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Archive for September 10th, 2007

Peter Haining – The Mummy

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

Peter Haining – The Mummy: Stories of the Living Corpse (Severn House, 1988)



Introduction – Peter Haining

Edgar Allan Poe – Some Words With A Mummy
Grant Allen – My New Year’s Eve Among the Mummies
Arthur Conan Doyle – Lot No. 249
E. & H. Heron – The Story Of Baelbrow
Guy Boothby – A Professor Of Egyptology
Sax Rohmer – The Mysterious Mummy
Théophile Gautier – The Mummy’s Foot
Jeffery Farnol – Black Coffee
Harry Houdini (written by H. P. Lovecraft) – Imprisoned With The Pharoahs
Elliott O’Donnell – The Mummy Worshippers
A. Hyatt Verrill – The Flying Head
E. F. Benson – Monkeys
Griffin Jay & Henry Sucher – The Mummy’s Ghost
Robert Bloch – The Secret Of Sebek
Dennis Wheatley – A Life For A Life
Ray Bradbury – Colonel Stonesteel’s Genuine Home-Made Truly Egyptian Mummy

Thanks to Tommy, @atters1000, for the cover scan! Read the rest of this entry »

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Peter Haining – Poltergeist

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – Poltergeist: Tales of Deadly Ghosts (Severn House, 1987)

Introduction – Peter Haining

Lord Lytton -The Haunted And The Haunters
Ambrose Bierce – A Fruitless Assignment
Rudyard Kipling – Haunted Subalterns
Edgar Wallace – The Death Room
Robert S. Carr – Phantom Fingers
E. F. Benson – Thursday Evenings
Seabury Quinn – The Poltergeist
Elliott O’Donnell – The Mystery Of Beechcroft Farm
Mary Elizabeth Counselman – Parasite Mansion
Laurence Housman – Maggie’s Bite
William F. Harvey – Miss Cornelius
Peter Dare – The Beam
August Derleth – A Knocking In the Wall
Charles Duff – The Haunted Bungalow
Nigel Kneale – Minuke
Kurt Singer – Poltergeist!

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Peter Haining – Late Night Horror Omnibus

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – The Late Night Horror Omnibus: Great Tales From TV Anthology Series (Orion, 1993)

Peter Haining – Introduction

John Dickson Carr – Vampire Tower Appointment With Fear
Cornell Woolrich – The Corpse And The Kid Suspense
Thomas Burke – The Hollow Man Lights Out
Steve Fisher – What Price Murder? Danger
H. G. Wells – The Crystal Egg Tales Of Tomorrow
John Collier – Back For Christmas Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Larry Marcus – The Hand One Step Beyond
Rod Serling – Where Is Everybody? The Twilight Zone
August Derleth – The Incredible Dr Markesan Thriller
E. M. Forster – The Machine Stops Out Of This World
H. R. Wakefield – Farewell Performance Moment Of Fear
Algernon Blackwood – The Terror Of The Twins Tales Of Mystery
Roald Dahl – William And Mary Way Out
Edgar Allan Poe – William Wilson Great Ghost Stories
Clifford D. Simak – The Duplicate Man The Outer Limits
John Wyndham – Random Quest Out Of The Unknown
Margaret Oliphant – The Open Door Mystery And Imagination
Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle – The Kiss Of Blood Late Night Horror
L. P. Hartley – The Killing Bottle Journey Into The Unknown
H. P. Lovecraft – Pickman’s Model Night Gallery
M. R. James – The Treasure Of Abbot Thomas Ghost Story For Christmas
A. M. Burrage – The Summer House Ghost Story
W. W. Jacobs – The Monkey’s Paw Orson Welles’ Great Mysteries
Kingsley Amis – The Ferryman Haunted
Nigel Kneale – The Tarroo Ushtey Beasts
Robert Muller – Countess Ilona Supernatural
Philip Ketchum – Death Can Add Tales Of The Unexpected
William F. Nolan – The Partnership Darkroom
Stephen King – Gramma New Twilight Zone
Richard Matheson – The Doll Amazing Stories
Andrew Weiner – Distant Signals Tales From The Darkside
Ray Bradbury – The Coffin A Twist In The Tail
Robert Bloch – The Legacy Monsters

A collection of the most terrifying and popular horror stories that have entertained and frightened television viewers around the world. A must for any horror addict.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – Freddie of Nightmare On Elm Street – Bram Stoker’s Dracula – The Twilight Zone – Roald Dahl’s Tales Of The Unexpected – Alfred Hitchcock Presents – The Hammer House Of Horror – Stephen Speilberg’s Amazing Stories – Tales From The Darkside

The late-night horror show has long been a favourite with British and American viewers. audiences have been gripped by terrifying monsters and tales of horror that have become legends: Frankenstein and Dracula, alongside the stories of Roald Dahl, Robert Bloch, Stephen King and Ray Bradbury.

Half a century of the best late-night horror shows is found in these pages complete with details of the programmes they have inspired, and the actors they have made famous. Here are stories so chilling and so sinister that they will linger in your nightmares forever ….

