongside a handful of reprints, both classic and contemporary, are spectral tales by outstanding talents, such as Kelley Armstrong, Muriel Gray, Nancy Holder, Nancy Kilpatrick, Sarah Langan, Gail Z. Martin, Elizabeth Massie, Yvonne Navarro, Sarah Pinborough, Lilith Saintcrow, Lisa Tuttle among others.

This haunting anthology is subtly beguiling, yet brings a new sense of daring to the modern dark tale and a hard-edged twist to traditional horror.

Details and, most likely, individual threads on each to follow over coming days/ weeks/ months. Five very exciting prospects, i’m sure you’ll agree.

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Stephen Jones – Mammoth Best New Horror #21

Posted by demonik on September 22, 2010

Stephen Jones (ed.) – Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror #21 (Robinson, 28 October 2010)

Vincent Chong

Stephen Jones – Introduction: Horror in 2009

Michael Kelly – The Woods
Joe Hill & Stephen King – Throttle
Barbara Roden – Out And Back
Ramsey Campbell – Respects
Simon Stranzas – Cold To The Touch
M. R. James & Reggie Oliver – The Game Of Bear
Chris Bell –  Shem-El-Nesime: An Inspiration In Perfume
Michael Marshall Smith – What Happens When You Wake Up In The Night
Nicholas Royle – The Reunion
Simon Kurt Unsworth – Mami Wata
Richard Christian Matheson – Venturi
John Gaskin – Party Talk
Terry Dowling – Two Steps Along The Road
Mark Valentine – The Axholme Toll
Robert Shearman – Granny’s Grinning
Rosalie Parker – In The Garden
Stephen Volk – After The Ape
Brian Lumley – The Nonesuch
Michael Kelly – Princess Of The Night

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman – Necrology: 2009

Useful Addresses

As far as i’m aware you’ll have to wait a few weeks for this to hit the shops although i gather it was pre-launched at FantasyCon over weekend. To the best of my knowledge this is the first time the contents have appeared online, so don’t forget not to give Vault a credit when you rip it off for your site/ blog/ messagebore, etc.

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Stephen Jones – Best New Horror 6

Posted by demonik on March 9, 2010

Stephen Jones (ed.) – Best New Horror 6 (Raven, 1995)

Luis Rey
Stephen Jones – Introduction: Horror in 1994

Lawrence Watt-Evans – Dead Babies
Harlan Ellison – Sensible City
Terry Lamsley – Blade and Bone
Norman Partridge – Harvest
Charles L. Grant – Sometimes, in the Rain
Richard Christian Matheson – Ménage à Trois
Joel Lane – Like Shattered Stone
Douglas E. winter – Black Sun
M. John Harrison – Isobel Avens Returns to Stepney in the Spring
Ian R. MacLeod – The Dead Orchards
Elizabeth Massie – What Happened When Mosby Paulson Had Her Painting Reproduced on the Cover of the Phone Book
Ramsey Campbell – The Alternative
Karl Edward Wagner – In the Middle of a Snow Dream
Paul J. McAuley – The Temptation of Dr Stein
Garry Kilworth – Wayang Kulit
Robert Bloch – The Scent of Vinegar
Nicholas Royle – The Homecoming
Geoffrey A. Landis – The Singular Habits of Wasps
Michael Marshall Smith – To Receive Is Better
Brian Hodge – The Alchemy of the Throat
Kim Newman – Out of the Night, When the Full Moon is Bright…
Esther M. Friesner – Lovers

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman – Necrology – 1994

see also Best New Horror 6 thread on Vault forum

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Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell – Best New Horror 5

Posted by demonik on November 4, 2007

Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell (eds.) – The Best New Horror: Volume #5 (Robinson, 1994)


Luis Rey

Introduction: Horror In 1993 – Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell

Michael Marshall Smith – Later
Sarah Smith – When The Red Storm Comes
Martin Plumbridge – The Exhibit
Kathe Koja – Leavings
Edward Bryant – Human Remains
Nicholas Royle – Flying Into Naples
Poppy Z. Brite – The Sixth Sentinel
Rick Cadger – The Brothers
J. L. Comeau – The Owen Street Monster
T. E. D. Klein – One Size Eats All
Donald R. Burleson – Mulligan’s Fence
Daniel Fox – How She Dances
Karl Edward Wagner – Passages
Sally Roberts Jones – Easing The Spring
Steve Rasnic & Melanie Tem – Safe At Home
Christopher Fowler – Mother Of The City
Elizabeth Hand – Justice
Kim Newman – The Big Fish
Thomas Tessier – In The Desert Of Deserts
Terry Lamsley – Two Returns
Chet Williamson – The Moment The Face Falls
S. P. Somtow – Darker Angels
Kathe Koja & Barry N. Malzberg – The Timbrel Sound Of Darkness
Thomas Ligotti – The Tsalal
Charles Grant – In The Still, Small Hours
Steve Rasnic Tem – Ice House Pond
Dennis Etchison – The Dog Park
Gahan Wilson – The Marble Boy
Harlan Ellison – Mefisto In Onyx

Necrology: 1993 – Stephen Jones & Kim Newman

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Stephen Jones – Best New Horror 7

Posted by demonik on November 4, 2007

Stephen Jones (ed.) – The Best New Horror: Volume #7 (Robinson, 1996)

Luis Rey

Introduction: Horror In 1995 – Stephen Jones

Ian R. MacLeod – Tirkiluk
Christopher Fowler – The Most Boring Woman In The World
Brian Hodge – Extinctions In Paradise
Lisa Tuttle – Food Man
Michael Marshall Smith – More Tomorrow
Ramsey Campbell – Going Under
Dave Smeds – Survivor
Patrick Thompson – The Stones
Cherry Wilder – Back of Beyond
Steve Rasnic Tem – A Hundred Wicked Little Witches
Manly Wade Wellman – The Finger Of Halugra
Terry Lamsley – The Toddler
Stephen Gallagher – Not Here, Not Now
Thomas Ligotti – The Bungalow House
Alan Brennert – Cradle
Jane Rice – The Sixth Dog
Terry Dowling – Scaring The Train
David Sutton – La Serenissima
Norman Partridge – The Bars On Satan’s Jailhouse
Jeff VanderMeer – The Bone-Carver’s Tale
Neil Gaiman – Queen Of Knives
Paul J. McAuley – The True History Of Doctor Pretorius
Graham Masterton – The Grey Madonna
Douglas E. Winter – Loop
Brian Stableford – The Hunger and Ecstasy of Vampires
Nicholas Royle – Lacuna

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman – Necrology: 1995

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