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Chris Baldick – Oxford Book Of Gothic Tales

Posted by demonik on August 31, 2007

Chris Baldick (ed) – The Oxford Book Of Gothic Tales (OUP, 1992)


Oxford Book of Gothic Tales

Cover painting: Death the Bride, by T. C. Gotch,1854-1931.

Introduction – Chris Baldick

Mrs. Anna Laetitia Aiken – Sir Bertrand: A Fragment (1773)
Richard Cumberland – The Poisoner Of Montremos (1791)
Anon – The Friar’s Tale (1792)
Juvenis’ – Raymond: A Fragment (1799)
Anon – The Parricide Punished (1799)
Anon – The Ruins Of The Abbey Of Fitz-Martin (1801)
Isaac Crookenden – The Vindictive Monk: Or, The Fatal Ring (1802)
Anon – The Astrologers Prediction, or The Maniac’s Fate (1826)
Petrus Borel – Andreas Vesalius The Anatomist (1833)
J. Wadham – Lady Eltringham Or The Castle Of Ratcliffe Cross (1836)
Edgar Allan Poe – The Fall Of The House Of Usher (1839)
Sheridan Le Fanu – A Chapter In The History Of A Tyrone Family (1839)
Nathaniel Hawthorne – Rappaccini’s Daughter (1844)
Bret Harte – Selina Sedilia (1865)
Jean-Ah Poquelin – George Washington Cable (1875)
Robert Louis Stevenson – Olalla (1885)
Thomas Hardy – Barbara Of The House Of Grebe (1891)
Marcel Schwob – Bloody Blanche (1892)
Charlotte Perkins Stetson – The Yellow Wall-Paper (1892)
Arthur Conan-Doyle – The Adventure Of The Speckled Band (1892)
E. Nesbit – Hurst Of hurstcote (1893)
Ambrose Bierce – A Vine On A House (1905)
Ellen Glasgow – Jordan’s End (1923)
H. P. Lovecraft – The Outsider (1926)
William Faulkner – A Rose For Emily (1930)
Clark Ashton Smith – A Rendezvous In Averoigne (1931)
Isak Dinesen – The Monkey (1934)
F. M. Mayor – Miss De Mannering Of Asham (1935)
Frederick Cowles – The Vampire Of Kaldenstein (1938)
Eudora Welty – Clytie (1941)
Ray Russell – Sardonicus (1961)
Alejandra Pizarnik – The Bloody Countess (1968)
Jorge Luis Borges – The Gospel According To Mark (1970)
Angela Carter – The Lady Of The House Of Love (1979)
Joyce Carol Oates – Secret Observations Of The Goat-Girl (1988)
Patrick McGrath – Blood Disease (1988)
Isabel Allende – If You Touched my Heart (1991)


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