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Archive for the ‘*Obverse*’ Category

Johnny Mains – Bite Sized Horror

Posted by demonik on October 31, 2011

Johnny Mains (ed.) – Bite Sized Horror   (Obverse Books, June 2011)

Cover artwork: Paul Hanley

Johnny Mains – Introduction

Reggie Oliver – Brighton Redemption  
Paul Kane – The Between
David A. Riley – His Pale Blue Eyes
Marie O’ Regan – The Unquiet Bones
Johnny Mains – The Rookery
Conrad Williams – The Carbon Heart

BITE SIZED HORROR … delivers enough unease, terror, horror and revulsion – the full range of unpleasant associations associated with dark fiction – to please most readers. – Brendon Moody, The Stars At Noonday

see also the Bite Sized Horror thread on the Vault forum

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Paul Magrs & Stuart Douglas -The Panda Book of Horror

Posted by demonik on November 9, 2009

Paul Magrs &  Stuart Douglas (eds.) -The Panda Book of Horror (Obverse, Dec. 2009)

Paul Magrs & Cody Schell

Along for the ride this time are…

Ian Potter – Iris Wildthyme and the Unholy Ghost
Mark Michalowski – Framed
Phil Craggs – Just the Ticket
Simon Guerrier – The Party in Room Four
Blair Bidmead – Party Kill Accelerator!
Mark Morris – Apocalypse Slough
Paul Magrs – The Delightful Bag
Nicholas Nada – Iris Wildthyme’s Rainy Day Adventure
Eddie Robson – The Colour Scheme
Matt Kimpton – Shadow of the Times Before
Dale Smith – The Fag Hag from Hell
Jac Rayner and Orna Petit – The Niceness
Mark Clapham  – Channel 666


Ding Ding! All aboard! Room for a little ‘un at the back!

Iris, Panda and their transtemporal double decker Routemaster bus are just about ready to leave the terminus and set out on their most terrifying adventures yet!

Yes, The Panda Book of Horror will soon be on its way to the printers, with a publication date of 12 December 2009!

With cover art by Paul Magrs and a pretty damn nifty pastiche of the original Pan Books of Horror design by Cody Schell, we think you’ll enjoy The Panda Book of Horror…though perhaps enjoy  is the wrong word…

More details: Paul Magrs blog
Order from  Obverse Books

Thanks to the legendary Charles Black for putting me onto this one!

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