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Archive for the ‘James Hale’ Category

James Hale – After Midnight Ghost Book

Posted by demonik on May 30, 2008

James Hale  (ed) – The After Midnight Ghost Book (Hutchinson, 1980)

Hale After Midnight

Robert Nye – Glendower
Agnes Short – Intercom
Fay Weldon – Spirit of the House
Peter Dickinson – Mink
Katherine Talbot – Amongst the British Soldiers
Peter Tinniswood – Summer, New York, 1978 – That’s All
Willis Hall – The Victorian Leather Hat-Box
Philip Evans – The Gold Medallion
Michael Levey – Unsettled, with Outbreaks of Rain
Steve Stern – Rudolph Finkl’s Apprenticeship
Celia Dale – Moon Daisy
James Aldridge – The Black Ghost of St Helen
Giles Gordon – Mask
Sarah Lawson – Springtime at Kraznau
Michael Vestey – An Apple for Miss Stevenson
Graham Lord – A Child Is Born at the Inn
Esme Dooderidge – The Villa Inglese
Janice Elliott – Reflections
Kieran Pendiville – The Spirit of the Game
H.H. Washbrook – Keep It in the Family
Michael Gilbert – Camford Cottage
Steve Wilson – O Keep the Cat Far Hence
Dominic Cooper – Will Stringer
Margaret A. Doody – The Tale of Edie’s Teeth

Thanks to Alan Frackelton for providing the contents and cover scan!

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James Hale – The Midnight Ghost Book

Posted by demonik on May 30, 2008

James Hale (ed.) – The Midnight Ghost Book (Barrie & Jenkins, 1978)

Hale Midnight Ghost

Fay Weldon – Breakages
Fred Urquhart – Witch’s Kitten
Janice Elliott – Figments
Donald E. Westlake – The Girl of My Dreams
Celia Dale – Tenants
H.R.F. Keating – The Spirit of Service
Peter Tinniswood – On the Train to Chemnitz
James Hamilton-Paterson: The Party
Steve Stern – The Gramophone
Dulan Barber – Call
Michael Stewart – The Lady of the May
Dulcie Gray – Four Ash Cottage
Giles Gordon – The Necessary Authority
Alex Hamilton – The Loadstar
Jennifer Jenkins – Alice
Willis Hall – Waking or Sleeping
Katherine Talbot – Game
Alexander Cordell – The Lovers
R.B. Hart – Dust
David Pownall – There’s a Time to Stop Looking
Forrest Webb – A Walk with Harris
Tom Caslon – Hyacinth
Brian Freemantle – The Talisman
Sam Gulliver – Moth

Thanks to Alan Frackelton for providing the contents and cover scan!

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James Hale – The Twilight Book

Posted by demonik on April 4, 2008

James Hale – The Twilight Book (Gollancz, 1981)


Nick Bantock


Alex Hamilton – A Helping Hand
Janice Elliott – Trystings
Steve Wilson – My Breath Is Inside You
Giles Gordon – Hamlet: The Ghost’s Story
Jay Gilbert – Aunt Jude
James Hamilton-Patterson – Two Of You
Dominic Cooper – The Country Of The Gull
Salman Rushdie – The Avatar
Sarah Lawson – Spaniard’s Rock
Fred Urquhart – The Saracen’s Stick
Roger F. Dunkley – Zane Forsyth’s Resurrection Affair
Frank Morley – The Cucullati


Here is a splendid collection of ghost stories, and a truly international gathering of ghosts: they come from India, medieval France, Denmark (a king, no less), Turkey, an Asian island; there’s an alarming accident in Germany, an Aztec resur­rection, an Anglo-Saxon visitation, a Roman invasion of an unexpected kind, a Spanish tragedy, and a lost child in the English countryside.

Giles Gordon shows us the battlements of Elsinore; Janice Elliott’s lovers cross the centuries in passionate reincarnation. Alex Hamilton hears a dialogue between a father in a mental home and his young son with unsafe friends; Sarah Lawson’s sad ghost is a Spanish sailor from the Armada, cast up on a Scottish island. And Fred Urquhart brings back to life in our own day, for a fitting revenge, a boy sold into slavery on the Children’s Crusade.

Frank Morley provides a grimmer haunt­ing, along Hadrian’s Wall, and James Hamilton-Paterson is truly frightening about possession in the South Seas. And there’s black humour in Steve Wilson’s tale of scatological Aunt Alice and a revenge which involves an inflatable sex-prop.

Ghosts ancient and modern patrol the twilight of the pages; turn on the light, and then turn on the light.

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