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Archive for November 13th, 2009

Daniel McGachey – They That Dwell In Dark Places

Posted by demonik on November 13, 2009

Out now from Dark Regions press!

Daniel McGachey – They That Dwell In Dark Places and other Ghost Stories (Dark Regions Press, 2009)

Cover painting, “Dr. Lawrence – An Informal Portrait”, by Julia Jeffrey. Cover design by Dav

Charles Black – Introduction: The Lurker In The Shadows

The Shadow In The Stacks
The Mound
The Beacon
“Shalt Thou Know My Name?”
The Wager
The Crimson Picture
The Travelling Companion
A Ravelled Tress
“And Still Those Screams Resound”
An Unwise Purchase by Dr. H. S. Grace
The Unmasking – ‘An Evening Of Revels And Revelations’
They That Dwell In Dark Places

Author’s Notes: Shedding Light On Dark Places
Author’s Bio

“This is a ghost story about ghost stories. It tells a tale about the telling of tales, and of the need, the absolute necessity, for stories that strike fear into men’s hearts; stories that delve into the unknown and the uncanny…”

… and in most of the thirteen stories in this collection, the telling of ghostly tales plays a vital part.

Here are stories told by firelight in isolated cottages, by lantern-light on
storm-lashed beaches, by gaslight in scholars’ studies and clubrooms, or by
twilight in libraries and in lonely asylum cells.

Here are stories of things that crawl stealthily across moonlit lawns; of legends it is better to remember, and of relics that are best left forgotten in the dark; of the malice of objects that are not as inanimate as they might seem, and of ancient tragedies re-enacted before helpless and horrified eyes…..

Here are stories of…
Strange books unearthed from the college library foundations, and the dreadful shadowy form that seeks their return…
The man with no sense of humour who plays a joke that has deadly results…
The legendary gambling club where something far more precious than money is at
stake… ….
The book of ghost stories whose contents prove more than usually absorbing for the unfortunate reader…
The solitary lighthouse in the middle of a treacherous sea, and the nightmare that awaits its keepers one stormy night, when someone comes knocking at the door…
The painter whose commission for an unseen sponsor produces horrifying portraits that capture more than a mere likeness of the subjects…
The old house with an alarming history, and the professor who is drawn to it in hope of fulfilling his overwhelming ambition to finally see a ghost…
And the gentlemen’s club where the patrons gather on Hallowe’en night to exchange ghoulish tales, and where a very special tale of horror must yet be told.

Here are stories of phantoms and demons; of those who are haunted by them, and those, like Dr. Lawrence, the antiquarian scholar, who seek them and face them. Here are stories of They that Dwell in Dark Places!

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From The Workshop Of Filthy Creations #5

Posted by demonik on November 13, 2009

Rog Pile (ed.) – From The Workshop Of Filthy Creations #5 (October 2009)

Cover artwork: Adrian Salmon

Adrian Salmon

Rog Pile – Editorial
Franklin Marsh – Yukon
James Stanger – W.E.B.
D. F. Lewis – A Knight At The Opera
Noah Brown – A Surprise For Sarah
Rog Pile – Horror At The Sagebrush Hotel
P. F. Jeffery – Odalisque : The Grey Plain
Franklin Marsh – The Horror On Dreadstone Moor  (serrial finale)

Rog Pile – Crumpet On Board! The Thinking Man’s Crumpet Issue 1 Revisited!

Front cover and Horror At The Sagebrush Motel illustrations – Ade Salmon.  Other Illustrations – Rog Pile

DTP Stuff – Rog Pile;  Consultative Editor – Coral King

Dedicated to Charles Black. Particularly glad to see the classic Gregory Pendennis adventure, The Horror Of Dreadstone Moor, is finally available in its entirety, and that’s a tasty contributors list if past form is anything to go by. Details from Filthy Creations where you’ll also find work-in-progress versions of some of the stories.

Thanks to Franklin Marsh for supplying the contents list and cover scan.

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