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Archive for September 9th, 2007

Peter Haining – The Monster Makers

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – The Monster Makers (Gollancz, 1974)

 The Monster Makers

Introduction – Peter Haining

Mary W. Shelley – The Monster Lives! [Extract from Frankenstein]
Edgar Allan Poe – The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
Jerome K. Jerome – The Dancing Partner
Ambrose Bierce – Moxon’s Master
W. C. Morrow – The Monster Maker
E. F. Benson – And the Dead Spake
H. G. Wells – The Stolen Body
Sir Ronald Ross – The Vivisector Vivisected
Wallace West – The Incubator Man
H. P. Lovecraft – The Plague Demon [extract from Herbert West—Reanimator]
Robert Bloch – The Strange Island of Doctor Nork
Theodore Sturgeon – It
Richard Matheson – Lazarus II
Avram Davidson – The Golem
Guy Endore – Men of Iron
Ray Bradbury – Changeling
Isaac Asimov – Robot AL-76 Goes Astray
Carol Emshwiller – Baby

Thanks to Ade ‘killercrab’ Salmon for the cover scan! 

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Peter Haining – Great Tales Of Terror From Europe And America

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – Great Tales Of Terror From Europe And America  (Gollancz, 1972, Penguin, 1984)

 Great Tales Of Terror From Europe And America

Introduction – Peter Haining



Johann von Goethe – The New Melusina
J. F. von Schiller – The Ghost-Seer or, The Apparitionist
Karl Theodore Korner – The Harp
Gottfried August Burger – The Wild Huntsman! or, The Demon’s Skeleton Chase
‘Johannes Ludwig Tieck’ – The Bride Of The Grave
Baron de la Motte Fouque – The Field Of Blood
Johann Karl August Musaus – The Bottle-Imp
Anon – The Spectre Barber
E. T. A. Hoffman – The Cremona Violin
Johann August Appel – The Fatal Marksman
Alois Wilhelm Schreiber – The Devil’s Ladder
Professor von Kramer – The Hall Of Blood


Francois Baculard D’Arnaud – The Witch Of Eye
Charles Pigault-Lebrun – The Unholy Compact Abjured
Eugene Sue – The Wandering Jew’s Sentance
Anon – The Parricide Punished
Anon – Louise, or The Living Spectre
Anon – Jan Shalken’s Three Wishes
Anon – Maredata And Gulio, or The Ocean Spirit
Anon – Valdrwulf, or The Fiend Of The Moor


Anon – Rip Van Winkle: A Legend
Charles Brockden Brown – Memoires Of Carwin, The Biloquist
Wahington Irving – The Adventure Of The German Student
Nathaniel Hawthorne – The Christmas Banquet
Anon – The Strange Guests
Sutherland Menzies – Hugues, The Wer-Wolf
Anon – The Possessed One
Charles Hoffman – Ben Blower’s Story
Edgar Allan Poe – The Cask Of Amontillado
Edgar Allan Poe – Shadow: A Parable

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Peter Haining – The Lucifer Society

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Peter Haining (ed) – The Lucifer Society (W. H. Allen, 1972: Pan 1974 [as Detours Into The Macabre])


Foreword – Kingsley Amis
Introduction – Peter Haining

Sir Winston Churchill – Man Overboard
John Gawsworthy – Timber
Agatha Christie – The Call Of Wings
Lawrence Durrell – The Cherries
Somerset Maugham – The Man From Glasgow
Robert Graves – Earth To Earth
J. B. Priestley – The Grey Ones
C. S. Forester – The Man Who Didn’t Ask Why
Grahame Greene – All But Empty
Angus Wilson – Animals Or Human Beings
Kingsley Amis – Something Strange
Sinclair Lewis – The Post-Mortem Murder
F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Dance
William Faulkner – A Rose For Emily
Raymond Chandler – The Bronze Door
MacKinlay Kantor – The Man Who Had No Eyes
John Steinbeck – The Affair At 7 Rue De M—-
Patricia Highsmith – The Snail Watcher
Evan Hunter – Inferiority Complex
Paul Gallico – The Terrible Answer
Truman Capote – Miriam
William Burroughs – Exterminator
John Updike – During The Jurassic

