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Archive for June 14th, 2008

Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell – Best New Horror

Posted by demonik on June 14, 2008

Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell (eds.) – The Best New Horror (Robinson, 1990)


Les Edwards

Introduction: Horror in 1989 – Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell

Robert R. McCammon – Pin
Cherry Wilder – The House On Cemetery Street
Stephen Gallagher – The Horn
Alex Quiroba – Breaking Up
Ramsey Campbell – It Helps If You Sing
Laurence Staig – Closed Circuit
Steve Rasnic Tem – Carnal House
Kim Newman – Twitch Technicolor
Gregory Frost – Lizaveta
Donald R. Burleson – Snow Cancellations
Nicholas Royle – Archway
Thomas Ligotti – The Strange Design Of Master Rignolo
Chet Williamson – …To Feel Another’s Woe
Robert Westall – The Last Day Of Miss Dorinda Molyneaux
Brian Lumley – No Sharks In The Med
D. F. Lewis – Mort au Monde
Thomas Tessier – Blanca
Ian Watson – The Eye Of The Ayatollah
Karl Edward Wagner – At First Just Ghostly
Richard Laymon – Bad News

Necrology: 1989 – Stephen Jones & Kim Newman


Stephen Gallagher – The Horn: Three strangers, Mick, Dave and the narrator, are marooned inside a hut during a snow blizzard. The cabin is base to the clean-up team who attend the grim business of scraping up accident casualties and one wall is plastered with newspaper accounts of this stretch of motorway’s greatest hits.

“Entire families wiped out. A teenage girl decapitated. Lorry drivers crushed when their cabs folded around them like stepped-upon Coke cans ….. an unwanted mistress dumped, Jimmy Hoffa-style, into the wire skeleton of a bridge piling that had been boxed-up ready to take concrete the next morning. ENTOMBED ALIVE! the headline said, but even that looked kind of pale next to the disaster involving the old folks’ outing and the pet food truck full of offal.

When their gas cylinder – the only source of heat – conks out, the men have an unpleasant decision to make. Stay here and probably freeze to death, or head out into the snowstorm, make for the huge articulated rig about half a mile on and sit it out in the warm cabin. Mick volunteers to go on ahead and give them a blast on the horn once he’s got the heater going.

But a murderous something else has beaten him to it ….

Michael Marshall Smith – The Man Who Drew Cats: One day old Tom just blew into Kingstown, stepped into The Hogshead Bar and the locals – unusually for them – took to the quiet fellow straight away. A quiet and private man, he makes his living from the extraordinary paintings he tosses off for tourists and sometimes when the mood takes him, he chalks his more complex designs on the pavement. But when he befriends little Billy and his mom and learns that her nogoodnik, drunken husband regularly beats the shit out of them both, he draws something really terrifying.

Chet Williamson – …To Feel Another’s Woe: The beautiful Sheila Remarque is a stage actress of exceptional ability but her gift is not for acting: she vamps the emotions of all those who come in close contact with her, draining them until they are little more than zombies.

Robert McCammon – Pin: The psychotic Joey Shatterly stands before the mirror diving the pin through each of his pupils in turn prior to stepping out with his rifle and seven bullets …

Nicholas Royle – Archway: From the day she moves into her North London flat, Bella is haunted by the scornful laughter of an old, grey faced tramp she’s see on the street. She is unfairly dismissed from her job, encounters the red-tape horrors of the DSS and faces eviction. Finally …


Several of these stories, along with selections from vols. 2 and 3, were resurrected in The Giant Book Of Best New Horror (Magpie, 1993, 1994)

Continues on the Vault Of Evil Forum: Best New Horror 1

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Stephen Jones – Best New Horror 16

Posted by demonik on June 14, 2008

Stephen Jones (ed.) – Best New Horror 16 (Robinson, 2005)

Years Best Horror 16

cover: Les Edwards

Stephen Jones – Introduction: Horror in 2004

Neil Gaiman – Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Nameless House of the Night of Dread Desire
Ian Rowan – Lilies
Ramsey Campbell – Breaking Up
Brian Keene – “The King”, in – Yellow
Tina Rath – A Trick of the Dark
Leslie What – The Mutable Borders of Love
L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims – Flour White and Spindle Thin
Christa Faust – Tighter
Stephen Gallagher – Restraint
Tanith Lee – Israbel
Michael Shea – The Growlimb
Michael Marshall Smith – This is Now
Tim Lebbon – Remnants
Glenn Hirshberg – Safety Clowns
Poppy z. Brite – The Devil of Delery Street
Jay Russell – Apocalypse Now, Voyager
Kelly Link – Stone Animals
Kim Newman – Soho Golem
Dale Bailey – Spells for Halloween – An Acrostic
Lisa Tuttle – My Death
Neil Gaiman – The Problem of Susan

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman – Necrology

Thanks to Alan Frackelton for providing the contents and cover scan!

