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William Pattrick – Mysterious Air Stories

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

William Pattrick (ed) – Mysterious Air Stories (W.H. Allen, 1986)

help! cover wanted

“Strange stories of phantom planes, ghostly voices, freak weather, inexplicable flying objects and terrifying ordeals.”

Richard Matheson – Nightmare at Twenty Thousand Feet
Thomas Hood – A Tale of Terror
Jules Verne – A Drama in the Air
George Griffith – Up a Gum Tree
H.G. Wells – The Argonauts of the Air
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Horror of the Heights
William Le Quex – The Secret of the New British Aeroplane
Edgar Wallace – A Reprisal Raid
Negley Farson – Hot Air
Arch Whitehouse – The Demon Diver
Clarence Winchester – Anniversary
Stephen Graham – 5,000 Enemy Planes Over London
Captain W. E. Johns – The Conversion of Johnny
W. E. Woosnam-Jones – Gremlins –
Sergeant Carmichael (H. E. Bates) – Flying Officer X
Wilbur Schramm – The Voice in the Earphones
Edward D. Hoch – Cassidy’s Saucer

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