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Peter Haining – The Hollywood Nightmare

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – The Hollywood Nightmare (MacDonald, 1970: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1973)

Hollywood Nightmare

“Tales of fantasy and horror from the film world”.Preface – Peter Haining
Introduction – Christopher Lee

Ray Bradbury – The Prehistoric Producer
Henry Kuttner – The Shadow On The Screen
Robert Bloch – Return To The Sabbath
August Derleth – A Wig For Miss DeVore
William F. Nolan – Death Double
Boris Karloff – The Hollywood Horror Man
Fritz Leiber – The Casket Demon

John Collier – Gavin O’Leary
Avram Davidson – Faed-Out
Richard Matheson – Mantage
Chad Oliver – Technical Adviser
J. G. Ballard – The Screen Game
Ray Bradbury – Death Warmed Over

 Hollywood Nightmare

Thanks to Steve Goodwin of Vault for the wonderful MacDonald edition cover scan.

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Peter Haining – The Ghost’s Companion

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – The Ghost’s Companion: Stories Of Personal Encounters With The Supernatural (Gollancz, 1975, Puffin 1978)

Ghost’s Companion

Introduction – Peter Haining

M. R. James – A School Story
H. R. Wakefield – The Red Lodge
O. Henry – The Furnished Room
Algernon Blackwood – A Haunted Island
Rudyard Kipling – My Own True Ghost Story
Lafcadio Hearn – The Hands Of The Karma (substituted by the same author’s “The Boy Who Drew Cats” in the Puffin edition)
Arthur Machen – The Monstrance
Daphne du Maurier – Escort
Hammond Innes – South Sea Bubble
August Derleth – Hallowe’en For Mr. Faulkner
Richard Hughes – The Ghost
Dennis Wheatley – The Case Of The Red-Headed Women
Fritz Leiber – Smoke Ghost
Joan Aiken – Aunt Jezebel’s House
Ray Bradbury – Fever Dream

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J. A . Cuddon – Penguin Book Of Ghost Stories

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

J. A . Cuddon (ed.) – The Penguin Book Of Ghost Stories (1984)

Penguin Book Of Ghost Stories

Introduction – J. A. Cuddon

Heinrich von Kleist – The Beggarwoman Of Locarno
E. T. A. Hoffman – The Entail
Walter Scott – Wandering Willie’s Tale
Alexander Pushkin – The Queen Of Spades
Elizabeth Gaskell – The Old Nurse’s Story
Margaret Oliphant – The Open Door
J. S. le Fanu – Dr. Justice Harbottle
Guy de Maupassant – The Horla
Henry James – Sir Edmund Orme
Emile Zola – Angeline, or The Haunted House
Ambrose Bierce – The Moonlit Road
Algernon Blackwood – A Haunted Island
M. R. James – The rose Garden
Rudyard Kipling – The Return Of Imray
A. J. Alan – My Adventure In Norfolk
H. G. Wells – The Inexperienced Ghost
E. F. Benson – The Room In The Tower
A. M. Burrage – One Who Saw
Edith Wharton – Afterward
Thomas Mann – The Wardrobe
Ann Bridge – The Buick Saloon
Marghanita Laski – The Tower
Mario Soldati – Footsteps In The Snow
Ray Bradbury – The Wind
Edward Hyams – Exorcising Baldassare
Muriel Spark – The Leaf Sweeper
Fielden Hughes – “Dear Ghost …”
Joan Aiken – Sonata For Harp And Bicycle
Elizabeth Walter – Come And Get me
George Mackay Brown – Andrina
Penelope Fitzgerald – The Axe
Alain Danielou – The Game Of Dice
A. S. Byatt – The July Ghost

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Peter Haining – The Necromancers

