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Archive for the ‘*Star*’ Category

William Pattrick – Mysterious Air Stories

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

William Pattrick (ed) – Mysterious Air Stories (W.H. Allen, 1986)

help! cover wanted

“Strange stories of phantom planes, ghostly voices, freak weather, inexplicable flying objects and terrifying ordeals.”

Richard Matheson – Nightmare at Twenty Thousand Feet
Thomas Hood – A Tale of Terror
Jules Verne – A Drama in the Air
George Griffith – Up a Gum Tree
H.G. Wells – The Argonauts of the Air
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Horror of the Heights
William Le Quex – The Secret of the New British Aeroplane
Edgar Wallace – A Reprisal Raid
Negley Farson – Hot Air
Arch Whitehouse – The Demon Diver
Clarence Winchester – Anniversary
Stephen Graham – 5,000 Enemy Planes Over London
Captain W. E. Johns – The Conversion of Johnny
W. E. Woosnam-Jones – Gremlins –
Sergeant Carmichael (H. E. Bates) – Flying Officer X
Wilbur Schramm – The Voice in the Earphones
Edward D. Hoch – Cassidy’s Saucer

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William Pattrick – Mysterious Sea Stories

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

William Pattrick (ed) – Mysterious Sea Stories – (W. H. Allen, 1985, Star, 1986)

Mysterious Sea

William Hope Hodgson – The Finding of the Graiken
John Masefield – Davy Jones’s Gift
C. S. Forester – The Turning of the Tide
Joseph Conrad – The Black Mate
Jack London – Make Westing
Richard Sale – The Benevolent Ghost and Captain Lowrie
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – J. Habakuk Jephson’s Statement
W. Clark Russell – A Bewitched Ship
Herman Melville – Hood’s Isle and The Hermit Oberlus
Captain Frederick Marryat – The Legend of The Bell Rock
Edgar Allan Poe – Ms. Found in a Bottle
Rudyard Kipling – A Matter of Fact
H. G. Wells – In the Abyss
Ray Bradbury – Undersea Guardians

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William Pattrick – Mysterious Railway Stories

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

William Pattrick (ed) – Mysterious Railway Stories – (W. H. Allen, 1984, Star, 1985)

Mysterious Railway

Amelia B. Edwards & Charles Dickens – The Four Fifteen Express
Eden Phillpotts – My Adventure In The Flying Dutchman
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Lost Special
Victor L. Whitechurch – The Tragedy On The London And Mid-Northern
Francis Lynde – The Cloud-Bursters
Arnold Ridley & Ruth Alexander – The Ghost Train
Agatha Christie – The Girl In The Train
Hal Thomson – The Fisherman’s Special
Harry Walton – Swamp Train
Freeman Wills Croft – The Level Crossing
August Derleth – The Man On B-17
Robert Bloch – That Hell-Bound Train
Fredric Brown – The Last Train

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Ramsey Campbell – Superhorror

Posted by demonik on September 8, 2007

Ramsey Campbell (ed.) – Superhorror (W. H. Allen, 1976: Star, 1980 [as The Far Reaches Of Fear])


Cover: Don Grant

Brian Lumley – The Viaduct
R. A. Lafferty – Fog In My Throat
Daphne Castell – Christina
Joseph F. Pumilia – The Case Of James Elmo Freebish
David Drake – The Hunting Ground
Manley Wade Wellman – The Petey Car
Robert Aickman – Wood
Ramsey Campbell – The Pattern
Fritz Leiber – Dark Wings

“This is how I edited the book. I asked the contributors, or their agents, to provide the most horrifying or most terrifying stories they could. There were to be no taboos, except that the stories must not have been published elsewhere; if they were unpublishable elsewhere, so much the better”.

From Ramsey Campbell’s introduction.

Far Reaches Of Fear

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Michel Parry – Christopher Lee’s ‘X’ Certificate

Posted by demonik on September 8, 2007

Michel Parry (ed) – Christopher Lee’s ‘X’ Certificate (Star, 1975)

Christopher Lee’s X certificate

Introduction – Christopher Lee

Fritz Leiber – The Spider
Henry Kuttner – I, The Vampire
Robert Bloch – Talent
Basil Copper – Amber Print
Clark Ashton Smith – The Gorgon
Peter Flemming – The Kill
Richard Matheson – Blood Son
Robert E. Howard – The Black Stone
W. C. Morrow – The Monster Maker
Bram Stoker – The Judges House

Stories pertaining to the perils of the film industry (see also Peter Haining’s The Hollywood Nightmare) and Lee’s experiences of same, even if the stories are selected by Parry. The majority need no introduction, although Leiber’s delightful The Spider  isn’t as well known as it deserves to be. You’ll probably have most of these stories a number of times over, but that doesn’t make the likes of Matheson’s brilliant vampire story, Flemming’s werewolf yarn or Morrow’s variation on the Frankenstein theme bad stories and fans of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari will surely appreciate Basil Copper’s unseen footage.

