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A Century Of Creepy Stories

Posted by demonik on September 17, 2007

Anon – A Century Of Creepy Stories (Hutchinson, n.d.: 1934)

Creepy Century

Thanks to Rob Humphreys for the cover scan

Hugh Walpole – The Snow, The Tarn, A Little Ghost, Mrs. Lunt
Arthur Machen – The Islington Mystery, The Cosy Room, Opening The Door, Munitions Of War
Flavia Richardson (Christine Campbell Thomson) – The Red Turret
Oscar Cook – When Glister Walked, Si Urag Of The Tail, The Great White Fear, Boomerang
Elizabeth Bowen – The Apple Tree, Telling, The Cat Jumps
Walter De La Mare – Crewe, A Recluse
Oliver Onions – Two Trifles, The Smile Of Karen, “John Gladwin Says ….”
E. F. Benson – The Hanging Of Alfred Wadham
Shane Leslie – As In A Glass Dimly, The Hospital Nurse, The Lord In Waiting
Barry Pain – A Considerable Murder
Lady Cynthia Asquith – The Lovely Voice, The Playfellow, “God Grante That She Lye Stille”, The Corner Shop
J. M. Barrie – Shall We Join The Ladies?
D. H. Lawrence – The Rocking-Horse Winner, The Lovely Lady
M. R. James – Rats
L. P. Hartley – The Killing Bottle, The Travelling Grave, A Visitor From Down Under, The Cotillion
W. B. Maxwell – The Prince, The Last Man In
C. H. B. Kitchen – Dispossession, Beauty And The Beast
Hilda Hughes – Those Whom The Gods Love, The Birthright
Charles Dickens – The Haunted Man And The Ghosts Bargain
May Sinclair – The Villa Desiree
Mrs. Belloc-Lowndes – The Duenna, The Unbolted Door
Daniel Defoe – The Apparition Of Mrs. Veal
Dennis Mackail – The Lost Tragedy
Clemence Dane – Spinster’s Rest
Edgar Wallace – Circumstantial Evidence
Edgar Allan Poe – A Descent Into The Maelstrom, The Fall Of The House Of Usher, The Black Cat
Charles Whibley – Twelve O’Clock
Enid Bagnold – The Amorous Ghost
Desmond MacCarthy – Pargiton And Harby
H. G. Wells – The Country Of The Blind
Washington Irving – The Spectre Bridegroom
Mary Webb – Mr. Tallent’s Ghost
Ann Bridge – The Buick Saloon
W. S. Morrison, M. P. – The Horns Of The Bull
William Gerhardi – The Man Who Came Back
Philip MacDonald – Our Feathered Friends
Ambrose Bierce – The Stranger
Michael Joseph – The Yellow Cat
A. J. Alan – My Adventure In Norfolk
Honore De Balzac – The Mysterious Mansion
Algernon Blackwood – The Stranger.

There are 1178 pages of this one. Hugh Walpole has sometimes been attributed  editorship of this epic. Be that as it may, the hard work had already been done by others: Essentially, A Century Of Creepy Stories compiles the contents of at least three Lady Cynthia Asquith collections – The Ghost Book, When Churchyards Yawn and The Black Cap – loans Oscar Cook and ‘Flavia Richardson’ from the Not At Night series, and throws in a number of genre classics to keep everybody happy.
The Asquith anthologies would go on to provide the backbone of the Aickman-edited Fontana Ghost books thirty years later.

5 Responses to “A Century Of Creepy Stories”

  1. Stephen said

    Great – thanks for the cover scan. I have a copy of this but missing the dust jacket so I’ve never seen it before.

  2. demonik said

    Richard Humphrey’s, who kindly provided me with the scan, has collected all the ‘Century’ titles and you can see the entire collection at Dennis Wheatley Info

  3. David Stewart said

    I would like to know the title of a book of short stories, the first of which was “Gone Away”. The last paragraph was, “Lavenham, too, had gone.” I think this anthology included “Mimic” and “The Janissaries of Emilion”.

  4. demonik said

    i can’t think of any anthology in my collection that contains all three (or opens with ‘Gone Away’, come to that), but I’ll ask on the forum and see if one of the members can help.

    The authors – just in case you didn’t remember – are A. E. Coppard (‘Gone Away’), Donald Wollheim (‘Mimic’) and Basil Copper (‘Janissaries of Emilion’) which would suggest it’s one of August Derleth’s.

    Whoever put such an anthology together obviously put some thought into it!

    I’ll get back to you ….

  5. demonik said

    I think this is the one. Donald A. Wollheim (ed.) ‘More Terror In The Modern Vein’ (Digit 1955)

    contains both ‘Gone Away’ and
    ‘Mimic’ (but no Basil Copper).

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