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Richard Dalby – Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories Volume 2

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Richard Dalby (ed.) – The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories Volume 2 (Robinson, 1991)

Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories Volume 2

Preface by Christopher Lee

Kingsley Amis – Who or what was it?
Robert Arthur – The Believers
Sabine Baring-Gould – A Happy Release
Nugent Barker – One, Two, Buckle my Shoe
E.F. Benson – The Man who went too Far
Ambrose Bierce – The Secret of Macarger’s Gulch
H. T. W. Bousfield – The God with Four Arms
A.M. Burrage – The Shadowy Escort
Bernard Capes – The Widow’s Clock
Robert W. Chambers – A Pleasant Evening
R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Elemental
Clare Colvin – Something to Reflect Upon
Basil Copper – The Second Passenger
Ralph Adams Cram – No. 252 rue M. Le Prince
Edmund Crispin – St. Bartholomew’s Day
Charles Dickens – The Ghost in Master B.’s Room
Arthur Conan Doyle – The Brown Hand
H. B. Drake – Yak Mool San
Vivian Edwards – The Spirit of Christmas
Erckmann-Chatrian – Uncle Christian’s Inheritance
John S. Glasby – The Black Widow
William F. Harvey – Across the Moors
Nathaniel Hawthorne – The Gray Champion
Washington Irving – Governor Manco and the Soldier
M.R. James – Rats
Roger Johnson – Mädelein
A.F. Kidd – And Turns No More His Head
Rudyard Kipling – By Word of Mouth
Margery Lawrence – The Curse of the Stillborn
Alan W. Lear – Dance! Dance! The Shaking of the Sheets
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu – The Fortunes of Sir Robert Ardagh
L.A. Lewis – Haunted Air
R.H. Malden – The Coxswain of the Lifeboat
Guy de Maupassant – On the River
J.C. Moore – Things
Edith Nesbit – The Ebony Frame
Amyas Northcote – The Downs
Fitz-James O’Brien – The Pot of Tulips
Vincent O’Sullivan – The Burned House
C.D. Pamely – The Unfinished Masterpiece
James Platt – The Witches’ Sabbath
Edgar Allan Poe – Metzengerstein
Kate & Hesketh Prichard – The Story of Saddler’s Croft
Lennox Robinson – The Face
David G. Rowlands – A Fisher of Men
Mark Rutherford – A Mysterious Portrait
Pamela Sewell – Ward 8
A.E.D. Smith – The Coat
Lewis Spence – A Voice in Feathers
Derek Stanford – A Dream of Porcelain
Herbert Stephen – No. 11 Welham Square
Frank R. Stockton – The Bishop’s Ghost and the Printer’s Baby
Bram Stoker – The Secret of the Growing Gold
Mark Valentine – The Ash Track
E. H. Visiak – In a Nursing Home (A Euthanasian Subject)
Edgar Wallace – The Stranger of the Night
Edith Wharton – The Triumph of Night
Mary E. Wilkins – The Hall Bedroom
William J. Wintle – The Ghost at the Blue Dragon

Review by Ripper of Vault Of Evil.

Well, nobody can say that you don’t get your money’s worth when you buy a “Mammoth.” And when the book’s editor is Richard Dalby you can expect stories that aren’t so widely known in general. Even the obligatory M.R. James piece is one from his “2nd eleven” in terms of popularity, but certainly not quality. As with the first volume, the collection spans many styles and presents both classic authors and those more familiar to fans of the small press. Malden, Wintle, Rowlands and Johnson are back again, and I repeat that where else are you likely to see work by them in an easily-accessible mass-market book? A good companion to the first volume, great to read on stormy winter nights.

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