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Robert Phillips – Omnibus of 20th Century Ghost Stories

Posted by demonik on September 25, 2009

Robert Phillips (ed.) – The Omnibus of 20th Century Ghost Stories (Robinson 1989, 1992, 1996) [US edition titled Triumph of the Night: Tales of Terror and the Supernatural, Carroll & Graf, 1989)

Help cover wanted!

Help cover wanted!

Robert Phillips – Introduction

Elizabeth Bowen – The Demon Lover
Graham Greene – A Little Place Off the Edgware Road
Joyce Carol Oates – The Others
Dylan Thomas – The Followers
Charlotte Perkins Gilman – The Yellow Wallpaper
Louis Auchincloss – The Prison Window
Walter de la Mare – Seaton’s Aunt
George Mackay Brown – Andrina
Barry N. Malzberg – Away
Muriel Spark – The Portobello Road
John Updike – The Indian
Denton Welch – Full Circle
Lynne Sharon Schwartz – Sound Is Second Sight
Jean Rhys – I Used to Live Here Once
Henry James – The Jolly Corner
Elizabeth Spencer – First Dark
Peter Taylor – Missing Person
Gertrude Atherton – The Bell in the Fog
Howard Lewis Russell – The Wedding Cake Couple
Shirley Jackson – The Daemon Lover
Virginia Woolf – A Haunted House
Mavis Gallant – Up North
Tennessee Williams – The Mysteries of the Joy Rio
William Goyen – Ghost and Flesh, Water and Dirt
E. M. Forster – The Celestial Omnibus
Edith Wharton – Afterward
Truman Capote – Miriam

Notes on the Authors

Blurb from 1996 press release:

One of the classiest collections of ghost stories ever published.
Haunted houses, demon lovers, children’s visions, anxious states of mind, revenge, guilt and betrayal from beyond are the themes of the modern ghost story as brilliantly explored by some of the century’s finest writers.
This enthralling and chilling tour of the best in 20th century spectral literature features the work of Graham Greene, Dylan Thomas, Muriel Spark, Truman Capote, Shirley Jackson, Virginia Woolf, Tennessee Williams, E.M. Forster, F. John Updike who are just some of the century’s most prominent writers who have also written ghost stories.

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