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Peter Haining – A Dictionary Of Ghosts

Posted by demonik on June 21, 2009

Peter Haining – A Dictionary Of Ghosts (New Edition, Robson, 1999: originally [?] Prentice-Hall USA, 1984:)


Blurb from New Edition:

This is a welcome reprint of the hugely successful and comprehensive A-Z reference work on the diverse lore of the spirit world. “A Dictionary of Ghosts” defines all the various types of apparitions and creatures of superstition known through the centuries. Recounting legends of famous hauntings, it introduces you to the many mediums, authorities, and victims associated with ghosts. Now you can learn about the domovoys, noisy Russian spirits who are willing to do household chores; Lord Byron’s encounters with a phantom monk; the Hairy Hands ghost who is said to strangle travellers – along with banshees, poltergeists, exorcism, screaming skulls, UFOs, and all the other intriguing phenomena that have raised hair on the heads of believers and non-believers around the world. What’s more, you’ll find eerie drawings and photographs illustrating these weird mysteries on almost every page. “A Dictionary of Ghosts” is indispensable reading for students of the paranormal, for ghost hunters, and for everyone fascinated by spectres and spirits.

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