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Archive for the ‘*Octopus*’ Category

Deborah Shine – Haunting Ghost Stories

Posted by demonik on April 2, 2009

Deborah Shine (ed.) – Haunting Ghost Stories: Illustrations by Reg Gray (Octopus, 1980)


A spine-chilling collection of stories by the masters of horror and suspense.

Walter De La Mare – The Riddle
Stanley W. Fisher – The Sybarite
Roger F. Dunkley – Echoes In The Sand
Oliver Onions – The Mortal
Michelle Maurious – Fame
H. Brinsmead-Hungerford – Giovanni Paolo’s Land
H. G. Wells – The Red Room
Paul Dorrell – Lonely Boy
Colin Thiele – The Phantom Horses
Michael Joseph – The Yellow Cat
Stanley W. Fisher – A Little House Of Their Own
E. F. Benson – Expiation
John Gordon – Kroger’s Choice
Saki – Laura
Paul Dorrell – Tea And Empathy
M. R. James – The Haunted Doll’s House
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Brown Hand
W. W. Jacobs – The Well
Robert Arthur – The Haunted Trailer
Walter De La Mare – Bad Company
Lucy M. Boston – Many Coloured Glass
Ambrose Bierce – The Stranger
Edgar Allan Poe – The Tell-Tale Heart
H. R. Wakefield – The Gorge Of The Churels
E. Nesbit – Man-Size In Marble
Brian Alderson – The Wooing Of Cherry Basnett
Ambrose Bierce – A Tough Tussle
W. W. Jacobs – The Monkey’s Paw
Glenn Chandler – The Late Departure
H. R. Wakefield – Damp Sheets
Sorche Nic Leodhas – The Battle With The Bogles
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch – A Pair Of Hands

Another anthology aimed at a young audience which can be enjoyed by all ages. Clung onto a copy of this for years, eventually got rid of it along with most of the young adult books i’d acquired, regretted it ever since. Found this copy in a cardboard box full of old plugs, a computer mouse and a moth-eaten dayglo pink fright wig (i was tempted but didn’t have the £3 to stump up) at the local flea market on Sunday for 50p! With all the books and mags flying around just now, it will probably be a while until i get around to a rematch, but with the likes of John Gordon, Lucy Boston and Robert Arthur fighting it out with acknowledged classics and welcome, less obvious selections from Wakefield and Benson you can hardly go wrong. Minus point for the unnecessary childish doodles repeated on the inside covers (would have been just the thing to put me off the book as a kid), ‘specially after they’d done so well with the skull photo, but otherwise a dead commendable collection!

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Anon – Tales From Beyond The Grave

Posted by demonik on September 20, 2007

Tales From Beyond The Grave (Editor uncredited: Octopus, 1982; Treasure Press, 1989)

Tales From Beyond The Grave

Robert Graves – The Shout
Ambrose Bierce – The Man And The Snake
Hume Nisbet – The Haunted Station
E. F. Benson – Mrs Amworth
James Thurber – The Night The Ghost Got In
Guy De Maupassant – The Horla
Oliver Onions -Io
Edward Bulwer-Lytton – The House And The Brain
Ray Bradbury – Fever Dream
J. S. LeFanu – Green Tea
H. G. Wells – The Inexperienced Ghost
M. G. Lewis – The Monk [extract]
J. R. Tolkien – The Fellowship Of The Ring [extract]
George MacDonald – The Grey Wolf
M. R. James – Lost Hearts
Nikolai Gogol – The Overcoat
Seabury Quinn – And Give Us Yesterday
Mrs Gaskell – The Old Nurse’s Story
Mark Twain – A Ghost Story
Oscar Wilde – The Picture Of Dorian Gray [extract]
Robert Bloch – Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper
Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle – The Brown Hand
Charles Dickens – To Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt
E. M. Forster – The Story Of The Siren
Algernon Blackwood – The Doll
R. Chetwynd-Hayes – She Walks On Dry Land
Edgar Allan Poe – The Black Cat

Thanks to Rog Pile for the cover scan. 