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Steve Jones – Best New Horror 17

Posted by demonik on June 14, 2008

Steve Jones (ed.) – Best New Horror 17 (Robinson, 2006)



cover: Les Edwards

Stephen Jones – Introduction – Horror in 2005

Ramsey Campbell – The Decorations
David Herter – Black and Green and Gold
Carol Emshwiller – I Live With You and You Don’t Know It
Peter Atkins – The Cubist’s Attorney
Liz Williams – All Fish and Dracula
China Mieville, Emma Bircham & Max Schaffer – The Ball Room
Tim Pratt – Gulls
Elizabeth Massie – Pinkie
Mark Samuels – Glyphotech
Holly Phillips – One of the Hungry Ones
Brian Hodge – If I Should Wake Before I Die
Rpberta Lannes – The Other Family
Gahan Wilson – The Outermost Borough
Glen Hirshberg – American Morons
Adam L. G. Nevill – Where Angels Come In
Terry Lamsley – Sickhouse Hospitality
Joe Hill – Best New Horror
Caitlin R. Kiernan – La Peau Verte
David Morrell – Time Was
Clive Barker – Haeckel’s Tale
Brian Lumley – The Taint
Ramsey Campbell – The Winner

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman – Necrology: 2005

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Stephen Jones – Best New Horror 9

Posted by demonik on June 14, 2008

Steve Jones (ed.) – Best New Horror 9 (Robinson, 1998)

Best New Horror 9

Stephen Jones – Introduction: Horror in 1997

David J. Schow – Dying Words
Conrad Williams – The Windmill
John Burke – The Right Ending
Simon Clark – Swallowing a Dirty Seed
Pat Cadigan – This Is Your Life (Repressed Memory Remix)
Christopher Fowler – Christmas Forever
Yvonne Navarro – Four Famines Ago
Stephen Laws – The Crawl
David Langford – Serpent Eggs
Dennis Etchison – No One You Know
Brian Hodge – The Dripping of Sundered Wineskins
Thomas Ligotti – The Bells Will Sound Forever
Ramsey Campbell – The Word
Andy Duncan – The Map to the Homes of the Stars
Caitlin R. Kiernan – Emptiness Spoke Eloquent
Michael Marshall Smith – Save As…
Kim Newman – Coppola’s Dracula
Gwyneth Jones – Grazing the Long Acre
Douglas E. Winter – The Zombies of Madison County

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman – Necrology: 1997

Thanks to Alan Frackelton for providing the table of contents!

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Stephen Jones – Best New Horror 8

Posted by demonik on June 14, 2008

Stephen Jones – Best New Horror 8 (Robinson, 1997)

Best New Horror 8

Stephen Jones – Introduction – Horror in 1996

Terry Lamsley – Walking the Dog
Poppy Z. Brite – Mussolini and the Axeman’s Jazz
Norman Partridge – An Eye for an Eye
Douglas Clegg – Underworld
Cherry Wilder – The Curse of Kali
Richard Christian Matheson – The Film
Storm Constantine – Of a Cat, But Her Skin
Donald r. Burleson – Hopscotch
Steve Rasnic tem – Ghost in the Machine
Joel Lane – The Moon Never Changes
Roberta Lannes – Butcher’s Logic
D.F. Lewis – Kites and Kisses
Marni Griffin – Last Train to Arnos Grove
Mark Chadbourn – The King of Rain
Iain Sinclair – Hardball
Thomas Ligotti – Gas Station Carnivals
Thomas Tessier – Ghost Music: A Memoir by George Beaune
Gregory Frost – That Blissful Height
Nicholas Royle – Skin Deep
Michael Marshall Smith – Hell Hath Enlarged Herself
Christopher Fowler – Unforgotten
Scott Edelman – A Plague on Both Your Houses
Karl Edward Wagner – Final Cut
Terry Lamsley – The Break

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman – Necrology – 1996

Thanks to Alan Frackelton for providing the table of contents!

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