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Archive for the ‘*4Square/ NEL*’ Category

Peter Haining – Beyond The Curtain Of The Dark

Posted by demonik on September 7, 2007

Peter Haining – Beyond The Curtain Of The Dark (Four Square, October, 1966: Nel, 1972)

Haining Beyond Curtain Of Dark

Foreword – Judith Merril
Introduction – Peter Haining

Robert Bloch – Lizzie Borden Took An Axe
Patricia Highsmith – The Snail Watcher
Ambrose Bierce – Chickamauga
Harry Harrison – At Last, The True Story Of Frankenstein
Guy De Maupassant – The Horla
Ray Bradbury – Fever Dream
Theodore Sturgeon – The Other Celia
Edgar Allan Poe – The Oval Portrait
W. C. Morrow – The Monster Maker
Frederic Brown – Come And Go Mad
H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth – The Survivor
H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth – The Ancestor
Mary Shelley – The Mortal Immortal
Nathaniel Hawthorne – Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment
Henry Kuttner – By These Presents
Henry Slesar – Whosits Disease
Edgar Allan Poe – King Pest
Harold Lawlor – Mayaya’s Little Green Men
F. Marion Crawford – For The Blood Is The Life
Edogawa Rampo – The Human Chair
J. S. Le Fanu – The Fortunes Of Sir Robert Ardagh
Robert Bloch – Return To The Sabbath
Clive Pemberton – The Will Of Luke Carlowe
Isaac Asimov – Eyes Do More Than See

Beyond The Curtain Of The Dark

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Peter Haining – The Hell Of Mirrors

Posted by demonik on September 5, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – The Hell Of Mirrors (Four Square/ Nel, 1965)

Haining - Hell Of Mirrors

Introduction – Peter Haining

Frederick Marryat – The Werewolf
Edgar Allan Poe – Ligeia
Edgar Allan Poe – The Black Cat
Nathaniel Hawthorne – Young Goodman Brown
J. S. Le Fanu – Shalken The Painter
Ambrose Bierce – The Middle Toe Of the Right Foot
Ambrose Bierce – The Damned Thing
Bram Stoker – The Squaw
Guy De Maupassant – Who Knows?
Guy De Maupassant – The Drowned Man
Edogawa Rampo – The Caterpillar
Edogawa Rampo – The Hell Of Mirrors
Henry Slesar – The Knocking In The Castle
Arthur Porges – The Fanatic

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