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Mary Danby – Realms of Darkness

Posted by demonik on September 7, 2007

Mary Danby (ed.)  – Realms of Darkness (Octopus, 1985)

Realms Of Darkness

Introduction – Christopher Lee

Martin Amis  – Denton’s Death
Anon – In the Slaughteryard
Anon – The Dead Man of Varley Grange
Robert Arthur  – Footsteps Invisible
Denys Val Baker – The Potter’s Art –
E. F. Benson – The Thing in the Hall
Ambrose Bierce – The Boarded Window
Robert Bloch – The Mannikin –
Anthony Boucher – They Bite
Elizabeth Bowen – The Demon Lover –
Marjorie Bowen – The Crown Derby Plate
Christianna Brand – The Kite
John Dickson Carr – Blind Man’s Hood
R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Door
Agatha Christie – The Strange Case of Sir Arthur Carmichael
Roger Clarke – Blackberries
Adrian Cole – The Moon Web
Frederick Cowles – The Horror of Abbot’s Grange
F. Marion Crawford – The Screaming Skull
Roald Dahl – Pig
Mary Danby – Robbie
August Derleth – The Extra Passenger
William Croft Dickinson – The Witch’s Bone
Amelia B. Edwards  – The Four-Fifteen Express
A. E. Ellis – The Haunted Haven
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu – The Sexton’s Adventure
John Galt – The Black Ferry
Catherine Gleason – Friends
Winston Graham – The Circus
Davis Grubb – Where the Woodbine Twineth
Willis Hall – Waking or Sleeping
L. P. Hartley – Someone in the Lift
Dorothy K. Haynes – The Peculiar Case of Mrs. Grimmond
C. D. Heriot – The Trapdoor
Patricia Highsmith – The Day of Reckoning
George Hitchcock – An Invitation to the Hunt
Geoffrey Household – Taboo –
Washington Irving  – Guests from Gibbet Island
Margaret Irwin – The Book
W. W. Jacobs – The Three Sisters
M. R. James – The Haunted Dolls’ House.
Michael Joseph – The Yellow Cat
Stephen King – The Reaper’s Image
Sterling E. Lanier – Soldier Key
Kay Leith – The Sanguivites
L. A. Lewis – Hybrid
Frank Belknap Long – The Black Druid
F. G. Loring – The Tomb of Sarah
Agnes MacLeod – The Skeleton Hand
W. Somerset Maugham – The Man from Glasgow
Guy de Maupassant – The Hostelry
Edmund Mitchell – The Phantom of the Lake
Arthur Morrison – The Thing in the Upper Room
Edgar Allan Poe – The Tell-Tale Heart
J. B. Priestley – The Demon King
Bill Pronzini – Peekaboo
Tony Richards – The Black Lake
Flavia Richardson – The Red Turret
Agnes Short – Intercom
Henry Slesar – Examination Day
Barnard Stacey – The Devil’s Ape
Bram Stoker – The Judge’s House
Terry Tapp – Polish the Lid
Alan Temperley – Evening Flight
Paul Theroux – Dengué Fever
Christine Campbell Thomson – Message for Margie
Rosemary Timperley – Harry
H. Russell Wakefield – Lucky’s Grove
Hugh Walpole  – Tarnhelm
Elizabeth Walter – The Tibetan Box
H. G. Wells – The Sea-Raiders
Simon West (August Derleth)  – A Thin Gentleman with Gloves
Dennis Wheatley – The Case of the Haunted Chateau

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Mary Danby – 65 Great Spine Chillers

Posted by demonik on September 7, 2007

Mary Danby (ed.) – 65 Great Spine Chillers (Sundial 1982, Octopus 1985)

