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Peter Haining – The Frankenstein Collection

Posted by demonik on September 7, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – The Frankenstein Collection: Terrifying Tales Inspired By The Cult Horror Movie (Artus, 1994)

Introduction – Peter Haining
Preface: The Creature Lives – Mary Shelley

1: The Prototypes:

Mary Shelley – The Reanimated Man
Jane Webb – The Mummy
William Maginn – The New Frankenstein
Herman Melville – The Bell-Tower
Sir Ronald Ross – The Vivisector
Villiers De L’Isle Adams – The Future Eve
Fred T. Jane – The Incubated Girl
W. C. Morrow – The Surgeon’s Experiment
Dick Donovan – Some Experiments With A Head
E. E. Kellett – The New Frankenstein
Harle Oren Cummins – The Man Who Made A Man
Leonard Merrick – Frankenstein II
Robert S. Carr – The Composite Brain
Theodore LeBerthon – Demons Of The Film Colony

2. The Films:

H. M. Milner – Frankenstein; or, The Man And The Monster!
Garrett Ford & Francis Faragoh – Frankenstein: The Man Who Made A Monster
John L. Balderstone & William Hurlbut – The Bride Of Frankenstein
Robert Muller – The Workshop Of Filthy Creation
Fritz Leiber – The Dead Man
Jimmy Sangster – The Curse Of Frankenstein
H. P. Lovecraft – The Reanimator
Mary Shelley – The Transformation

3. The Archetypes

Gustav Meyrink – The Golem
Michael Hervey – Death Of A Professor
H. A. Highstone – Frankenstein – Unlimited
Theodore Sturgeon – It
William Tenn – Wednesday’s Child
Arthur C. Clarke – Dial ‘F’ For Frankenstein
Robert Bloch – The Plot Is The Thing
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. – Fortitude
Brian Aldiss – Summertime Was Nearly Over
Harry Harrison – The True Story Of Frankenstein


Dick Donovan – Some Experiments With A Head: The head in question is that belonging to Gaspard Thurreau who hacked his wife, mistress and children to pieces so can’t have too many complaints about being sentenced to the Guillotine. Despite it all, he’s an obliging chap and readily agrees to co-operate with Dr. Grassard and the narrator, a young medical student, in their quest to determine whether or not the brain briefly lives on after death. Thurreau meets his death with great dignity, his head is placed in a basin of softened wax to seal the bleeding and,, by means of his eye-movements, he manages to answer a couple of questions until, when an electric current is applied to the blob of grey matter, his eyes roll in their sockets and that’s the end of him.

Robert Muller – The Workshop Of Filthy Creation: 1882. Following in the footsteps of Byron and Shelley, the narrator, his wife Elizabeth and daughter Mary travel across Europe until they wind up at a remote Alpine Inn where they decide to remain for a few weeks until after Mary’s nineteenth birthday. The Inn is run by the ancient Hubert family, and, aside for their hospitality and culinary accomplishments, they are skilled puppeteers, putting on a unique show once a year which is as brilliant as it is horrifying. The star of the show is the black murderer: when he rises from the grave to commit his crimes it is almost as if the life-size victims bleed …

Mary who, like her father, has become obsessed with the Frankenstein novel during their stay, is to suffer the fate of the puppet show’s White Princess: she is abducted by the killer and becomes a mindless doll, having discovered the Huberts’ secret and their workshop of filthy creation

In the Muller-edited Supernatural (Fontana, 1977) where this story originally appeared as Heirs, or The Workshop Of Filthy Creation, authorship was attributed to Brian Leonard Hayles working from Muller’s screenplay.

Theodore LeBerthon – Demons Of The Film Colony: Hollywood. LeBerthon is privileged to be present on the occasion of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff’s first meeting. Each of the monster men attempt to scare each other to death, but its LeBerthon who gets the shock of his life. Was it all an elaborate joke or are the actors really slimy ancient monsters in human guise?

Harry Harrison – At Last, The True Story Of Frankenstein: Panama City, Florida. After witnessing the extraordinary performance of a ‘monster’ seemingly entirely oblivious to pain, reporter Dan Bream interviews its master, monocled Carney showman, Victor Frankenstein V. Frankenstein confides that the creature is wearing out and he’ll need replacing very shortly …

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