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John Llewellyn Probert – The Faculty Of Terror

Posted by demonik on April 11, 2009

John Llewellyn Probert – The Faculty Of Terror (Gray Friar, 2006)


Zach McCain

Paul Finch – Introduction
Foreword: An Author’s Warning To The Curious

Faculty Interlude No. 1
Asphyx In Glass
Faculty Interlude No. 2
A Family Affair
Faculty Interlude No. 3
Set In Stone
Faculty Interlude No. 4
The States Of The Art
Faculty Interlude No. 5
The Kreutzenberg Sonata

About The Author
Interview With The Author: conducted by Gary McMahon
Story Notes

Take a Diploma in Fear….

Four secretaries working a late shift in a deserted office block….
A young man who sees the ghost of his dead father in wet glass….
The British underworld boss who will do anything to restore his tortured wife’s good looks…
The old cottage in the Wye Valley whose walls are soaked with blood…
An art gallery where patrons become part of the paintings….
A shop where you can buy anything your heart desires, but at a terrible price….

When music graduate Paul Dearden accepts an invitation to dinner at his old university the last thing he expects is an evening of the macabre. Over the finest food and drink he learns that the institution has a history steeped in blood. Paul cannot believe that the tales he is told by his dining companions are true, even though none of them are as cruel or as terrifying as the story he needs to tell.

In the tradition of classic British anthology horror films like The House that Dripped Blood, AsylumFrom Beyond the Grave, John Llewellyn Probert’s The Faculty of Terror offers six tales of terror linked by a framework story, the climax of which will earn all who survive it a first class degree in spine tingling horror! and

“It’s time for terror”!

The Faculty Of Terror attracted keen attention on Vault Mk I, but me being such a slowcoach, I only just snapped it up along with The Catacombs Of Fear as part of the Right Hon. John Probert funpack from Gray Friars Press. These are the first Gray Friars books i’ve seen and I have to say, they’re a very attractive proposition. The covers, by Zach McCain and Gary Fry respectively, strike exactly the right note – put me in mind of the montage on the back of Jack Oleck’s Tales From The Crypt novelisation.

see also the Faculty Of Terror thread on the Vault Forum

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