65 Great Spinechillers

Joan Aiken – Lodgers
Cynthia Asquith – The Playfellow
Enid Bagnold – The Amorous Ghost
Denys Val Baker – The Face In The Mirror
E. F. Benson – Caterpillars
Ambrose Bierce – The Damned Thing
Algernon Blackwood – A Case Of Eavesdropping
Robert Bloch – A Home Away From Home
Elizabeth Bowen – The Cat Jumps
Gerald Bullett – Dearth’s Farm
Ramsey Campbell – Calling Card
Mark Channing – The Feet
William Charlton – Undesirable Guests
R. Chetwynd-Hayes – Shona and The Water Horse
Winston Churchill – “Man Overboard!”
Michael Cornish – Superstitious Ignorance
F. Marion Crawford – The Dead Smile
Roald Dahl – Georgy Porgy
Mary Danby – Woodman’s Knot
David Dixon – The Lodger In Room 16
Arthur Conan Doyle – The Adventure Of The Speckled Band
Elizabeth Fancett – When Morning Comes
Rick Ferreira – The Girl From Tomango
Theo Gift – Dog Or Demon?
Charlotte Perkins Gilman – The Yellow Wallpaper
Anthony Gittins – Gibbet Lane
Catherine Gleason – A Question Of Conscience
Winston Graham – The Basket Chair
Stephen Grendon (August Derleth) – The Tsanta In The Parlor
Roy Harrison – The Frogwood Roundabout
William F. Harvey – The Beast With Five Fingers
William Hope Hodgson – The Voice In The Night
M. R. James – The Ash-Tree
Jerome K. Jerome – The Dancing Partner
Glyn Jones – Jordan
David H. Keller – The Thing In The Cellar
Stephen King – Suffer The Little Children
Nigel Kneale – The Pond
Henry Kuttner – The Graveyard Rats
Perceval Landon – Thurnley Abbey
Kay Leith – Avalon Heights
H. P. Lovecraft – The Rats In The Walls
Lord Lytton – The Haunted And The Haunters
Richard Matheson – Deadline
Norman Matson – The House On Big Faraway
Ogden Nash – The Three D’s
E. Nesbit – Man-Size in Marble
Edgar Allan Poe – The Pit and The Pendulum
Tony Richards – Headlamps
Flavia Richardson – Behind The Yellow Door
Lennox Robinson – A Pair Of Muddy Shoes
Saki – The Music On The Hill
May Sinclair – The Villa Désirée
A. E. D. Smith – The Coat
Clark Ashton Smith – The Seed From The Sepulcher
Lady Eleanor Smith – Satan’s Circus
Bram Stoker – The Squaw
Terry Tapp – The Invaders
Basil Tozer – The Pioneers of Pike’s Peak
H. Russell Wakefield – Blind Man’s Buff
Evelyn Waugh – Mr. Loveday’s Little Outing
Dennis Wheatley – The Snake
Mary Williams – No Ticket
P. C. Wren – Fear
John Wyndham – Close Behind Him

Bar the odd original, Mary Danby resurrected this lot from the Fontana Ghost, Horror and Tales of Terror series’ with a few dips into her wonderful Frighteners. We’ve commented on most of these stories in the Fontana section.

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Anon – Chamber Of Horrors

Posted by demonik on September 1, 2007

Chamber Of Horrors (Editor uncredited: Octopus, 1984)

Stuart Bodek

Robert Aickman – Wood
Thomas Burke – The Bird
Rod Serling – A Thing About Machines
William Sansom – A Woman Seldom Found
Bram Stoker – The Squaw
Seabury Quinn – The Cloth Of Madness
H. G. Wells – The Sea Raiders
H. P. Lovecraft – The Dunwich Horror
John Blackburn – Dad
Miss Braddon – The Cold Embrace
Roald Dahl – Royal Jelly
Ambrose Bierce – The Boarded Window
Robert Graves – Earth To Earth
M. R. James – A Warning To The Curious
Stephen King – The Night Of The Tiger
W. W. Jacobs – The Interruption
Robert Silverburg – Back From The Grave
William Hope Hodgson – The Derelict
Guy De Maupassant – Vendetta
Robert Bloch – Edifice Complex
H. R. Wakefield – The Red Lodge
Rudyard Kipling – Mary Postgate
R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Cradle Demon
Frederick Cowles – The Horror Of Abbot’s Grange
Saki – Sredni Vashtar
Robert Haining – The Wall
J. S. LeFanu – An Account Of Some Strange Disturbances In Aungiers Street
Ramsey Campbell – The Whining
Edgar Allan Poe – Berenice
R. E. Veredne – The Finless Death
E. F. Benson – And The Dead Spake

350 pages plus and another strong selection. There seems to have been some wholesale plundering of Hugh Lamb anthologies going on here – perhaps that has some bearing on the editor remaining anonymous?

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