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Aidan Chambers – Ghosts 2

Posted by demonik on September 9, 2007

Aidan Chambers (ed.) – Ghosts 2 (MacMillan: Topliner, 1972, 1974)

Seeing Is Believing – as Pamela Lockwood learned to her horror.
We’ll Always Have Tommy – or so Len and his wife thought, till Tommy had them.
Last Respects – when a man visits his dead relation. Or was he dead after all?
The House Of The Skull – a place once peaceful, but peaceful no more. The skull saw to that and grinned.
Dead Trouble – for a ghost out haunting. Not funny for him, poor spook, but side-splitting for everybody else.

Aidan Chambers – Last Respects
Aidan Chambers – Seeing Is Believing
Aidan Chambers – Nancy Tucker’s Ghost
Aidan Chambers – Dead Trouble
Aidan Chambers – The House Of The Skull
Brian Morse – We’ll Always Have Tommy
Aidan Chambers – The Ghost, The Girl And The Gold
Aidan Chambers – Murder Will Out
Brian Morse – The Haunted Honeymoon

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