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – The Necromancers: The Best Of Black Magic And Witchcraft  (Hodder & Stoughton, 1971, Coronet, 1972)

The Necromancers

Preface – Peter Haining
Introduction – Robert Bloch

Robert Graves – Modern Witchcraft
Rollo Ahmed – Black Magic Today
Aleister Crowley – The Black Lodge
Betty May – The Sacrifice
W. B. Yates – The Sorcerers
Denis Wheatley – A Life For A Life
C. W. Olliver – The Witches’ Sabbat
Nathaniel Hawthorne – The Salem Mass
Cotton Mather – The Tryals Of The New England Witches
[An Indictment For Witchcraft]
W. Harrison Ainsworth – The Lancashire Witches
Margaret Murray – An Initiation To Witchcraft
[A Pact With The Devil]
[How To Raise A Spirit]
Anonymous – The Black Goat Of Brandenberg
Benvenuto Cellini – My Experiences In Necromancy
Lawrence Flammenberg – The Necromancer
E. F. Benson – Gavon’s Eve
[The Confession Of The Witches Of Elfdale]
Sax Rohmer – The Witch Finders
Robert Anthony – The Witch-Baiter
P. T. Barnum – The Spell On witchcraft
Frank Hamel – Familiars
August Derleth – Saunder’s Little Friend
Ronald Seth – The Chambre Ardente Affair
Algernon Blackwood – The Tarn Of Sacrifice
Montague Summers – The Hell-Fire Clubs
Michael Harrison – At The Heart Of It
Robert Bloch – Beelzebub

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Peter Haining – Treasury Of Gothic And Supernatural

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – A Treasury Of Gothic And Supernatural – ed. Peter Haining (Avenal, 1981)

 Treasury Of Gothic And Supernatural

Horace Walpole – The Castle Of Otranto
Mary Shelley – Frankenstein
Robert Louis Stevenson – The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
Oscar Wilde – The Picture Of Dorian Gray
Bram Stoker – Dracula
Henry James – The Turn Of The Screw

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Peter Haining – Halloween Hauntings

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – Hallowe’en Hauntings  (William Kimber, 1984)

Haining Halloween Hauntings

 Cover: ionicus

Introduction: Peter Haining

William Black – Hallowe’en Wraith
Julian Hawthorne – Ken’s Mystery
Tod Robbins – Cock-Crow Inn
Hugh Walpole – The Oldest Talland
Charles Williams – Et In Sempiturnum Pereant
Edith Wharton – All Souls’
Dorothy Macardle – The Vow On Hallowe’en
Robert Bloch – The Cloak
Ellery McQueen – The Adventure Of The Dead Cat
H. P. Lovecraft – The Very Old Folk
August Derleth – Hallowe’en For Mr. Faulkner
Ray Bradbury – The Candy Skull
Basil Copper – The Candle In The Skull

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Peter Haining – Nightfrights

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – Nightfrights: An Anthology Of Macabre Tales That Have Terrified Three Generations (Gollancz, 1972, Peacock, 1975)


Foreword – Peter Haining

1. Tales That Frightened Your Grandparents

Robert Louis Stevenson – The Bodysnatcher
Wilkie Collins – The Story Of The Terribly Strange Bed
Edgar Allan Poe – The Tell-Tale Heart
J. S. Le Fanu – Madam Crowl’s Ghost
Andrew Lang – The Man In White
E. Nesbit – Man-Size In Marble

2. Tales That Scared Your Parents

Bram Stoker – Dracula’s Guest
H. G. Wells – The Valley Of The Spiders
M. R. James – The Haunted Dolls House
Ambrose Bierce – The Middle Toe Of The Right Foot
Algernon Blackwood – The Transfer
Agatha Christie – The Lamp

3. Tales That Will Horrify You

August Derleth – The Lonesome Place
John Wyndham – Close Behind Him
Robert Bloch – Enoch
Mervyn Peake – Same Time, Same Place
Ray Bradbury – The Small Assassin
Joan Aiken – Furry Night

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