Lee’s introduction contains the perennial grouching about playing Dracula, and why he won’t be doing so again …

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Hugh Lamb – Star Book Of Horror 2

Posted by demonik on September 7, 2007

Hugh Lamb (ed.) – Star Book Of Horror #2  (Star, 1976)

Hugh Lamb Star Horror 2

Introduction – Hugh Lamb

Oswell Blakeston – The Ultimate Thrill
Robert Bloch – Edifice Complex
H. R. Wakefield – Into Outer Darkness
John Blackburn – The Field Of Blood
Ambrose Bierce – The Death Of Halpin Frayser
C. D. Pamely – The Crimson Plague
Joy Burnett – Marlston Water
Charles Duff – Murderers Corner
Bassett Morgan – Laocoon
Nugent Barker – One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Brian Lumley – The Man Who Photographed Beardsley
A. Erskine Ellis – Compartment 1313A
Ramsey Campbell – Baby
Richard Middleton – The Wrong Turning
L. P. Hartley – Podolo

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Hugh Lamb – Star Book Of Horror 1

Posted by demonik on September 7, 2007

Hugh Lamb (ed.) – Star Book Of Horror #1 (Star, 1975)

Star Book Horror

Introduction – Hugh Lamb

John Blackburn – Drink To Me Only
Don C. Wiley – The Head Of Wu Fang
Joy Burnett – Lot 87
Frederick Cowles – Punch And Judy
Charles Birkin – Waiting For Trains
Ramsey Campbell – Run Through
E. F. Benson – The Thing In The Hall
Philip Murray – The Trunk
Robert Haining – This House Is Evil
Robert Bloch – Untouchable
J. G. Ballard – Now Wakes The Sea
A. N. L. Munby – A Christmas Game
John Keir Cross – Hands

Calenture has a welcome story-by-story review of both volumes of the Star Book Of Horror at Haunted Dolls House

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Ronald Holmes – Macabre Railway Stories

Posted by demonik on September 1, 2007

Ronald Holmes (ed) – Macabre Railway Stories (Star, 1983)

Very familiar in places, but the Joyce Marsh story was new to me – it’s certainly my favourite story of hers – and I don’t think I had the L. T. C. Rolt at the time.

Introduction – William Pattrick

Charles Dickens – The Signalman
L. T. C. Rolt – The Garside Fell Disaster
Amelia B. Edwards – The Engineer
Raymond Harvey – The Tunnel
Roy Vickers – The Eighth Lamp
Charles Collins – The Compensation House
John Edgell – All Change
A. Noyes – Midnight Express
Harry Harrison – The Last Train
Anon – The Tale Of A Gaslight Ghost
Alex Hamilton – The Attic Express
Joyce Marsh – The Woman In The Green Dress
Paul Tabori – The Very Silent Traveller
A. V. Harding – Take The Z Train
Jack Finney – The Third Level
Paul A. Carter – The Man Who Rode The Trains

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Mike Ashley – Weird Legacies

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

Mike Ashley (ed.) – Weird Legacies (Star, 1977)

Foreword – Robert Bloch
Preface – Mike Ashley

Robert E. Howard – Skulls In The Stars
Mary E. Counselman – The Three Marked Pennies
Edmond Hamilton – He That Hath Wings
Francis Flagg – The Distortion Out Of Space
Clark Ashton Smith & Lin Carter – The Utmost Abomination
Eric Frank Russell & Leslie J. Johnson – Eternal Rediffusion
Ray Bradbury – The Ducker
Robert Bloch & Henry Kuttner – The Black Kiss
H. P. Lovecraft & August Derleth – The Survivor

Compact paperback collection of WT wonders. Personally, I must admit to being disappointed with the selection, although this is worth having for Mike Ashley’s notes alone. Weird Legacies get off to a flier with – arguably – Solomon Kane’s finest moment, but after Mary E. Counselman’s excellent story of randomly dispensed good fortune and abject tragedy things take a turn for the SF and fantasy. That said, the Edmond Hamilton story is worth a piece of anyone’s time.

Robert E. Howard – The Skulls In The Stars: As he travels across the mist-shrouded, swampy fens, Solomon Kane is beset by a terrifying, red eyed figure with a terrible laugh. This spectre has already been responsible for the deaths of several men, and Kane is all but shredded by the thing’s claws.
When the Puritan learns of the reason for the haunting, he dispenses his usual impartial, brutal justice to the miscreant responsible.

Mary Elizabeth Counselman – The Three Marked Pennies: “On the seventh day after this announcement the possessor of each marked penny will receive a gift.

To the first: $100, 000 in cash.
To The second: A trip around the world
To The third: Death.”

Edmond Hamilton – He That Hath Wings: David Rand is born with a misshapen spine and shoulders . At first, the kindly Dr. Harriman believes that the orphan’s deformity is a hunched back, but x-rays reveal that he is sprouting wings ..

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