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Archive for the ‘*P.S.*’ Category

Stephen Jones (ed.) – Fearie Tales

Posted by demonik on October 21, 2015

Stephen Jones (ed.) – Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grimm and Gruesome (Jo Fletcher, 2014: originally P.S., 2013)

Illustration: Alan Lee
Stephen Jones – Introduction: Don’t Scare The Children
The Wilful Child
Ramsey Campbell – Find My Name
The Singing Bone
Neil Gaiman – Down To A Sunless Sea
Tanith Lee – Open Your Window, Golden Hair
The Hare’s Bride
Garth Nix – Crossing The Line
Hansel And Gretel
Robert Shearman – Peckish
The Three Little Men In The Wood
Michael Marshall Smith – Look Inside
The Story Of A Youth Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was
Markus Heitz – Fraulein Fearnot
Christopher Fowler – The Ash-Boy
The Elves #1
Brian Lumley – The Changeling
The Nixie Of The Mill-Pond
Reggie Oliver – The Silken Drum
The Robber Bridegroom
Angela Slatter – By The Weeping Gate
Frau Trude
Brian Hodge – Anything To Me Is Sweeter, Than To Cross Shock-Headed Peter
The Elves #2
Peter Crowther – The Artemis Line
The Old Woman In The Wood
Joanne Harris – The Silken People
John Ajvide Lindqvist – Come Unto Me
The Shroud

In 1884 Margaret Hunt’s translation of the Brothers Grimm’s Kinder- und Hausmärchen was published as Grimm’s Household Tales—and since that day those stories have inspired writers, artists, poets, songwriters, playwrights and movie-makers the world over. Now, following in the grand tradition of the Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm, some of today’s finest fantasy and horror writers have created their own brand-new fairy tales-but with a decidedly darker twist. Fearie Tales is a fantastical mix of spellbinding retellings of classic stories such as ‘Cinderella’, ‘Rapunzel’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and ‘Rumpelstiltskin’, amongst others, along with unsettling tales inspired by other childhood classics, all interspersed with the sources of their inspiration: the timeless stories first collected by the Brothers Grimm. These modern masterpieces of the macabre by Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, Ramsey Campbell, Joanne Harris, Markus Heitz, John Ajvide Lindqvist, Angela Slatter, Michael Marshall Smith and many others, are illuminated by Oscar-winning artist Alan Lee, who has also provided the magnificent cover painting. But be warned: this stunning volume of frightening fables is definitely not suitable for children!

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Danel Olson (ed.) – Exotic Gothic 4

Posted by demonik on January 16, 2015

Danel Olson (ed.) – Exotic Gothic 4   (Drugstore Indian Press, 2014. Originally P.S., 2012)exoticgothic4

Photo: Apolinar Lorenzo Chuca

Danel Olson – Preface: On Dark Gifting

Margo Lanagan – Blooding the Bride
Adam L.G. Nevill – Pig Thing
Kaaron Warren – The Lighthouse Keepers’ Club
Reggie Oliver – The Look
Lucy Taylor – Nikishi
Simon Kurt Unsworth – The Fourth Horse
Stephen Dedman – The Fall
Tunku Halim – In the Village of Setang
David Punter – Carving
Genni Gunn – Water Lover
Robert Hood – Escena de un Asesinato
Steve Rasnic Tem – The Old Man Beset by Demons
David Wellington – Atacama
Isobelle Carmody – Metro Winds
Terry Dowling – Mariners’ Round
Paul Finch – Oschaert
Ekaterina Sedia – Helena
Anna Taborska – Rusalka
Nick Antosca – Candy
Joseph Bruchac – Down in the Valley
Cherie Dimaline – Wanishin
Brian Evenson – Grottor
E. Michael Lewis – Such a Man I Would Have Become
Scott Thomas – The Unfinished Book
Stephen Volk – Celebrity Frankenstein

A bumper anthology, with stories from twenty-five of today’s finest speculative fiction writers.


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Stephen Jones – Basil Copper: A Life In Books

Posted by demonik on June 19, 2008

Stephen Jones (ed.) – Basil Copper: A Life In Books (PS Publishing, Feb. 2008)


Stephen Jones – Introduction: Recollections Of Basil Copper
Basil Copper – Foreword
Richard Dalby – Basil Copper, Crime Writer And Master Of The Macabre
Stephen Jones – Basil Copper: A Working Bibliography. A. Macabre And Supernatural Novels
Basil Copper – Remembering August Derleth And Arkham House
Stephen Jones – Basil Copper: A Working Bibliography. B. Macabre And Supernatural Collections
Basil Copper – The Game’s Afoot! August Derleth And Solar Pons
Stephen Jones – Basil Copper: A Working Bibliography. C. The ‘Solar Pons’ Series
Basil Copper – August Derleth: A Giant Remembered
Stephen Jones – Basil Copper: A Working Bibliography. D. The ‘Mike Faraday’ Series
Basil Copper – Rap Sheet
Basil Copper – Diamonds Are For Never
Stephen Jones – Basil Copper: A Working Bibliography. E. Other Books
Basil Copper – In The Footsteps Of Dracula
Stephen Jones – Basil Copper: A Working Bibliography. F. Non-Fiction
Basil Copper – The Curse
Basil Copper – Professor Mahmoud
Stephen Jones – Basil Copper: A Working Bibliography. G. Short Stories And Novellas
Basil Copper – Peter Haining: A Tribute
Basil Copper – The Black Coffin
Stephen Jones – Basil Copper: A Working Bibliography. H. Media Adaptations
Basil Copper – Count Magnus
Stephen Jones – Basil Copper: A Working Bibliography. I. Unpublished Works
Basil Copper – Darkness, Mist And Shadow: The Landscape Of Fear

Illustrations by Randy Broeker and Les Edwards

“the basil copper book is a model in bibliography, and the articles are a fascinating read. my only minor quibble is that the proofing suddenly goes to pot on the short stories, which i found most bizarre. but it only stood out as the rest of the text was immaculate, i guess. mr c’s screenplay is a cracker, btw, and really should have been made. i’d recommend anyone who, like me, has only ever read his macabre stuff to look out for the hardboiled novels; on the strength of the short story included in this volume, i certainly intend to!”

– pulphack on Vault of Evil

After the excitement and excesses of the launch, maybe it’s time to turn our attention to the book – and what a splendid effort by all concerned. First impressions (i’ve barely dipped into it yet) are pulphack’s “model in bibliography”-cum- big Basil scrapbook with several photo’s of the great man in action taken at various stages of his career and much fine illustrative work. Some of it – like the Peter Haining tribute – is snippet-size, but Stephen Jones’ biblio is an all-encompassing thing which speaks of several hours devoted study.

As with the event, it’s a celebratory thing that will have you wishing your own favourite authors had studies like this devoted to them. Be warned, i’m planning to return to A Life In Books when i’ve given it a super-scrutiny, but now that pesky perve The Handyman beckons ….

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