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William Pattrick – Mysterious Air Stories

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

William Pattrick (ed) – Mysterious Air Stories (W.H. Allen, 1986)

help! cover wanted

“Strange stories of phantom planes, ghostly voices, freak weather, inexplicable flying objects and terrifying ordeals.”

Richard Matheson – Nightmare at Twenty Thousand Feet
Thomas Hood – A Tale of Terror
Jules Verne – A Drama in the Air
George Griffith – Up a Gum Tree
H.G. Wells – The Argonauts of the Air
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Horror of the Heights
William Le Quex – The Secret of the New British Aeroplane
Edgar Wallace – A Reprisal Raid
Negley Farson – Hot Air
Arch Whitehouse – The Demon Diver
Clarence Winchester – Anniversary
Stephen Graham – 5,000 Enemy Planes Over London
Captain W. E. Johns – The Conversion of Johnny
W. E. Woosnam-Jones – Gremlins –
Sergeant Carmichael (H. E. Bates) – Flying Officer X
Wilbur Schramm – The Voice in the Earphones
Edward D. Hoch – Cassidy’s Saucer

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William Pattrick – Mysterious Sea Stories

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

William Pattrick (ed) – Mysterious Sea Stories – (W. H. Allen, 1985, Star, 1986)

Mysterious Sea

William Hope Hodgson – The Finding of the Graiken
John Masefield – Davy Jones’s Gift
C. S. Forester – The Turning of the Tide
Joseph Conrad – The Black Mate
Jack London – Make Westing
Richard Sale – The Benevolent Ghost and Captain Lowrie
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – J. Habakuk Jephson’s Statement
W. Clark Russell – A Bewitched Ship
Herman Melville – Hood’s Isle and The Hermit Oberlus
Captain Frederick Marryat – The Legend of The Bell Rock
Edgar Allan Poe – Ms. Found in a Bottle
Rudyard Kipling – A Matter of Fact
H. G. Wells – In the Abyss
Ray Bradbury – Undersea Guardians

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William Pattrick – Mysterious Railway Stories

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

William Pattrick (ed) – Mysterious Railway Stories – (W. H. Allen, 1984, Star, 1985)

Mysterious Railway

Amelia B. Edwards & Charles Dickens – The Four Fifteen Express
Eden Phillpotts – My Adventure In The Flying Dutchman
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Lost Special
Victor L. Whitechurch – The Tragedy On The London And Mid-Northern
Francis Lynde – The Cloud-Bursters
Arnold Ridley & Ruth Alexander – The Ghost Train
Agatha Christie – The Girl In The Train
Hal Thomson – The Fisherman’s Special
Harry Walton – Swamp Train
Freeman Wills Croft – The Level Crossing
August Derleth – The Man On B-17
Robert Bloch – That Hell-Bound Train
Fredric Brown – The Last Train

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Richard Dalby – Virago Book Of Victorian Ghost Stories

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

Richard Dalby (ed.) – The Virago Book Of Victorian Ghost Stories (Virago, 1988)

Virago Book Of Victorian Ghost Stories

Preface    – Richard Dalby
Introduction – Jennifer Uglow

Charlotte Bronte – Napoleon And The Spectre
Elizabeth Gaskell – The Old Nurse’s Story
Dinah M. Mulock – The Last House In C— Street
Catherine Crowe – Round The Fire
Mary Elizabeth Braddon – The Cold Embrace
Rosa Mulholland – Not To Be Taken At Bedtime
Amelia B. Edwards – The Story Of Salome
Rhoda Broughton – The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
Mrs Henry Wood – Reality Or Delusion?
Vernon Lee – Winthrop’s Adventure
Charlotte Riddell – The Old House In Vauxhall Walk
Margaret Oliphant – The Open Door
Lanoe Falconer – Cecilia De Noel
Louisa Baldwin – Many Waters Cannot Quench Love
Violet Hunt – The Prayer
Mary Cholomondeley – Let Loose
Ella D’Arcy – The Villa Lucienne
Gertrude Atherton – The Striding Place
Willa Cattier – The Affair At Grover Station
Mary E. Wilkins (Freeman) – The Vacant Lot
Isabella Banks – Haunted!

Notes on the authors

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John Keir Cross – Best Black Magic Stories

Posted by demonik on September 10, 2007

John Keir Cross (ed) – Best Black Magic Stories (Faber, 1960, 1963)

Best Black Magic

Introduction – John Keir Cross

Margaret Irwin – The Earlier Service
John Collier – The Lady on the Grey
Richard Barham – A Room in Leyden
John Keir Cross – Mothering Sunday
Dennis Wheatley – The Snake
R. Ellis Roberts – The Hill
M.R. James – Casting The Runes,
John Wyndham – More Spinned Against . . .
Lord Lytton – The Haunted and the Haunters
Ray Bradbury – Homecoming
D.K. Broster – Couching at the Door
Theodore Sturgeon – A Way of Thinking
Joris-Karl Huysmans – The Black Mass

Envoi – John Keir Cross

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